Tuesday, February 26, 2008

- Wawa encounter 2-

A cloudy and annoying morning for me, I supposed to leave home eight thirty in the morning to meet my friends at Mcdonalds while an incident happened on my cellphone because my sister played it on by guessing the security code. I had to gave it to my Mom and brought it to the technician for re program.

I leave home in a hurry because I don't want them to wait for me.
I took a jeepney ride to arrived in time but unfortunately I didn't.

I arrived 9:40 at Mc donalds and searched for them. I wonder they are not there so texted Prince and no response from him. I decided to wait and if they didn't come at 10:00 a.m. I will go home. I was looking at the foot bridge and I noticed Prince walking down, When he was already inside Mcdonald's I asked him why he's not texting. He said, he don't had a text credit.

After 15 minutes Mackie and her girlfriend Leila came. Prince and I, had our breakfast first while still waiting for the others to come. We didn't wait for them so we decided to go around 10:45. It was a long ride of 40 minutes, when we arrived at Montalban we bought our food for lunch and decide to eat at our cottage.

It was a wonderful day because the weather cooperate on us although there was a light rain. Dhoc and Joan came around 3:30 p.m. but didn't swim. We leave the place at 4:15 and decide to go back on Prince birthday.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

No Kidding! , Nets reach a deal

I'm a huge Dallas Maverick fan and I want to share this with you.

A limo brought Jason Kidd and the newest Mavericks to American Airlines Center after landing at Love Field on Mark Cuban’s private plane early Tuesday afternoon. Kidd met with Avery Johnson before doing this first interview in Dallas. He sat down with Mavs.com before his introductory press conference and first practice.

Kidd discussed his title hopes, his career and his new teammates. He also talked about his first stint in Dallas in the mid-1990s, when he played alongside Jamal Mashburn and Jimmy Jackson to form the short-lived Three J’s.

Kidd is wearing No. 2 for a couple reasons. It not only symbolizes a second chance with the Mavs, but it a strange way it looks like his old No. 5. (He added that he wasn’t about to ask Josh Howard to change numbers.)

Talk about your emotions after this trade finally went down.
“I was excited to have this opportunity, this second opportunity, to come back, just because I thought the first time around it wasn’t a fair shot. The average age [of that team] might have been 22, 23 years old. We were a lot of fun to watch, but we just didn’t understand how to win. And now understanding the fourth quarter, and six minutes left in the game, how to win, gives me a better opportunity and wisdom to help the Mavericks win.”

How do you feel physically at this point of your career?
“Coach asked me and I said I feel great. Mentally and physically I feel that I can do the things I did when I first came into the league. People may feel that I’ve lost a step, you have good days and bad days, but the biggest thing is just understanding my teammates. I’ve never had to score a lot of points for us to win. I always tried to make the game as easy as possible for my teammates to score. I’ve always been on a team with scorers, so they’ve been happy. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve understood to help the big guys rebound. I still love the challenge. The gamesmanship of going out against the other guys who might be faster, who might score a lot more, but taking that challenge and trying to slow them down. Also showing that you don’t have to score to be successful.”

This move was done with an eye on a championship.
“We’re in the elite group. They’ve had a lot of success the last couple years. I feel what I can bring is some mental toughness to show that you can bend, but not break. There’s always is a lot of basketball to be played, so I feel I can help them win. There are so many pieces – Josh, Dirk, Stack and the other guys on this team – and the two other guys – Antoine and Malik. Antoine brings something to the table defensively and can score. Malik brings his toughness and can score. I’m excited about this opportunity because the Mavericks have their eye on winning a championship. If you think that way, it spreads throughout the team and that’s the one thing that everybody is concentrating on.”

That’s the one thing you want in your career .
“That’s all I want – to win a championship. It’s not guaranteed, but you want to play for it. When you take the floor with the Mavericks, you’re on that path to win a championship.”

Would you describe your career as successful or unfulfilled or a bit of both?
“It’s been a successful career. Everybody feels that they are measured by championships, and you are, and I’ve been to the Big Dance twice, so I’ve had that opportunity and that’s the best feeling. There are 30 teams and only two teams at the end of the day. There is no bigger stage than that. To be able to do that is great. Unfortunately, there is only one winner. Nothing is promised, but when you have other guys on your team that are in the same fight, it makes coming to work a lot easier.”

How much did you want to play with Dirk?
“He’s one of the top players in this league. He’s the MVP. It shows his ability to play at a high level and when you have guys like that on a team, it brings everybody up to another level. Being around him, I can only hope that rubs off on me and he can elevate my game to another level.”

Are you looking forward to throwing some of those lobs to Josh?
“I’m not sure where to throw them yet, but if they get up there, it’s up to them to catch it. They have the hardest part. If it’s not a lob, I’ll still find a way to get them the ball.”

