Wednesday, March 12, 2008

- CoNfiDe -


I woke up and decided not to text her but I can't.. I don't know why I am doing crazy good things to her ". The only reason I knew is I am falling to her little by little. I brought my gift to her and asked help from my friend ROMMEL to instruct me how to get there on Janine's place cause they are neighbors 300 meters away. I want to surprise Janine.
I can't refuse to text her. As I always did, I greeted her goodmorning. I'm not expecting her to make a response but she did. She ask me until what time was my work. I replied "WHY?" and She told me she has a free time. I replied again, "So what's ur plan?, I don't want to plan anymore" and she texted "eh d wag".

I don't wanna waste the opportunity to tell her what I really feel, I am so confuse, so I set our meeting place at MEGAMALL 4pm. I was surprised cause its not usual for her to text me.
We met at ODYSSEY around 4:30 pm. I got there first, while waiting I searched for KITCHIE NADAL'S latest album "LOVE LETTER" but its not out yet.
When she arrived I felt really good. I asked her if she's hungry so we went to YELLOW CAB besides KFC. I ordered "FOUR SEASONS" worth 320.00 plus mineral water and sprite.

This was the most unforgettable part. While eating, I can't open up the topic. I pause for 10 minutes, take a deep breath and told her that I want to CONFIDE something and please don't get angry with me. Se said go on, Then I started telling her what my heart needs to say. Its a good feeling.

The rest is history.. I won't tell the whole story. The important thing for me now is, she already know how I feel about her. I don't care if it's mutual or not. She didn't busted me. She wants me to give her time but she's not closing her doors for me. Actually she broke up with his boy friend this year. The pain is still fresh.

My message for you janine?. Move on girl, just keep loving and believing. The important thing is you love with all your heart all the time and leave something to you. Learn from your experiences. Its a tiring life of loving but only love can pursuit your happiness. I'm always here for you even if you ignore me. haha. I'll wait till I can. I hope you don't regret when time comes you decide and its already late. No matter how painful this would be I know.

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