Thursday, January 31, 2008

- no increase -

Jan 31, 2007. Today almost of the employee are happy. Why? becaue its "PAY DAY".
I've waited for this because I am expecting for salary increase. My office mate venz was also expecting. We're expecting because the other department had an increase on their salary.
As we went downstairs to check our salary on ATM. Venz check his atm first and when he press the button we found out that there was no salary increase.
I also check mine maybe there is but same with Venz we don't have salary increase (So Pathetic).
Maybe this is the sign I prayed for because I'm thinking it twice if I resign here on my work or not. I'll not resign if there's a salary increase but if none I start to look for a new job. I am so dissapointed, I am just waiting when I can have a new work and improve my personal growth and of course high salary!.
If you don't know guys! were underpaid here. I made a research on jobstreet salary report and I found out that the salary of a technical support like us is 12,000 php and we are below the range.
I am upset, dissapointed and tired of working here. I hope I can find a way. Please Lord help me.
This is what I feel right now. Sorry for this....

Thank you letter

Yesterday, when I went home I keep thinking on my
interview. As I woke up this morning preparing for work I
analyzed what was the part of the interview made me
stutter and where to improve.
I emailed a thank you letter to Ms. Grace and faxed it
at HP. According on my research that writing a thank
you letter is a must.
In addition to thanking the person you talked with,
the thank you letter reinforces the fact that you want
the joband Writing a thank you letter, or thank you email,
after an employment interview is a must. In fact, some
employers think less of those interviewees who fail to
follow-up promptly. Plan to send out your thank you
letters as soon as possible (preferably within
twenty-four hours) after your interview.

Hope this one works!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HP Interview

Today I didn't go to work. Don't ask me why. The only thing on my mind now and I'm excited about is my interview at HP company. I've been waiting for this for so long and now one of my dream companies emailed me. I am ready for the interview and I hope I pass the initial screening as Technical support. I practiced some of the interview questions in front of our mirror. I don't have any call center experience but my job on my present work is technical support and I think that matches my skills and qualification to be hired by HP.
As I leave home around 12:30 while walking I keep practising and practising. When I was on the waiting shed I ride on the bus going to AYALA MAKATI. I am hoping that along the way there's no traffic or any trouble will happen, but along Boni Avenue a team of KALIKASAN made smoke inspection on our bus at EDSA and unluckily one of our bus was caught. I am worrying that time if I'm going to leave the bus and catch another one cause its already 2:15 and my interview time was 3p.m..
Luckily I didn't leave cause it departed early. Around 2:35 I arrived at HP and look for Maricris Reyes the one who set my schedule for Ms. Grace Tanpoco. When I enter the office the guard guide me the way at the Maricris office. When I enter the room I thought it was Maricris but it was the manager Ms. Grace Tanpoco whose going to conduct the interview. We shake hands and introduce our name to each other. As we seated, I took a deep breath and made a sign of the cross (I know Ms. Grace saw me when I did this). The interview started with the question tell me about yourself?. Almost of my interview experience ask this and I answered it very well. She ask and ask almost five questions. I thought it was the interview already but when she said "okay, lets go to the real interview ". Oh man!, I was shocked cause I am expecting that we already started. The real interview part was difficult for me because you need to construct english words, sentence on your mind right away. She's going to ask you questions and relate it to your experience like, Among the aspects of your life What makes you proud of it?, Who among the person you made a feedback and what happened?, Was there a time when you volunteer? and what was the goal? achievements? experience you gained?, Tell me a time when you encourage someone to change?. These are some of the questions I remember.
The interview finished at 3:30 p.m.. As I evaluate my interview it was mediocre.
Well, I hope I get the job cause I'm not happy with my present job. Come what may, atleast I know where to improve myself that's why I begin to write my first blog! get it?. I had fun with the interview and it was the long interview I undergo.