Wednesday, July 02, 2008

When love hits me!

By: Jefford Secondes

Love they say is the most wonderful thing you could ever feel. Nah! I'm talking here about falling in love with someone, to an opposite sex! (haha). Not with the same sex cause I'm not in favor with them. God made human, a man and woman only! nothing else. However, they are only human who forgot to know their real identiy. I can't blame them whatever they have with their life. I'll just pray for them.

How will you know if love hits you?

If love hits you! you will know, if you will feel totally satisfied happy glowing, trusting, secure willing to go any length to continue the feeling just a shame we all take a lot of little things for granted or forget to communicate. Questions, answers open to every conversation no limits, no judging just compromising. It takes two it is not a dream or a wish it is real. So if your questioning yourself then you should step by step, think about why and what makes you feel about this person and/or why your not completely satisfied when with him/her.

Take your time, everyone rushes love and it never works out anyway because when we are desperate we tend to fall short of many things we think we don't care about because we need attention and we attract the wrong partner.

Be happy with yourself be firm about how you feel what you want to feel because you have to be respected and happy with yourself before you can be fair to yourself. Don't settle for less it is sorta like when you shop you just don't buy something because it is displayed in the window. You make sure of what you feel.


  1. nothing to say just WOW! na touch ako dun..

  2. your right jeff!!! so inspiring...