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What will happen to the world and to the Philippines at 2008

This was a forwarded email. It may be true or not but we know that our God is incontrol no matter what. He has a reason & purpose for everything.

Uncanny Prophesy: What will happen to the world and to the Philippines at 2008

Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose is Brazilian, born in 1960, 47 years old now, his occupation is a teacher, he is a normal citizen, having a very poor life with his wife and kids. All the events which Mr. Juselleno predicted had clear indication of the year, month date of the disasters, incase any third party wants to confirm the facticity of his prophesy, Mr. Juselleno always put the story which he predicted to the notarization office or post office for the approval.

Somebody asked him, how old did he start the prophesy dream, he answered: 9 years old, from 1969, he dreamed 3 events a day, sometimes 9 events, the times he dreamed is different every day. He said all the prophesy dreams were automatically in his dream. When Mr. Juseleeno was 19 years old, he met the famous Brazilian prophesy Saint Mr. Franciscoshabiz , after that the worldwide disaster events were increased in his prophesy dream. Mr. Franciscoshabiz was two times the candidate for the Nobel Prize, he is a very famous differential functional person, at the same time he is also the Charitarian. The events which Mr. Juseleeno predicted are already more than 80000, firstly let’s look at below a few big worldwide events and huge disaster from his prophesy.

July 18, 2008 - Philippines will get 8.1 earthquake, thousands of people will die.








◎ Princess Diana was assassinated;
Mr. Juseleeno sent a warning letter to Diana via post office on 4th March,1997 “ I got the message from the God that someone is planning to kill you in the car accident, your life will be dangerous, 7 angels told me about this. You may die in this car accident and the specialist may close this case as a driving mistake, but they are totally wrong. The murder is close to you…. And it will happen before 2000”
Juseleeno also send this warning letter to the time, Darlytelegraph and Guardian etc. new agents in England , but never published. The car accident was happened on 31st August,1997, 5 month after the warning letter was sent out. Just as the prophesy said that the case was closed as driving mistake. The accuracy of this prophesy is not only to predict the huge event but also the truth of the intrigue behind the event. There are a lot of rumors after the accident, Diana was killed by the England royal family centered by queen Elizabeth .

The prophesy said it will happen before 2000, though there isn’t exact date on, but this prophesy was sent to the president(FernandoHenriqueSilvaCardoso) of Brazil 2 years before the accident and mentioned about “from 1997 to 98 that Diana will die” etc.

◎ The second attack of World Trade Center , it is 911
Jeseleeno sent the warning letter to the president of USA in 1989, the warning letter had also published at a notarization office which run by Mr. Klicheeba in the town of Palana . This warning letter also predicted that the World Trade Center will get the first attack in 1993, though there was no exact date on but the second attack was clearly told 11th September,2001. Everyone knew the result, the first attack was happened on 26th Feb.1993 three and half year after the warning letter sent out, the parking place was blow up and many people injured, the second attack was happened on 11th Sept.2001, 13 years after the warning letter sent out, it is the 911.

The exclamatory thing is, this prophesy also told about Afghanistan and Iraq war will start after 911, after Iraq lost, the president Haisan will run to Adawr the middle of Iraq etc. are all in the letter, like you all know, the events in the prediction letter were happened one by one.

◎ Sumatra Indonesia earthquake
Juseleeno sent the warning letter about Indonesia Sumatra Earthquake to the India Embassy on 16th September, 1996, about 8 years before the disaster. This warning letter predicted that there will be 8.9 earthquake in Aceh Indonesia in the morning of 26th December,2004. India and Indonesia will be attacked by the tsunami. He sent the warning letter to the president of Indonesia on 30th April, 1997, the letter is about “ I dreamed that 7:00am 26th Dec, 2004, South Asia will be attacked by 8.9 earthquake, at the same time will get the tsunami, the area will be Aceh Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maladiv, Bombay. And many people will be dead……
The result is- the earthquake was happened at 07:58am 26th Dec. More than 200000 people dead, the biggest tsunami was about 30 meters, a lot people were dead by the tsunami. He also sent the same letter to Indonesia , Philippine, Thailand and other Embassies. He also got the thanks letter from these countries.

The thanks letter from Meigawadi said “ about the 2004 earthquake and tsunami, to prevent the disaster, we must do a lot of things, but in another hand, we can do nothing”. The thanks letter from Indonesia Embassy said “…..we will send this letter to our government, if you have any update information, please let us know”.

