Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kitchie Nadal - Caltex commercial

Her stint with Caltex

Kitchie’s accomplishments and positive image as a Filipina musician were recognized by Caltex when they cast her to be the endorser for Caltex with Techron. In line with Caltex’s thrust of keeping journeys safe by having clean engines, they chose an artist who could best represent clean living.

In the launch of the commercial of Caltex with Techron at Bonifacio High Street last
April 11, Kitchie shared her thoughts on the project: “This was the deal we’ve been waiting for.”
Dressed in casual yet stylish clothes, she caught the attention of the crowd with her simple and fresh aura. After rendering three songs from her new album, she imparted her experiences in making the commercial. She narrated that during the filming of the TVC, she was able to interact with the locals and visit a church in Africa.

It was apparent that both the staff of Caltex and Kitchie were happy to work with each other. Caltex representatives and Kitchie herself said that there were no hitches when they made the deal because everything just fell into place.

“There were no negotiation. In less than a week, they sent me to Africa,” Kitchie revealed.
The TV commercial, which is now airing in the country, features Kitchie and several international models playing musical instruments. A regional advertisement for Caltex, it is set to appear in seven countries.

There are many firsts for this project. For one, it is Caltex’s first time to feature a Filipina in their TV commercial. Incidentally, it is also Kitchie’s first work in endorsing a product in an international scale, a well-deserved break for the rock maiden.
Her latest hit, “Highway,” is also used for the radio advertisement of the said product. According to Kitchie, the song can be interpreted both literally and figuratively. Literally, it means keeping your engine clean for a safe journey. Figuratively, it means making the right choices in life and practising clean living. This was also the last song she wrote for her album.

With her prior successes in the field of music, her new sound and her latest feat.
as an endorser, Kitchie shows that she continues to grow as an artist. Her advice to aspiring musicians: “There’s no other way but to choose the right one.” She couldn’t emphasize more that clean living is the right way of life.

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