Saturday, February 09, 2008

- Neil's house -

I still have hang over this morning because of last night small get together with my colleagues in college Prince, Aurelio, Oliver, Terence, Macky, Leila and Neil. Hehe..

After my work I went to our hang out at Prince computer shop were the meeting place was. We waited for the customer to got off before we leave. I'm with Terence, Prince, Oliver, Aurelio and the others said that they are going to wait for us near the venue were the party was held. When we arrived there at Mercury drug store Macky and her girlfriend leila was not there until we found out that they just bought something like drinks(Matador) and etc.. I observed that leila was tounge-tied at that time I wonder they had a little misunderstanding (the reason was we're late) hehe.

We bought two pieces of Jambo chicken at Sr. Pedro worth 169.00 php each. Terence had his share, me and Aurelio while Prince bought mixed nuts and peanuts.
All things are prepared but the Ice cubes was difficult to find. So we decided to go at Neil's house and look for Ice.
When we arrived there at Neil's house he let us played his PS2. Oliver, Terence and Aurelio searched for Ice cubes luckily they found a store selling it (Oliver paid the Ice cubes).
After playing we started to ate, rested for a minutes and begin to drink Matador.
We finished the get together around 2:15 this morning and walked coming from Neil's house to Shawarma store to bought Shawarma. After eating shawarma we walked again to the main hi-way (Regalado Avenue) to wait for jeep.

Terence and I got off first while Neil, Oliver and Aurelio decided to slept at Prince Computers shop. Leila and Macky at their house.

I woke 7:00 a.m. this morning and I was late... hehehe... I'm sleepy.. ZzzZzz..

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