Friday, March 28, 2008

double celebration

I didn't feel good this morning. I'm dizzy, hungry and tired. I want to go home and have a restful sleep.

Last night we had a family affair on our home. We celebrated the graduation day of my cousin and my grandmother's birthday.

I am a proud cousin of Aldrin Oliva because he got a lot of medals and award. Haha imagine he got six medals including the "Valedictorian", wow! that's amazing. Is it on our blood that we were born smart, talented pretty and cute? or we were just lucky.Hehe. I am also proud on my sister because she got two medals also including the 3rd honor award!.

Haha nagmana sa akin yan!. Way back in my elementary days, I am a smart kid. I had a lot of medals also. Second honor, Third honor and Salutatorian. Pero nung tumanda nko., hahaha. I didn't make serious with my studies yung tipong tama lang!. Pero wala akong FAILED grades ah.

Also yesterday I met the girlfriend of my cousins. Mga tsikboy talaga.Tsk tsk. Nag inuman din kami kagabi ng mga pinsan ko, gumastos lang naman ako ng 300 pesos. Hehe. Minsan lang naman kami magka salo salo eh kaya ako na sumagot. Nakilala ko din ung bago kong pinsan, well his nice.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kitchie Nadal's Listers' Night

What : Listers' Night
Where : 4K Plaza Bldg 677 Shaw Boulevard Pasig City
When : April 5, 6:00pm

This event is open to all--invite your friends! There is no entrance fee, just bring food and buy a copy of Kitchie's LOVE LETTER album available at the gate for a special discounted rate of PhP200 ONLY, just for one night! If you already have your copy of the album, just bring it with you. ;)

Doors opens at 6:00pm, the program starts at 7:00 pm.

Signing of Cds will follow after Kitchie's performance.

sign up for the lister's night click here!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Capones Island

May 17, 2008 will be our barkada outing...

Capones Island and a couple of other smaller islands (the Camera Islands) lie a few kilometers from the shores of Pundaquit, Zambales. The Camera islands are 2km offshore and Capones is 3 kilometers farther (5.2 km offshore). Capones and Camera are known for their white beaches, speckled with colorful crushed coral. Clear turquoise waters held us spell-bound. High rock cliffs beckon rappellers. Capones is known for an old Spanish-era lighthouse that brings visitors back in time.
There are no resorts nor facilities on the island. Tourists usually stay at a resort in Pundaquit, a small fishing village about 3 kms southwest of San Antonio where they can hire a boat to explore Capones Island.

Friday, March 14, 2008

- I finally met her-

I saw Ms. Roca online and asked her if she have a list of Caltex stationswhere Kitchie Nadal's going to launch and promote her latest album "LOVE LETTER". She told me to check out and I was shock because "CALTEX JULIA VARGAS" was included on her visit. I checked Kitchie before the event, but there's no schedule about launching. That's why I didn't brought my Digital Camera. I was regreting and thinking if I will still go on or not. Ms. Roca ask me, where am I near. I told her that its a walking distance only from our office. So I decided to go. I invited "SUSAN VALDEZ" my officemate if she wants to come with me.

We leave around 4:30 in the afternoon because 5:00 pm Kitchie Nadal will come. When we were there, we saw a RADIO BOOTH. The station was "Monster radio RX 93.1". There were DJ's on the booth but I am not familiar with them.

We hang out for a while inside the STAR MART and have some snacks.
We are about to leave cause its almost 1 hour that we've waited for her then suddenly I saw a car coming and I saw Kitchie Nadal. Yeah! I'm sure its her until she get off the car and I knew it was her. Haha.. When I saw her, you know what I felt?. My world stops in a glimpse. Haha..
Her beauty really captivated me.

It takes us minutes to approach her. Hay.. My shyness was there again!.
There was a time when we are about to leave but we returned. I told myselfthat "I've been waiting for this to happen and why am I going to let it past without doing anything". I take a deep breath and came to her and asked"excuse me, Ms. Kitchie san makakabili ng CD mo?". haha!. She said, just approached that lady, I knew their giving it away. I also talked to Ms. Roca and told her that I'm the one chatting you a while a go.

