Monday, February 18, 2008

- Joanne Villena's birthday

It was a wonderful Saturday morning. I had rest fully and saw the blue sky with the mild breeze of wind. I leaved our home 7:45 a.m. and decided to walked 1km from our home just to save money. I want to start saving for my future. hehehe..

When I arrived at my work I texted April (former officemate of Joanne) where to meet and what time. We planned to meet at SM Megamall BLDG. B Dunkin Donut 1:00 p.m to buy gift before going to Joann'es house.
We changed 1:00 p.m. meeting time to 2:30. I told her to text me when she's on her way to our meeting place. When she texted me she told me that she's gonna be there in 30 minutes.
I didn't leave yet because Its a walking distance only from my work.
I was suprised when April texted me that she's there. Hehehe. So I texted her to meet me at Papemelrotti BlDG A. where I planned to buy gift but she didn't know the place.
I bought my gift first before we meet because she already bought hers.
When I was nearly there I can't recognize her face, hehehe.. Luckily when I came inside the Dunkin Donut she looked at me.

I got hungry so we bought plenty of snacks for take out to save time. We ate at the bus. hahaha, It so difficult to eat while the bus was moving. Don't try it!.
When we arrived we greeted joanne and gave our gift, we had our rest before eating.
The food was really nice.
Quarter to six I went to our hang out place to meet my classmates because I'm the only one who knows Joanne's place. When I arrived there I thought that they are many waiting for me but it aren't. Only two of them are waiting for me, Rommel and Prince.
When the shop about to closed our unexpected classmate Ritzie Lamina came. So we invited him to join us even he doesn't know about Joanne's birthday.
Terence waited at Mercury drug and worried about her wife they had a little misunderstanding. Her wife wants him to go home a.s.a.p. but he decided not to go.

We arrived at 9:30p.m. there. The most unforgettable happened that night was, when we saw BERLINDA CABLAY "Berly Cablay". Its been a long time since we saw this girl haven't heard and see. That's why we're so excited to talked and were happy to see her.

We sang, danced and drink beer. Ritze Lamina didn't sing.
We end up the party around quarter to 12 in the evening.
I hope that is not the last party were going to attend.

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