How do you look back at your first run through Dallas?
“We made mistakes on and off the court. Being 21 and asked to carry a franchise, there is no class in college for that. You’re asking, 22, 23 and 21 [year olds] to somehow turn around a team that had struggled for so long and we had success. The first year we were right outside the playoff picture and we felt we were going in the right direction. Anytime there is a sale of a professional franchise, trouble arises because people are traded and management changes. A lot of that happened. Then we started to break apart due to outside influences and were never able to recover. Injuries played a part and we played without Jimmy for a long time, but if you ask the three of us if we could do it all over again, we would probably take a different path and not listen to the outside influences.”

How has the franchise changed since you left?
“You look at Don Carter, the Perots and then Cuban took over. Cuban gave it life. You would see him on TV sitting in the upper deck with those fans and showing his commitment to the people of Dallas. I was playing here when the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls and everyone was a Cowboys fan. And then the Stars were starting to have success. Fans are loyal to their sports franchises, so it’s just a matter of getting that winning attitude. We were inconsistent with it, so when he took over it showed his commitment and the people followed.”

From - Art Garcia | Mavs.com | NBA.COM | forum

Posted: Feb. 19, 2008

Dallas Mavericks roster

Monday, February 18, 2008

- Joanne Villena's birthday

It was a wonderful Saturday morning. I had rest fully and saw the blue sky with the mild breeze of wind. I leaved our home 7:45 a.m. and decided to walked 1km from our home just to save money. I want to start saving for my future. hehehe..

When I arrived at my work I texted April (former officemate of Joanne) where to meet and what time. We planned to meet at SM Megamall BLDG. B Dunkin Donut 1:00 p.m to buy gift before going to Joann'es house.
We changed 1:00 p.m. meeting time to 2:30. I told her to text me when she's on her way to our meeting place. When she texted me she told me that she's gonna be there in 30 minutes.
I didn't leave yet because Its a walking distance only from my work.
I was suprised when April texted me that she's there. Hehehe. So I texted her to meet me at Papemelrotti BlDG A. where I planned to buy gift but she didn't know the place.
I bought my gift first before we meet because she already bought hers.
When I was nearly there I can't recognize her face, hehehe.. Luckily when I came inside the Dunkin Donut she looked at me.

I got hungry so we bought plenty of snacks for take out to save time. We ate at the bus. hahaha, It so difficult to eat while the bus was moving. Don't try it!.
When we arrived we greeted joanne and gave our gift, we had our rest before eating.
The food was really nice.
Quarter to six I went to our hang out place to meet my classmates because I'm the only one who knows Joanne's place. When I arrived there I thought that they are many waiting for me but it aren't. Only two of them are waiting for me, Rommel and Prince.
When the shop about to closed our unexpected classmate Ritzie Lamina came. So we invited him to join us even he doesn't know about Joanne's birthday.
Terence waited at Mercury drug and worried about her wife they had a little misunderstanding. Her wife wants him to go home a.s.a.p. but he decided not to go.

We arrived at 9:30p.m. there. The most unforgettable happened that night was, when we saw BERLINDA CABLAY "Berly Cablay". Its been a long time since we saw this girl haven't heard and see. That's why we're so excited to talked and were happy to see her.

We sang, danced and drink beer. Ritze Lamina didn't sing.
We end up the party around quarter to 12 in the evening.
I hope that is not the last party were going to attend.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

- unexpected semi reunion -

I went to our hang out place at my friend computer shop . I arrived there first and waited for Rommel Fermo. Rommel Fermo work as a Payrol officer at Q.C. City hall.
While waiting for him I saw the DVD CD of Ghost
Ghost whisperer. We watched the season 1 episode 1 only because Rommel finally arrived.

Rommel was really hungry that time and asked if its okay if we call Mcdo for food.
I called Mcdo and ordered Value meal number 7. Our bill total was 231 pesos.
While waiting for the food
we played Dota Frozen throne. After 30 mins of waiting we ate and continue our game.

Around 8:30 p.m. Aurelio Tajora came for the scan of passport. After a minutes Joseph Domingo together with her daughter, wife and sister came to pick his Laptop then Abraham Casilla and her gf Joanne and Joanne's sister went to pick up the video card. Everyone was full of good positive aura and had a smile on their face. Imagine that it wasn't a set up of meeting its a unexpected meeting of my college classmates. After 40 minutes they decided to left and Terence arrived to had a CD burn of his Hard disk files.