From above information, Juseleeno already predicted that there will be more than 200000 people die in the tsunami and earthquake 8 years before the disaster, he sent the warning letter with detail date on to these countries, but nobody did any preventive measures.

The writer pick up a few events which Juseleeno predicted for the future.

Tornado attacked Brazil , thousands people dead.
2007 or July of 2008 Japan will get earthquake and get 30 meters tsunami.
Japan will get earthquake and typhoon in October, He predicted that the huge typhoon will happen on 26th October in the warning Letter
USA will get the terror attack on 17th December.

Will find the medicine for AIDS and Dengue
18th July, Philippine will get 8.1 earthquake, thousands people will die
The Empire State Building New York will get terror attack in September.
13th of September, China will get 9.1 earthquake in Nanning and Hainan, at the same time will get 30 meters Tsunami, millions people will die, the tsunami may go to Japan Directly.

25th January. 8.9 earthquake will attacked Japan , Hundred thousands people will die.
November, Japan will get earthquake again. Thousands people will die.
Brazilian government can not pay the insurance because of the finance problems. Will get the riot.
24th August, Istanbul Turkey will get 8.9 earthquake. The road will be parted.
16th December, Sumatra Indonesia will get 7.8 earthquake. Thousands people will die.

The temperature will reach 58 degrees in many countries of Africa , at the same time will lack of water.
15th June, the New York stock market will be
The temperature in Africa will reach 58 degrees, it is unbelievable number, but in May 2007, people who travel around Africa said the temperature in Greece and Turkey are already 39-40 degrees, Iraq and Arabia is about 45-46 degrees, it is possible to happen in the summer but not in may, we can imagine that in the summer of 2010, the world will become warmer and Africa will get the high temperature.

Will found the treatment for Cancer. But another new cancer will occur.
A serious disease will occur, it will be called ALS , People will die after 4 hours get ALS
Bird flu H5N1 will infect to human, 7300000 people will die till 2013.
Mr.Juseleeno’s prophesy is not only for the disease and earthquake but also for the exact name. For example the formal US president Gore famous book “ An Inconvenient Truth”. The name of tornado which will attack Brazil, and thousands people will die, the name of infectious disease ( ALS ), the name for San Francisco’s earthquake ( the Big One) and etc. events.

The area of glebe will be extended regarding the aridity and become desert, from 2015 till 2020, the trees will disappear in Amazon.
From 6th Dec. the sky will start the black cloud time, it is called weather cloudy.
Human start die because of the infectious disease’s overspread.

Find the treatment for cancel except the brain cancel.
Bahamas of West Indies, from 1st Nov. till 25th the Volcano will break out and bring the earthquake too, after that will be 150 meters huge tsunami, about 80 meters tsunami will go to Caribbean, About 15 kilometer to 20 kilometer to USA , Brazil and other countries. The sea will go down 6 meters before the tsunami and the birds will move away too.
Mr.Juseleeno predicted that when the cats and dogs know the disaster is coming, they want to get away from the venue, they will have strange behaviors 24 hours before the disaster, so we can use that for the standard of judgement.
The small planet will be closer to the earth and may knock together, the exist of this small planet will influent the issue of human live.
In November, the average temperature will reach 59 degrees, many people will die, the world confusion will be bigger.
In the middle of April , huge typhoon will attach some cities of China , about one thousand people will die.
The US president Bush will be in the hospital suddenly, has serious sickness.
About the issue of small planet will be closer to the earth, the leaders of each country will gather together to discuss the countermeasure, Mr. Juseleeno already predicted in 2000, and informed the NASA of USA about the exist of the small planet. On 31st June,2002, NASA confirmed and called this small planet 2002 ZNT 7」。
May find out the science power solution, if the small planet knock together, 1/3 population of the world will die. Mr. Juseleeno predicted that the percentage for the small planet knock the earth will be 60% .
In June , the east sea of Japan will get the Tsunami, bigger then the Indonesia tsunami.

Astronomer will find new planet, it may knock the earth again, the possibility will be 80%.

In July, San Francisco will get huge earthquake, it is called “ the big one”, San Andreas Fault will be destroyed, California will disappear, a lot of crater will start again, the tsunami will be more than 150 meters.

