Friday, March 28, 2008

double celebration

I didn't feel good this morning. I'm dizzy, hungry and tired. I want to go home and have a restful sleep.

Last night we had a family affair on our home. We celebrated the graduation day of my cousin and my grandmother's birthday.

I am a proud cousin of Aldrin Oliva because he got a lot of medals and award. Haha imagine he got six medals including the "Valedictorian", wow! that's amazing. Is it on our blood that we were born smart, talented pretty and cute? or we were just lucky.Hehe. I am also proud on my sister because she got two medals also including the 3rd honor award!.

Haha nagmana sa akin yan!. Way back in my elementary days, I am a smart kid. I had a lot of medals also. Second honor, Third honor and Salutatorian. Pero nung tumanda nko., hahaha. I didn't make serious with my studies yung tipong tama lang!. Pero wala akong FAILED grades ah.

Also yesterday I met the girlfriend of my cousins. Mga tsikboy talaga.Tsk tsk. Nag inuman din kami kagabi ng mga pinsan ko, gumastos lang naman ako ng 300 pesos. Hehe. Minsan lang naman kami magka salo salo eh kaya ako na sumagot. Nakilala ko din ung bago kong pinsan, well his nice.

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