We leaved the shop around 10:00 p.m. and decided to eat at U.P.. We drove there and found this nice place called "DOKLENGS" the best tapa in the whole wide universe. Very affordable price that will make ur stomach full. The price was 68.00php only consisting of 2 eggs, 2 rice and tapa. After eating we stroll at U.P. sunken garden and side seeing on their U.P. fair event.

It was a fun and weird experience.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

- Nokia 6300 -

I bought my Nokia 6300 at AUTOMATIC CENTER Gateway worth 9,190 php.
I was choosing between N6300, SE K810i, SE k800i, Express 5310 and Express 5610.
I was eyeing on 5310 and 5610 but I didn't bought it because it has some minor problems when u begin to use it according on the forum I read. Sony Ericson is a good phone with its 3.2 Mega pixels and lots of feature costing 12,999 php - 14,999 php.
Before buying a product have a reasearch first on their technical specifications, user performance, price, and try to read comments on forum (www.mobile88.com, www.nokia-asia.com, www.sonyericson.com, www.cnet.com) like I did. After choosing and comparing then you will have ur decision. Nokia 6300 was the winner for me and it fits my budget.
I have no regrets buying this phone. Below is the specifications.
The Nokia 6300, a mid-range model that represents an evolution of the modern monoblock design. Weighing a mere 91 grams and measuring less than 13.1mm thin, the Nokia 6300 is constructed of quality materials and offers a modern suite of features for today¡¦s consumer. Featuring a great screen, ergonomic keymat and easy-to-use menu.
The clean lines and recessed buttons of the Nokia 6300 are highlighted by a stainless steel frame that adds both design interest and strength. In addition to its organic curves and appealing design, the Nokia 6300 offers a robust range of easy-to-use features, including a 2 megapixel camera with zoom, expandable memory, built-in MP3 player and FM radio. Everything is displayed on a crisp, detailed screen which brings applications like an Opera Mini Browser or games like Sudoku and Snakes III to life.
The Nokia 6300 includes:- 2 megapixel camera, 8x digital zoom- 2-inch QVGA screen- SB/PC Synchronization- In-box memory of 135MB, with support for up to 2GB microSD cards- Voice dialing, voice commands and voice recording- MP3 player, FM radio- Integrated hands-free speaker
The Nokia 6300 has a talk-time of up to 3.5 hours and a standby time of up to 14 days.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

- Neil's house -

I still have hang over this morning because of last night small get together with my colleagues in college Prince, Aurelio, Oliver, Terence, Macky, Leila and Neil. Hehe..

After my work I went to our hang out at Prince computer shop were the meeting place was. We waited for the customer to got off before we leave. I'm with Terence, Prince, Oliver, Aurelio and the others said that they are going to wait for us near the venue were the party was held. When we arrived there at Mercury drug store Macky and her girlfriend leila was not there until we found out that they just bought something like drinks(Matador) and etc.. I observed that leila was tounge-tied at that time I wonder they had a little misunderstanding (the reason was we're late) hehe.

We bought two pieces of Jambo chicken at Sr. Pedro worth 169.00 php each. Terence had his share, me and Aurelio while Prince bought mixed nuts and peanuts.
All things are prepared but the Ice cubes was difficult to find. So we decided to go at Neil's house and look for Ice.
When we arrived there at Neil's house he let us played his PS2. Oliver, Terence and Aurelio searched for Ice cubes luckily they found a store selling it (Oliver paid the Ice cubes).
After playing we started to ate, rested for a minutes and begin to drink Matador.
We finished the get together around 2:15 this morning and walked coming from Neil's house to Shawarma store to bought Shawarma. After eating shawarma we walked again to the main hi-way (Regalado Avenue) to wait for jeep.

Terence and I got off first while Neil, Oliver and Aurelio decided to slept at Prince Computers shop. Leila and Macky at their house.

I woke 7:00 a.m. this morning and I was late... hehehe... I'm sleepy.. ZzzZzz..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

- pre ordered cd -

Yeah! this morning I pre-ordered Marie Digby's Unfold album which cost $9.97 + shipping fee $8.97 for a total of $18.97.
I will wait three weeks to have her album. I can't wait!.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

- Marie Digby -

I'm glad to tell you that Marie Digby accepted my friend request at MySpace.

My favorite artist Marie Digby. The phenomenon artist from YouTube where she was discovered and made a million hits of the cover song "Umbrella" by Rihanna. She did her acoustic version of the song and I found out that she also have original compositions. One of my favorites are Stupid For You, Say it Again and Better of Alone.

See below for details: (From Marie at YouTube)

It is that time folks.. The full length debut album 'Unfold' is now available to pre-order!If you pre-order, you also get a DVD along with the CD - all the info is in this video. Important note ! -The album will be coming out everywhere including Asia and Europe!! It will come out in the U.S first and other countries in the months following that release.