The world population reduced, about 80% people dead in the disaster.
Will 2008 Beijing Olympic Game be held smoothly?
As above said, in 2008, China will get 9.1 earthquake and more than millions people will die, according to Mr. Juseleeno’s prediction that the earth quake will be 13th September,2008, and Olympic will hold on 8th August-24th, In this schedule, the earthquake will happen after Olympic, but before the big earthquake, there will be a lot of small earthquake, it will make the country and people upset.
There will be a lot of small earthquake before the big one, although Juseleeno didn’t predict the exact date, but if we presume the small earthquake will happen one or two month before and it may be the period of Olympic, if so it may make the host and athletes give up. When the writer read this prophesy from Juseleeno, he suddenly remember the space time traveler John Titoer ’s last word “ 2004 Athens Olympic Game will be last one”
But, if the earthquake is in the south of China , Nanning and Hai Nan, and there are no Olympic games, the Beijing Olympic Game will close successfully. But the problem is that China government is only care about the reputation and successfully of the Olympic game, ignore the small earthquakes, and no preparation before the big one. China may control the report, closed all the news . If so there will be a big disaster as the prophesy said. In Mr. Juseleeno ’s warning letter said “ if there is no preparation to protect the citizens, will get huge loss’
Mr. Juseleeno also predicted that glacier period is coming.
He also has the right prophesy for the weather, one of them is, in 2003, Europe got high temperature, 29th October, 2001, the warning letter said “ the nature world will beat back to the world, the temperature of France, Germany and Portugal will become higher, more than ten thousand people will die, this disaster will happen between 2003 and 2004” . the truth is, the temperature in the summer of 2003 had reached the highest one which they’ve never had in Europe, about 35.000 people dead, especially France and Germany , about 14,000 people dead in France and 7000 people dead in Germany .

From Mr.Juseleeno’s prophesy, the earth temperature will get higher every year, till 2012, the temperature in Africa will reach 58 degrees and the same time will have serious water problem, after the temperature will be even higher, till 2015, the average temperature of earth will reach 59 degrees, a lot of people will die, the human will get frighten all over the world. If this is the truth, the countries will against each other because of the aridity and not enough food, Mr. Jeseleeno also predicted that there will be some new wars because of the aridity, but he didn’t have clear prophesy, but he felt it won’t be the normal war.

Anyway, the temperature is getting higher is not like the aerography said ( the speed is very slow), actually very quick. However the warmness seems not always incessancy, after the high temperature, a big part of ice of Greenland and South Pole will be dissolved and go to the sea, the circulation of the sea will be lower and become colder, it means a new glacier time. In Juseleeno’s prophesy seems also said after 2027, there will be a new glacier. Details of the prophesy as below:

The volcano of America yellow park will break out, the smoke and magma will go 1,600 kilometer far, Kansas , Nebraska , Montana will all get damaged. The break out of the volcano is not only in Yellow park, but also some other place in the world. these smoke will blot out the sun, the circulation of see will stagnate and active the cold phenomena.

Eir and kol got Nobel award
As we all know, the formal president Gore dedicate on study of earth temperature, his famous book “ An Inconvenient Truth” was made to a movie and also get the Oscar award. Actually 19 years ago, Mr. Juseleeno already predicted about this, the phophesy had been published on Moon Magazine in June, in the end of may, before the publish, the editor told the writer about this, I really got surprised for a while..
According the letter which Juseleeno sent to Gore, this prophesy letter already inform Gore that from 1993 to 2001 he won’t be the vice president anymore, he will dedicate on protect the world environment activities, and he will write a book “An Inconvenient Truth” to become famous, the English letter Juseleeno wrote to Gore also told the books name and he will get the 2007 Nobel award, we will know this autumn, Let’s looking forward for the prophesy for Mr. Gorel. We can’t deny Mr. Juseleeno ’s prophesy.

There are not much time for Human, from December 2007, the Black Cloud will extend all over the world, as Mr. Juseleeno predicted that if the human still keep the actuality, human will have terrible life from 2008 till 2012 , the black cloud will full of the sky before the disaster. If we want the disaster, and war stay away from us, the deadline for human is the end of 2007. Mr. Juseleeno expected the world consciousness will change in the end of 2007.

The situation is very serious now, if we still want to depend on other’s power, Mr. Juseleeno ’s prophesy “ the black future” will happen. We must understand the serious situation, individual to individual, group to group, country to county, hold you own responsibility, take action, because the deadline will come soon.

Inability and tiny ability is totally different, inability is no matter whatever we do, it won’t help. But tiny ability mean more people contribute and the power will become strong. We have do start from ourselves, one people’s power is small but if we put everyone’s power together, It will be strong to change the future disaster.

This is only a prediction okay!?

kinuha ko lang article to:

He was a Fraud! Read this:



This guy is a bullshit artist from Aguas de Linoia, near Sao Paolo. To help you judge the accuracy of his predictions, he predicted that China would begin to experience economic grown in 2008. So he doesn’t even read the newspaper! He also said that China would be hit with devastating floods in February of 2008.