We are waiting for the opportunity to take pics and We're very fortunate
that time. "Meron pa ngang instance na cnabi nya,
gusto mo dito nalang tau magpa pic kc ung lights papunta dito". Nagulat ako nung cnabi nya un.. She's really nice. I have also pics from Ms. Roca. hehe. She invited us on April 5 to come on Kitchies fans day. I also met Mari Arquiza.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to have the CD but its okay. The important thing for me was, I finally met my music idol in person.

Thanks to Mari Arquiza on this candid shot.

Check out -->> and .com

Thursday, March 13, 2008



Kitchie's new album will have a soft launch on March 14, Friday--it will be available at selected Caltex stations at Star Mart, then the following week at Odyssey and Astroplus nationwide. The date for the actual album launch will be announced soon! Why Caltex? You will find out soon! :)

LOVE LETTER contains 17 tracks of all original compositions! done with so much love and intergrity! Armour Bearer, Love Letter, Takipsilim, Grace, Wide Awake, Walk on Water, Highway plus more!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

- Chatting wih Ms. Roca, Manager of KITCHIE NADAL -

Yesterday we had a conversation online!. Kitchie Nadal's manager.

jefford secondes: gud afternoon Ms. Roca.. Just want to ask if kelan out ng Album ni Kitchie Nadal?

jefford secondes: thanks

rachel cruz: this wek

jefford secondes: sang mga record bars po?

jefford secondes: kc ask ako kahapon sa odysey megamall wala pa po.

rachel cruz: odysey and astroplus.. caltex gas station star mart

jefford secondes: Sana po magkaron c Ms. Kitchie ng mga mall tour uli , para makapag autograph me ng CD nya.. Thanks for adding me Mam Roca.. GOD SPEED

- CoNfiDe -


I woke up and decided not to text her but I can't.. I don't know why I am doing crazy good things to her ". The only reason I knew is I am falling to her little by little. I brought my gift to her and asked help from my friend ROMMEL to instruct me how to get there on Janine's place cause they are neighbors 300 meters away. I want to surprise Janine.
I can't refuse to text her. As I always did, I greeted her goodmorning. I'm not expecting her to make a response but she did. She ask me until what time was my work. I replied "WHY?" and She told me she has a free time. I replied again, "So what's ur plan?, I don't want to plan anymore" and she texted "eh d wag".

I don't wanna waste the opportunity to tell her what I really feel, I am so confuse, so I set our meeting place at MEGAMALL 4pm. I was surprised cause its not usual for her to text me.
We met at ODYSSEY around 4:30 pm. I got there first, while waiting I searched for KITCHIE NADAL'S latest album "LOVE LETTER" but its not out yet.
When she arrived I felt really good. I asked her if she's hungry so we went to YELLOW CAB besides KFC. I ordered "FOUR SEASONS" worth 320.00 plus mineral water and sprite.

This was the most unforgettable part. While eating, I can't open up the topic. I pause for 10 minutes, take a deep breath and told her that I want to CONFIDE something and please don't get angry with me. Se said go on, Then I started telling her what my heart needs to say. Its a good feeling.

The rest is history.. I won't tell the whole story. The important thing for me now is, she already know how I feel about her. I don't care if it's mutual or not. She didn't busted me. She wants me to give her time but she's not closing her doors for me. Actually she broke up with his boy friend this year. The pain is still fresh.

My message for you janine?. Move on girl, just keep loving and believing. The important thing is you love with all your heart all the time and leave something to you. Learn from your experiences. Its a tiring life of loving but only love can pursuit your happiness. I'm always here for you even if you ignore me. haha. I'll wait till I can. I hope you don't regret when time comes you decide and its already late. No matter how painful this would be I know.

Monday, March 10, 2008

- March 6 - 9 long story -

March 6, 2008 Thursday
It was a long journey that's why I decided to make it tagalog.

Miyerkules ay hinanda ko na lahat ang aking surpresa sa aking mahal na kaibigan. Gumawa ako ng video clip, ng kanta, at pagkatapos ng trabaho ko ay bumili ako ng "Stuff toy". Pagkauwi ko ng bahay ay tinapos ko ang kanta at inihanda ko ang regalo dahil kinabukasan ng huwebes ay magkikita kami.