Here's the track listing:

Better Off Alone
Say It Again
Miss Invisible
Stupid For You
Voice On The Radio
Beauty In Walking Away

Sunday, February 03, 2008

- boring day -

Nothing much happened on this day. What I did was to sleep, eat, sleep and watched PBA, US GIRLS, Convergence, MTK, Mel & Joey, The Buzz and Shall we dance.
Today was a boring day for me. I miss my sister cause no one will ask me to play with her.
She has a school camping together with my mom.

Hay..... (sigh)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

- cancelled montalban visit -

February 3 supposed to be our second visit at Montalban Rizal where Wawa dam is located and the famous legend story of "Alamat ni Bernardo Carpio" originated.

I was at my friends (Prince) computer shop hanging out when around 8 pm in the evening Joanne Villena texted us that almost of her officemates back out for some reasons.

We didn't push the second visit because only three of us are sure.

Well, we're prepared that time but unfortunately it was cancelled.

- one missed call -

Around 10 :45 a.m. I was on the bus waiting to get there at Ortigas. I felt my cellphone vibrating and saw one missed call from Evelyn Tan of JPV Emission Tacloban, She was the encoder there.
I texted her why she missed call . Her PC had a problem about the I.D.E. thing and can't load to Windows.
She called me and I explain to her step by step what to do. That time we can't here each other cause I was outside and the noise gets in too. So I louder my voice and all the passengers are looking at me. Hehehe.
So I told her the first thing to do is turn off the computer and open the case. Second, Unplug and Unplug and plug the I.D.E. on the hard disk and open the power. On the first try nothing happened so we repeat the steps and added another. Third, Unplug and Plug the I.D.E. on the motherboard to hard disk. Fourth, Unplug and Plug the I.D.E. on CD ROM. Fifth, Locate if there's a jumper on the hard disk (she said there was). Sixth, Locate if there's a jumper on the CD ROM (she said no). Seven, open the computer and go to CMOS setup / BIOS / Boot Sequence. On the boot Sequence first boot must be cd rom and second boot hard disk. Be sure to save you configuration upon exit and it will boot again.
When the computer was booting I am praying that all my solutions work. Luckily, it loads the windows xp and icons properly. Awesome!.
Evelyn thanked me and It felt good helping her and implementing my skills, sharing what I know and learned.
I hope you learned some of my technical skills.

- reminiscing -

I stopped like a vehicle don't know what hits me when Cherry Mae message me at Y.M. She's my ex girlfriend and I don't know why we broke up.

We chat and suddenly I begun to reminisced those happy moments when I courted her on our college days specially the moments when she said yes.

(Year 2003). I can't forget the time when she was admitted at the hospital and I visited her and brought one kilo of ripe mangoes . That day I felt nervous because her mother was there. Oh my God! I almost leave and decide to visit her another day..

After how many weeks of courting at Mc donalds SM Fairview I finally confide what I really feel to her. It took me minutes to say that I love her.
Unfortunately she said no "Its too fast and much better that we are friends".
My heart begun to melt. I almost lost myself cause I was busted!, hehehe. After that we don't have any communication.
For about three years (2006). We started to see each other again. She treated me at Wendy's SM Fairview and she gave me a letter. After a while we are on a mutual understading, that's how our relationship begun.

I don't know why we broke up. As I can remember the reason was "TIME".

Cherry Mae is still the girl that I know. She is sweet and caring. His boyfriend is very lucky to have her and I think they plan to settle down next year.

Good luck Cherry Mae!

Friday, February 01, 2008

- waiting for the bus -

My mind can't forget about the increase we expected. I set my mind as nothing happened. If I keep on thinking about it nothing will happen and the fact is there's nothing I can do.
Patience is one of the key to success and that's what I'm going to do now. When I leave work around 5:30 together with my officemate Cherrylou we talked about it and I asked her if she had an increase, she said no. While walking suddenly I got hungr so I invited Che to eat but she declined.

I decide to go home. Upon waiting for the bus about 30 minutes I walked 500 meters to another bus stop near SM MEGAMALL BLDG. A.. From there I had a strong intuition that I will see my friend "Laarni Debuton". I did saw her and whisper her name and she respond. I'm glad she still remember me. She also wearing the same color of my t-shirt. Hehehe, soulmate?. I asked her if we can go together cause she also lives at Fairview. When we're on the bus we talk, talk and talk. She shared some stories regarding her work same as mine.
It was the first time that we were together unexpectedly. Coincedence? or just destiny?. We had so much fun and it was weird because it feels like we're close,There was an incident when she pinch me on my arm. Hehe, but its okay.

When we're almost there at Fairview after encountering heavy traffic its time to separate ways. She got off first.

Thanks to her because she changed my mood.