He failed to predict the cyclone in Burma or the earthquake in China.

His trick is to write letters about things that happened in the past, then forge a postmark on the envelope to make is appear as if he had written the letter before the event took place. He has been exposed for this fraud in the past.


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Pacquiao thrives at natural weight class

By Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports Jun 29, 2:13 am EDT

From Yahoo Sports!
Yahoo! Sports

LAS VEGAS – Manny Pacquiao made a statement with his fists on Saturday, battering David Diaz to claim the WBC lightweight title at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. But he also made a statement that could have larger implications for the sport and the safety of boxers.

Pacquiao could have made the super featherweight limit of 130 pounds again on Saturday if he had been forced to do so. But he listened to his body, moved up to a more sensible weight and put on arguably the best performance of his life.

It was no contest from the bout’s opening punch. Pacquiao was too quick and too strong and battered Diaz into submission before stopping him at 2:24 of the ninth with a crunching straight left hand.

Diaz crumbled face forward and lay at Pacquiao’s feet, a symbolic final scene of Pacquiao’s ultimate conquest.


He was clearly the more gifted fighter, but choosing to move up five pounds and compete at 135 made a noticeable difference. Too many boxers attempt to squeeze every last ounce of weight from their body so they can fight in the lowest possible class. They do it in the belief that it will make them stronger at the lower weight, but it often dehydrates them and leaves them vulnerable to either lethargic performance or, worse, injury.

Pacquiao was able to eat and drink as he wanted during the week and was as strong as he’s been since he destroyed Lehlo Ledwaba in 2001.

“In boxing, they’ve been doing it for years, trying to fight as low as possible, but this proves that that’s a mistake and that you should fight at a more natural weight,” Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach said.

Pacquiao was far quicker and faster than Diaz, who was often thinking of throwing a punch as Pacquiao landed his combinations and then danced safely away from danger.

But Roach’s work in fixing the holes in Pacquiao’s game was evident as well. Pacquiao used his movement to greater effect, popped his long-dormant right hand repeatedly and generally showed the entire package of offensive and defensive moves.

Pacquiao came into the fight ranked first in the Yahoo! Sports poll of the world’s top boxers in light of Floyd Mayweather’s retirement. But Roach said Saturday that he thought coming into the fight that WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto was a more complete fighter than Pacquiao.

No longer, however, does he believe that. And it’s not without justification, as Pacquiao displayed the variety in his game that he hadn’t even in wins over legendary boxers such as Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Manny surpassed Cotto tonight and it was because of all the work he’s been doing in the gym,” Roach said.

Pacquiao wouldn’t be drawn into the debate. He said it’s an honor if people consider him the best, but said his only goal is to satisfy his fans.

He did that on Saturday, becoming the first Filipino to win world titles in four weight classes as well as becoming the first from his nation to hold a lightweight title.

“I don’t compare my ability to other fighters,” said Pacquiao, who has now won eight in a row and is 47-3-2 overall. “I’m just a fighter who does my job and tries to make other people happy by putting on good fights.”

Likely up next is WBA super featherweight champion Edwin Valero, who is one of the game’s hardest punchers. But the long-range goal would be to land a bout with super lightweight champion Ricky Hatton, who has a November bout slated with IBF champion Paulie Malignaggi.

Roach suggested Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum consider paying a step aside fee to Malignaggi to allow a Pacquiao-Hatton fight in November.

“Paulie’s style is bad for Ricky and if he loses, it could blow what would be a huge fight,” Roach said.

A Pacquiao-Hatton fight might be the biggest of any fight that could be made in boxing other than one involving Oscar De La Hoya.

And while it seemed fair to assume prior to Saturday’s bout that Hatton would be far too big and far too strong for Pacquiao to pose a serious threat, no longer does that seem true.

“The guy is a tough, tough fighter,” Diaz said. “He’s so fast, incredibly fast, and he has a good sense in there.”

Top Rank matchmaker Bruce Trampler said he felt Pacquiao was best suited at 135 pounds, but conceded that the lure of a bigger fight might force him to move one class higher.

Pacquiao began his career in 1995 as a 106-pounder and logic would seem to dictate that sooner or later, he’ll no longer be able to move up successfully.

On Saturday, though, he looked like he was made to be a lightweight.

“I never doubted what he could do, because he was telling me what it was taking out of him trying to make (130),” Arum said. “I’ve seen him when he was at the right weight and able to eat and didn’t have to starve himself and what I saw was a fighter who didn’t have to take a backseat to anyone. We saw that same kid tonight.”

