Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marié Diby finally!

Last Monday I received a Parcel letter coming from Novaliches Post office. Yesterday in the morning I went to our post office and claimed the CD I ordered at I am so excited to get the CD and finally I have it now.

It was my first time to order online and I think I'm the first person here in the Philippines to have Marié Digby's Pre-album. It has 12 tracks and one DVD acoustic versions of her songs. I bought it for 812.00 pesos including the shipment using my credit card. I thought the CD was caught somewhere and it will not come. Just like Marié Digby told me

I wouldn't be worried because a lot of the people who ordered it from overseas got theirs weeks after. I am sure it is on it way. There is a contact number or email where you can ask what's going on.. I'm sure you can find it for skyroo.. You might want to contact them to see what's going on since I don't have anything to do with the cd's and how they go out ! But rest assured, you are still getting the best deal since it will have both the produced and acoustic album :) I hope it is worth the wait *"

Definitely, it is worth waiting!. I love you Marié Christina Digby!. haha!.You're so lovable and humble.

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