Tuesday, July 08, 2008

drained brain

- Have you ever felt this?

I hate this feeling especially when my mind get stock on a certain thing. I just keep thinking and thinking on that thing and later on I will notice that it consumes my brain energy. In this case I will suddenly feel headache and sleepy. It feels like my brain is being tangled.

Normally, I don't want to feel this every Saturday because I have my IELTS review. I can't focus on the facilitators discussions and exams.
I can't think well.

Last Saturday he gave us two reading task and one writing task. The writing task was this "IN SOME COUNTRIES CHILDREN HAVE VERY STRICT RULES OF BEHAVIOR, IN OTHER COUNTRIES THEY ARE ALLOWED TO DO ALMOST ANYTHING THEY WANT. TO WHAT EXTENT SHOULD CHILDREN HAVE TO FOLLOW RULES?". Jeez, I have many thoughts in mind but I don't know where to start and organize my ideas on the topic. I have to write 250 words in 40 minutes, imagine that!.

This is the thing I don't want to happen being drained brain, particularly on the IELTS exam itself. I'm a little bit under pressure because our Lecturer told us that we have to double time reading, writing, listening and speaking. He gave us advice to watch foreign films, read newspapers, avoid watching TELESERYE and take brain vitamins. I hope these advice works!.

Drained brain is my own words!. Hahaha. Not in Dictionary.

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