Roach said he felt Saturday’s effort was Pacquiao’s best since the win over Ledwaba, which was the Filipino’s coming out party in the U.S.

By moving up to 135, Pacquiao not only gave himself new ground to conquer but he also made a statement to other fighters that it’s not necessary to starve one’s self to win an important fight.

“Good night all around,” Pacquiao said as he was leaving the post-fight news conference on Saturday. “This is the way I like it.”

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Things To Consider in Entering a Guy-Girl Relationship

Relationship- is a particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other.
If we talk about relationship as for my lovelife!. I've been so much in it. Its a tragic, traumatic experience and where I committed __ic__e once but still God never leaves me. I keep searching and searching. Loving and hurting. But I know its not the end of finding her, the one whose really meant for me.
Special thanks to Acel Van Omen!

As “singles”, most of you are longing to be in a relationship.. To love and to be loved.. to find the right man/woman and be with him/her for the rest of your life. God definitely understands our emotions and desires, He is even the one who instituted marriage; but before we enter into an exclusive relationship, there are things that we need to consider. These are some Biblical boundary lines when it comes to entering a relationship.

In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, he told them that they are FREE to eat from any tree in the garden BUT they must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Here, we can see that freedom comes with responsibility. God told them not to eat from that tree to protect them. It’s like a baby playing around the house. They can play or do whatever they want, but as a parent, you of course will teach/tell them NOT to put their fingers in the electric fan or electrical socket because you’re looking out for them. It’s the same way with God. He has set boundaries for our own good.

Below are some things to consider in entering a guy-girl exclusive relationship.

Matthew 22:37-38 “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.”

• The first thing you should be looking for in a partner is if he/she has UNDIVIDED devotion to God. Anything that is above your relationship with God is an IDOL. So, if you’re the first in that person’s life.. have nothing to do with them. Unless he loves God more than you, don’t have anything to do with them.
• So, are you his/her first love? Or God?


Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

• Before getting into a relationship, you and that person should find out what God’s purpose is in your lives. You and the other person should have a direction and a vision. Now, who would want to be with someone without direction or passion? Even before Eve was brought to Adam, God gave Adam a task/ work to do.


Leviticus 20:7-8 “ Consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am the Lord your God. Keep my decrees and follow them. I am the Lord, who makes you holy.”

Eph.1:4 “ For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.”

• How does the guy treat you? Like a sister or otherwise?
• I’ve witnessed a couple who loves God who waited till their wedding for their first kiss. My friend Elizabeth and her husband respected each other and honored God. They want to mean the white dress in front of friends of family. To really enjoy the sacrifice and wait during their honeymoon.
• Ladies, if a guy tells you “If you really love me, then we should do it”…punch him or kick his balls to hell! haha!


“ But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.”- Ephesians 5:3

“For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person such a man is an idolater has nay inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Therefore do not be partners with them”-
Ephesians 5:6-7

“ It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen who do not know God, and that in this matter no one should wrong his brother or take advantage of him. The Lord will punish men for all such sins, as we have already told you and warned you. For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life. Therefore, he who rejects this instruction does not reject man but God, who gives you his Holy spirit.” – 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8


Psalm 1:1-3 “ Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prosper.”

• Do not listen to those who are not walking in God, they’ll just get you in trouble.

Girl 1: But I love him, I can’t live without him even if he’s married
Girl 2: If you’re happy, then go for it. Fight for love

Be accountable to someone who would encourage you and lead you accordingly, not those who doesn’t care with what God thinks.

Proverbs 18:22 “ He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”
• Guys should do the finding.. That’s our role..

Women should WAIT.. It didn’t say “she who finds a husband…” The men should stand up and not just wait for the woman to just fall from heaven. Women shouldn’t go flirting.

No guy has the right to say to any girl “I love you” until he is prepared to say in his next breath- “Will you marry me?” If you can’t make the second statement, don’t bother making the first. It isn’t true.

    Enjoy life, enjoy being single(not all the time).. Meet people (haha! like my friend Rommel Fermo), but under these boundaries and you will be blessed. If you’ve found someone, pray for that someone.. Ask for Godly counsel. That person will not tell you who you should marry, but they’re there to guide you and give you wisdom.

I hope you've learn something.

Special thanks to Acel Van Omen!

Nutrition in Color?

