Saturday, February 02, 2008

- reminiscing -

I stopped like a vehicle don't know what hits me when Cherry Mae message me at Y.M. She's my ex girlfriend and I don't know why we broke up.

We chat and suddenly I begun to reminisced those happy moments when I courted her on our college days specially the moments when she said yes.

(Year 2003). I can't forget the time when she was admitted at the hospital and I visited her and brought one kilo of ripe mangoes . That day I felt nervous because her mother was there. Oh my God! I almost leave and decide to visit her another day..

After how many weeks of courting at Mc donalds SM Fairview I finally confide what I really feel to her. It took me minutes to say that I love her.
Unfortunately she said no "Its too fast and much better that we are friends".
My heart begun to melt. I almost lost myself cause I was busted!, hehehe. After that we don't have any communication.
For about three years (2006). We started to see each other again. She treated me at Wendy's SM Fairview and she gave me a letter. After a while we are on a mutual understading, that's how our relationship begun.

I don't know why we broke up. As I can remember the reason was "TIME".

Cherry Mae is still the girl that I know. She is sweet and caring. His boyfriend is very lucky to have her and I think they plan to settle down next year.

Good luck Cherry Mae!

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