Thursday, January 31, 2008

- no increase -

Jan 31, 2007. Today almost of the employee are happy. Why? becaue its "PAY DAY".
I've waited for this because I am expecting for salary increase. My office mate venz was also expecting. We're expecting because the other department had an increase on their salary.
As we went downstairs to check our salary on ATM. Venz check his atm first and when he press the button we found out that there was no salary increase.
I also check mine maybe there is but same with Venz we don't have salary increase (So Pathetic).
Maybe this is the sign I prayed for because I'm thinking it twice if I resign here on my work or not. I'll not resign if there's a salary increase but if none I start to look for a new job. I am so dissapointed, I am just waiting when I can have a new work and improve my personal growth and of course high salary!.
If you don't know guys! were underpaid here. I made a research on jobstreet salary report and I found out that the salary of a technical support like us is 12,000 php and we are below the range.
I am upset, dissapointed and tired of working here. I hope I can find a way. Please Lord help me.
This is what I feel right now. Sorry for this....

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