During this days I begin to feel something like headache, body ache and back pain. As day say it has something to do with what you eat. I am not a vegetarian. So I started to search on the web what benefits we can get.Yah, I'm talking about FRUITS and VEGETABLES. Survey says that people will live longer if they practice to eat lesser meat.

Nutrition is very important not only for children. It is the nourishment or alimentis the provision, to cells and organisms, of the materials necessary in the form of food to support life. Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with good nutrition.

Don't you know that Nutrition has Color?
Well, Variety is the spice of life. It’s also the nutrition of life when it comes to eating a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables. Those colors are packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that keep you and your family healthy and thriving.

Scientists only recently have begun to mine the depths of the healthful compounds and phytochemicals that give fruits and vegetables their color. Each color boasts of its own benefits, and that’s why it’s important to select a variety of colors when choosing the produce to put on your table.

Blue/Purple fruits and vegetables contain such phytochemicals as anthocyanins and phenolics. These help to lower the risk of some cancers and are good for urinary tract health, memory function and healthy aging. Some of the produce items that fall in the blue/purple category are blackberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, raisins, purple cabbage and eggplant.

Blackberries, blueberries, Black currants, Dried plums, Purple figs, Purple grapes, Plums and Raisins
Purple asparagus, Purple cabbage, Eggplant, Purple Belgian endive, Purple peppers, Purple-fleshed potatoes

fruits and vegetables contain varying amounts of lutein and indoles, which help to promote strong bones and teeth, vision health and may lower the risk of some types of cancer. Many produce items fall in the green category, including avocados, green apples and grapes, honeydew, kiwifruit, limes, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, green beans, celery, cucumbers, leafy greens, okra, peas, green peppers and spinach.

Avocados, Green apples, Green grapes, Honeydew, Kiwifruit, Limes, Green pears
Artichokes, Arugula, Asparagus, Broccoli, Broccoli rabe, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, Green beans, Green cabbage, Celery, Chayote squash, Cucumbers, Endive, Leafy greens, Leeks, Lettuce, Green onions, Okra, Peas, Green peppers, Snow peas, Sugar snap peas, Spinach, Watercress, Zucchini

White produce, which includes tan and brown fruits and vegetables, is known for the phytochemical allicin, found especially in the onion family. It promotes heart health, a lower risk of some cancers and helps cholesterol levels that are already healthy. Garlic and onions are the top items in the white/allicin produce list. Other white fruits and vegetables are bananas, brown pears, dates, cauliflower, ginger and jicama.

Bananas, Brown pears, Dates, White nectarines, White peaches
Cauliflower, Garlic, Ginger, Jerusalem artichokes, Jicama, Kohlrabi, Mushrooms, Onions, Parsnips, White-fleshed potatoes, Shallots, Turnips, White corn

Yellow/Orange fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and the phytonutrients carotenoids and bioflavonoids. These are beneficial for heart and vision health, a healthy immune system and a lower risk of some cancers. A few of the many fruits and vegetables in the yellow/orange category are apricots, cantaloupe, grapefruit, lemons, mangos, nectarines, oranges, papaya, peaches, pineapples, butternut squash, carrots, yellow peppers, pumpkin, summer squash, sweet corn and sweet potatoes.

Yellow apples, Apricots, Cantaloupe, Cape gooseberries, Yellow figs, Grapefruit, Golden kiwifruit, Lemons, Mangoes, Nectarines, Oranges, Papayas, Peaches, Yellow pears, Persimmons, Pineapples, Tangerines, Yellow watermelon
Yellow beets, Butternut squash, Carrots, Yellow peppers, Yellow potatoes, Pumpkin, Rutabagas, Yellow summer squash, Sweet corn, Sweet potatoes, Yellow tomatoes, Yellow winter squash

Red produce is a common host to the phytonutrients lycopene and anthocyanins. Between them, they promote heart and urinary tract health, memory function and a lower risk of some cancers. A few of the produce items on the red list are apples, cherries, cranberries, red grapes, pink/red grapefruit, pomegranates, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, beets, red peppers, radishes, red potatoes and tomatoes.

Red apples, Blood oranges, Cherries, Cranberries, Red grapes, Pink/Red grapefruit, Red pears, Pomegranates, Raspberries, Strawberries, Watermelon
Beets, Red peppers, Radishes, Radicchio, Red onions, Red potatoes, Rhubarb, Tomatoes.

That's what I've learned for today bye folks!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

17th of June, 17th NBA title of Celtics

I am a Dallas Maverick fan but on the first round of the playoff games they bow out.