Pag gising ko ng Huwebes excited ako na makita siya. Ako ay nakapam bihis na maayos pagdating ko sa opisina at handang handa na sa aming pagkikita. Umaga ay hindi pa siya nag ttext, pag dating nang tanghali ganun pa rin. At nang dumating ang dapit hapon ay bigla nyang Tinext na "pwd pu bng 2m nlng? my bcta kc kme d2 bhy.. mga rltves q.." Eh hindi ako pwede ng friday dahil pupunta ako ng Isabela para sa Field work!. Sabi ko sa kanya sa Sunday nalang kami magkita at pumayag naman siya. Medyo na sad ako nun at na dissapoint. Kasi dapat hindi nalang cya nangako diba?. Almost my officemates are dissapointed. Buti nalang they are there to cheer me up, they invited me sa Mcdo. So sumama nalang ako sa kanila. Kahit papano ay napawi ang lungkot ko.

Kapag uwi ko ay iniisip ko pa din, kung bakit nya ginagawa sa akin ang lahat ng ito?. Matapos kong maghanda at mag pa reserve. Hay.,, ewan ko basta mahal ko na eh , pero hindi pa todo.

March 7, 2008 Friday

Okay lang sa akin ang lahat ng nangyari kahapon. Hindi naman ako nagalit, dahil wala naman akong karapatan. At kung may karapatan man ako ay hindi pa rin, sa dami ng pinagdaanan ko na relasyon ang pasensya ko ay humaba lalo. Kung magagalit ako ? may mabuti bang kahihinatnan? wala diba? kaya minabuti ko nalang na intindihin cya. Ayaw ko mag pa apekto sa ganun at simpleng babaw lang na dahilan.

Nang nasa office nko, ang naiwan lang dito ay kaming apat dahil nagpunta sila sa meeting, kaya nauna kaming kumain ng tanghalian.

Pagdating ng alauna ay naghanda na kami sa tawag ng aming boss, dahil susunduin kami sa lobby para umatend ng seminar sa EDSA SHANGRILA MAKATI regarding HUAWEI. Pagbaba namin sa lobby, ang tagal dumating ni Sir. Naghintay kami ng sampung minuto. Pagsakay namin ni Venz ako ang nasa harap ng REVO. Nakakatuwa nga eh dahil, inabutan lahat ng kamasalasan. Magpapagasulina dapat kami, sa dalawang gasoline station na pinuntahan namin lahat offline!, kamusta naman diba? eh malapit na kaming maubusan ng gasolina. So, Kumain muna kami sa PARES bago kami pumunta sa EDSA SHANGRILA. Ayun! at sa MAKATI pala meron hindi offline ung Fleet card ng PETRON. hahaha. Kaso natagalan kami dun mga 15minutes cguro. Pag dating namin sa Edsa Shagrila kala namin hindi pa nag uumpisa ung seminar, pagpasok namin sa loob. WOW! ang dami na palang tao. Kaya hiwa hiwalay tuloy kami ng upuan, pero magkalapit lang ng mesa.

The Seminar was boring, hahaha. Ang food at prizes lang naman inaabangan ko dun eh. Kaso sa prize kahit isa sa amin walang nanalo pero panalo naman sa pagkain, Hindi ako kumain ng marami dahil may byahe pa ako sa ISABELA..

Pagkatapos ng Seminar ay pauwi na kami at naabutan kami ng major traffic kaya ayun! picture picture muna ako. Hahaha.. Habang traffic sa kabilang dako naman ay naghihintay ang aming programmer na si DENNIS. Habang ka text ko cya ay Ka text ko naman si MARI ROSS JAN pagkatapos nun hindi na ako makapag send ng message dahil down ang GLOBE!.

Pagdating ko ng MEGAMALL ay nammroblema ako kung pano ko cya ma ttext at tatawagan si sir dennis. Buti nalang nandyan c TANJO. haha.. Nagkita kami ni Sir sa harap ng Jollibee after nun sumakayan na kami ng BUS at ng nasa Kamias na kami, kumain kami sa BINALOT. Well, the foood was okay but the service was not!.. haha ang tagal ng pagkain, tapos pinagbawalan pa ako maki charge ng cellfone ko!! grrr...

First time ko nakasakay sa VICTORY LINER. Ang sikip ng puwesto, hehehe. Although insured ka na kagad kaso di naging comfortable ung tulog ko sa BUS. Buti nalang dala ni Sir Dennis ung Laptop at Huawei. At ayun, nag Y.M. me sa mga friends ko at check lang naman ng Friendster.

