Thursday, August 14, 2008

My injured knee

Yesterday was a painful day for me, when I suddenly twist my left knee. At first I thought the pain will go away but it didn't stop from there. When I'm about to leave our office I began to feel the pain, I hate that feeling cause I can't walk fast as I normally do.The worse thing was crossing the streets. Haha! I might hit by fast moving cars!.

Early this morning I woke up early and the pain was still there, so I text my friend Jonathan to buy me pain reliever medicine. It helps a little. When I got home I used this gadget that massage my feet hoping that it would help me to ease the pain. Right after, I put an ointment to it.

It really works! haha.


  1. ohhh, sorry about that..

    sana magaling na yan sa 24th tsaka sa gweilos! haha

  2. kawawa ka nmn pero alam mo?
    para mawala ang sakit,
    kailangan mong mag-
    pau liniment sa isang pahid mo lang
    tangal ang aw sa pau.heheh ok ba?