On this NBA FINALS series of 2008 between LA LAKERS and BOSTON CELTICS. I was cheering for LA LAKERS, because I know on this tourney BOSTON CELTICS really dominates well. All in favor of BOSTON when it comes to bench players and especially the game home court advantage. The first 2 games for CELTICS 3 games for LA LAKERS and 2 games for CELTICS.
Really Celtics had the advantage on the finals, I can say they are an all star team and they capitalize on it with team effort. Markedly it shows on game six Lakers shows lack of defensive stops.

The Celtics brought an end to their storied franchise's 21-year championship drought with the most lopsided closeout win in NBA Finals history on Tuesday night, blowing out the Lakers, 131-92. Leading just 32-29 midway through the second quarter, the Celtics scored 11 straight points and finished the half on on a 26-6 run.

In the second half, Boston's 58-35 halftime lead only grew. Clearly, the Celtics had had enough close games.

Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett each scored a game-high 26 points and Rajon Rondo added 20 as the Celtics came up just three points shy of the NBA Finals record for largest margin of victory.

Ray Allen tied an NBA Finals record for 3-pointers made in a single game with seven, and set a new Finals record for 3-pointers made in a series, with 22. Garnett was superb on the boards, pulling down a game-high 14 rebounds for Boston, but it was Rondo who finished with the most astounding stat line in addition to his 20 points: eight assists, seven rebounds and six steals.

The Celtics' historic margin of victory in Game 6 was due in large part to their magnificent defense, which set an NBA Finals record with 18 steals, breaking the previous record of 17.

After the game, Paul Pierce was named Finals MVP. He had a modest outing in Game 6, but stood out plenty in the previous five games to deserve the honor. Pierce averaged 21.8 points and 6.3 assists per game as he, Garnett and Allen captured the first NBA titles of their long, accomplished, respective careers.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kitchie Nadal - Caltex commercial

Her stint with Caltex

Kitchie’s accomplishments and positive image as a Filipina musician were recognized by Caltex when they cast her to be the endorser for Caltex with Techron. In line with Caltex’s thrust of keeping journeys safe by having clean engines, they chose an artist who could best represent clean living.

In the launch of the commercial of Caltex with Techron at Bonifacio High Street last
April 11, Kitchie shared her thoughts on the project: “This was the deal we’ve been waiting for.”
Dressed in casual yet stylish clothes, she caught the attention of the crowd with her simple and fresh aura. After rendering three songs from her new album, she imparted her experiences in making the commercial. She narrated that during the filming of the TVC, she was able to interact with the locals and visit a church in Africa.

It was apparent that both the staff of Caltex and Kitchie were happy to work with each other. Caltex representatives and Kitchie herself said that there were no hitches when they made the deal because everything just fell into place.

“There were no negotiation. In less than a week, they sent me to Africa,” Kitchie revealed.
The TV commercial, which is now airing in the country, features Kitchie and several international models playing musical instruments. A regional advertisement for Caltex, it is set to appear in seven countries.

There are many firsts for this project. For one, it is Caltex’s first time to feature a Filipina in their TV commercial. Incidentally, it is also Kitchie’s first work in endorsing a product in an international scale, a well-deserved break for the rock maiden.
Her latest hit, “Highway,” is also used for the radio advertisement of the said product. According to Kitchie, the song can be interpreted both literally and figuratively. Literally, it means keeping your engine clean for a safe journey. Figuratively, it means making the right choices in life and practising clean living. This was also the last song she wrote for her album.

With her prior successes in the field of music, her new sound and her latest feat.
as an endorser, Kitchie shows that she continues to grow as an artist. Her advice to aspiring musicians: “There’s no other way but to choose the right one.” She couldn’t emphasize more that clean living is the right way of life.

BAYANIJUAN feat. Kitchie Nadal

BAYANIJUAN feat. Kitchie Nadal

The kapamilya network celebrate it’s 55th year anniversary with an advocacy program called “Bayanijuan.”

“Bayanijuan” is a simple celebration of ABS-CBN Corporation with the less fortunate Filipinos in the country.

The tagline of the said advocacy program is “Walang Iwanan sa Bayan Ni Juan.” It aims to promote the Filipino volunteer spirit, or “bayanihan,” as a force to create a better, more compassionate Philippines for ourselves and our children.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


If you are really looking for a complete adventure like Trekking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Walking, Surf,Swimming and want to save money. Well, I think CAPONES ISLAND is the best place for you.

