Friday, February 01, 2008

- waiting for the bus -

My mind can't forget about the increase we expected. I set my mind as nothing happened. If I keep on thinking about it nothing will happen and the fact is there's nothing I can do.
Patience is one of the key to success and that's what I'm going to do now. When I leave work around 5:30 together with my officemate Cherrylou we talked about it and I asked her if she had an increase, she said no. While walking suddenly I got hungr so I invited Che to eat but she declined.

I decide to go home. Upon waiting for the bus about 30 minutes I walked 500 meters to another bus stop near SM MEGAMALL BLDG. A.. From there I had a strong intuition that I will see my friend "Laarni Debuton". I did saw her and whisper her name and she respond. I'm glad she still remember me. She also wearing the same color of my t-shirt. Hehehe, soulmate?. I asked her if we can go together cause she also lives at Fairview. When we're on the bus we talk, talk and talk. She shared some stories regarding her work same as mine.
It was the first time that we were together unexpectedly. Coincedence? or just destiny?. We had so much fun and it was weird because it feels like we're close,There was an incident when she pinch me on my arm. Hehe, but its okay.

When we're almost there at Fairview after encountering heavy traffic its time to separate ways. She got off first.

Thanks to her because she changed my mood.

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