Friday, March 14, 2008

- I finally met her-

I saw Ms. Roca online and asked her if she have a list of Caltex stationswhere Kitchie Nadal's going to launch and promote her latest album "LOVE LETTER". She told me to check out and I was shock because "CALTEX JULIA VARGAS" was included on her visit. I checked Kitchie before the event, but there's no schedule about launching. That's why I didn't brought my Digital Camera. I was regreting and thinking if I will still go on or not. Ms. Roca ask me, where am I near. I told her that its a walking distance only from our office. So I decided to go. I invited "SUSAN VALDEZ" my officemate if she wants to come with me.

We leave around 4:30 in the afternoon because 5:00 pm Kitchie Nadal will come. When we were there, we saw a RADIO BOOTH. The station was "Monster radio RX 93.1". There were DJ's on the booth but I am not familiar with them.

We hang out for a while inside the STAR MART and have some snacks.
We are about to leave cause its almost 1 hour that we've waited for her then suddenly I saw a car coming and I saw Kitchie Nadal. Yeah! I'm sure its her until she get off the car and I knew it was her. Haha.. When I saw her, you know what I felt?. My world stops in a glimpse. Haha..
Her beauty really captivated me.

It takes us minutes to approach her. Hay.. My shyness was there again!.
There was a time when we are about to leave but we returned. I told myselfthat "I've been waiting for this to happen and why am I going to let it past without doing anything". I take a deep breath and came to her and asked"excuse me, Ms. Kitchie san makakabili ng CD mo?". haha!. She said, just approached that lady, I knew their giving it away. I also talked to Ms. Roca and told her that I'm the one chatting you a while a go.

We are waiting for the opportunity to take pics and We're very fortunate
that time. "Meron pa ngang instance na cnabi nya,
gusto mo dito nalang tau magpa pic kc ung lights papunta dito". Nagulat ako nung cnabi nya un.. She's really nice. I have also pics from Ms. Roca. hehe. She invited us on April 5 to come on Kitchies fans day. I also met Mari Arquiza.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to have the CD but its okay. The important thing for me was, I finally met my music idol in person.

Thanks to Mari Arquiza on this candid shot.

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