Capones Island (Faro de Punta Capones) is a 2-kilometer long bone-shaped volcanic mass located 4 kilometers off the coast of Brgy. Pundaquit. The trip takes about 4 hours from Manila passing through the city of Olongapo heading further north to San Antonio then following the directions to Barangay Pundaquit. The village’s beautiful beach is exceptionally located behind a mountain and facing the horizon of the setting sun. In front of it is Capones Island, which is accessible for overnight camping, day picnic and swimming. There are no resorts on Capones but if you are planning to Camp Be sure to bring all necessary gears and lots of liquids as long as there's no typhoons. Bancas are present along the beach of Pundaquit, and available for rent anytime. Overnight stay is allowed but with prearranged pick up with a boatman. You may enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water along the beach, snorkel, explore the surroundings by kayak or simply walk around and discover the natural beauty of the island. Request your boatman to drop you closer to a tall cliff for a better shade.

Capones is not a tropical paradise. It’s rocky. And it’s mostly barren. But it invokes instead a sense of adventure that would appeal to those people who are looking for secret hideaways far from the madding crowd.

Although there are no commercial accommodations on the island, there are actually structures there. One is a lighthouse and the other is an unfinished building. Constructed by the Spanish colonial government, the lighthouse went into operation on July 16, 1890. Today, the lighthouse is unmanned, the adjacent quarters abandoned, and is solar-powered like many other lighthouses in the country. There are plans to restore and preserve the lighthouse as part of the Philippine heritage. See this extremely informative EPAFI webpage to learn about that plan. As for the unfinished building, I couldn’t find any information about it and what it was supposed to be.

What I really went about that place was the LIGHT HOUSE.
If you want to go there easily, you can request your boatman to drop you there.
But if you want adventure just like we did. We walked and trekk for about 45 minutes from our campsite even
there was no guide at all, its our intuition that made us there .

Your adventure is not complete without seeing the LIGHT HOUSE.

I really enjoyed the place with my fellow TRIP NG BARKADA cast. (PRINCE, ME, DHOC, JOAN C., NELSON, LEILA, MAKIE and AENAH).

How to go to Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales and Capones Island:

By car

From Manila, take the NLEX exit at San Fernando Pampanga, from San Fernando, head southwestward to Olongapo city. In Olongapo city, at the the head boundary of Olongapo, make a right turn going to Subic Castillejos then San Marcelino, at San Marcelino, take westward to San Antonio. In San Antonio, head southwestward to Pundaquit. The road to Pundaquit is circuitous so better ask around when you're there. From San Antonio you will see tricycles ask them to take you at Brgy. Pundaquit the fare cost is 20 persons per each depending on your luggages. Finally, From Pundaquit ask the boatman to take you there at CAPONES.


Take Victory liner (IBA ZAMBALES) at Monumento the fare cost is 250+ pesos, Asked the conductor to drop you off at Brgy. San Antonio, From San Antonio you will see tricycles ask them to take you at Brgy. Pundaquit the fare cost is 20 persons per each depending on your luggages. Finally, From Pundaquit ask the boatman to take you there at CAPONES.

If you are planning to go there please don't leave any trash on the Island. Bring garbage bag like we did!. I am very sad when I was there when a group of campers leave their garbages!. Very unhuman!.

Friday, June 06, 2008

capones part 2

Wow, tagal ko ring hindi naka pag blog.

Last week:
I've been, sa MUNTING BuHANGIN NASUGBU BATANGAS May31, company outing kasi namin. Tingnan nyo nalang yung pics sa photo album.

I think there's an improvement sa mga shots ko tingnan nyo nalang.ha ha!. Tinuruan din namin si Ms. Susan ng basic photography like rule of third.

I was about to meet KATH yesterday Thursday sa EVER to fix her computer but unfortunately it was cancelled for the last minute .. Haha!

Latest News:
Capones Island part 2. Sana ngayon makaapak nko sa CAPONES!. Kasi ba naman nung una kaming pumunta dun eh nasilayan lang namin, kasi may bagyo nung MAY 17, si COSME. Ang hirap maging storm CHASER ha!.
Plano din namin na mag shoot dun ng video for our video entry contest sa TEAM KAPAMILYA. Well, dreamed ko talaga gumawa ng ganun with the help of my fellow friends especially prince and nelson I know. ung project TADHANA ko, naku mukhang lulumutin na. Haha! umatras ba naman si CHIRA, pero ayos lang.

Na submit ko na ang mga required documents ko at next week ay umpisa na ng IELTS review ko. Sana maka pasa ako sa exam after review. Ate Vilma I need you. hehe.. I know your there.

At bukas naman ay pupunta ako sa LTO. Basta! bawal sabihin.