March 8, 2008

Bandang 2:30 am nasa SANTA FE NUEVA VIZCAYA na kami, nag stop over dun ung BUS at nag kape muna kami ni Sir. Grabe ang lamig dun parang BAGUIO. Ang daming stop over ng Victory liner mga apat na beses.

Dumating kami ng CAUAYAN Isabela Brgy. Tagaran mga bandang 5:15 lumampas kasi kami sa destination namin at buti nalang may nakita kaming hotel "KINGSVILLE hotel" dun muna kami nagpalipas ng oras. Nakakatakot ung lugar dahil nasa liblib. Pagdating namin dun nakita namin kagad si manang at nagtanong kami kung magkano, sabi niya 600 daw. DUn muna kami tumuloy. Nakakadismaya lang dahil ang pangit ng loob, may aircon nga hindi naman gumagana, may shower nga hindi naman hot and cold tapos ung T.V. luma na.. Kaya nag LAPTOP nalang ako, surf sa net at soundtrip habang natutulog si Sir Dennis. Busy ako that time gumagawa ako ng friendster message para kay Mari Ross. Pagkatapos nun ay naligo na ako. Waaa... Ang lamig kaya ng tubig! pero kinaya ko.

Bandang 8:30 am ay nag check out na kami at pumunta na kami sa aming destinasyon. Dumating kami dun ng 8:45 at kami ay nag-agahan. Pagkatapos nun ay hinanap namin si Mr. Marwin at Ms. Jane. Kaso hindi pa dumating c Ms. Jane. Kaya nakipagkwentuhan muna kami kay Sir Marwin ung Technician. Dumating si Ms. Jane bandang 9:30 na. Tapos nun sinimulan na naming mag interface ng Machine sa Laptop. Madali naman naming natapos ung unang machine natagalan talaga kami sa KANE machine. Ang hindi ko makakalimutan sa ISABELA ay nang ihain sa amin ung BULALONG BUNGO ng BABOY. At first nandidiri ako. Pero nung natikman ko na WOW! ang sarap pala....

Umalis kami ng ISABELA bandang 6pm pero natagalan kami sa BUS STATION. Umalis ung BUS mga bandang 8:30pm pa. Papasok namin sa BUS kami palang tao. hahaha.. tapos nung umalis na, cguro mga nasa sampu lang kami ng pasahero kaya ang sarap ng puwesto ko at si Sir Dennis naman nasa isang upuan. Ang lamig sobra sa BUS, kaya dinaan ko nalang sa pag tulog. Naawa nga ako kay Sir Dennis eh, kasi wala siyang Jacket ang lamig sobra at ang lakasy nyang humilik.. hehehe..
MARCH 9, 2008 Sunday
Bandang 12:09 ay nag alarm cellfone ko, Birthday kasi ni JANINE. Inalarm ko talaga para batiin siya. Nag text ako at tinawagan . Pero hindi nya sagot tawag ko. Hay... Pag dating namin ng Santa Fe. dun na cya nag text na tawag uli ako. Eh ako naman si Tanga Tumawag naman. Sinagot nga, pero hindi ko cya marinig. Nasayang load ko pero hindi ako nanghihinayang kasi mahal ko eh!!!.
Dumating kami sa Manila mga 4:30 ng madaling araw, bumaba kami ni sir sa KAMUNING. Sumakay ako ng CAB pauwi. Pag dating ko sa bahay, bagsak talaga ako. Buti nalang may dala akong tupig para sa parents at sister ko. Pag gising ko tumawag kagad ako kay Janine para batiin cya tapos ask ko cya kung kelan ko bigay ung gift nya sabi nya ttext nalang daw nya me. Tapos binaba ko na kagad dahil alam kong pagod cya nun.
Nung araw na un umasa ako na ittxt nya ako at magkikita kami dahil un ang pangako nya. Umasa ako pero hindi nangyari ang inaasahan ko. Kaya na sad ako. Tinext ko cya kinagabihan -->"Goodnight, I know u have bin so bc ds day.. Aq pagod din sa byahe, umuwi ako ng maaga para makabalik kagad d2 dahil umasa aq na mabbgay q ang gift ko sayo sa bday mo mismo. Nangako ka dn nung thursday na mgkkita tau sa sunday. Pero ndi nangyari. 2mwag aq kanina, ask q kung kelan q mbbgay gft q, sabi mo ttxt mko. naghntay ako sa wala"-- after ng 15 minutes cguro tumawag cya kaso tulog nko eh...