Saturday, February 02, 2008

- one missed call -

Around 10 :45 a.m. I was on the bus waiting to get there at Ortigas. I felt my cellphone vibrating and saw one missed call from Evelyn Tan of JPV Emission Tacloban, She was the encoder there.
I texted her why she missed call . Her PC had a problem about the I.D.E. thing and can't load to Windows.
She called me and I explain to her step by step what to do. That time we can't here each other cause I was outside and the noise gets in too. So I louder my voice and all the passengers are looking at me. Hehehe.
So I told her the first thing to do is turn off the computer and open the case. Second, Unplug and Unplug and plug the I.D.E. on the hard disk and open the power. On the first try nothing happened so we repeat the steps and added another. Third, Unplug and Plug the I.D.E. on the motherboard to hard disk. Fourth, Unplug and Plug the I.D.E. on CD ROM. Fifth, Locate if there's a jumper on the hard disk (she said there was). Sixth, Locate if there's a jumper on the CD ROM (she said no). Seven, open the computer and go to CMOS setup / BIOS / Boot Sequence. On the boot Sequence first boot must be cd rom and second boot hard disk. Be sure to save you configuration upon exit and it will boot again.
When the computer was booting I am praying that all my solutions work. Luckily, it loads the windows xp and icons properly. Awesome!.
Evelyn thanked me and It felt good helping her and implementing my skills, sharing what I know and learned.
I hope you learned some of my technical skills.

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