Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Long wait is over! (HEROES)

Oh my goodness! I've been waiting for this Season 3 of Heroes, after a minor controversies that happened in the U.S. a months ago, and now! Season 3 is up. I just watched Episode 1.

The long wait is over! I am expecting more about season three.

Heroes Season 3 Episode 1

With his abilities returned to him, serial killer Sylar (Zachary Quinto) relentlessly continues to accumulate other people’s abilities, which leads him to the Bennet house.

  • Bound to a secret company with a keen interest in people like his daughter, H.R.G. finds new purpose when his most dangerous, fantastic foes break out of custody and must be dragged back. Reeling from recent events and revelations, Claire Bennet, an indestructible high school cheerleader, struggles to define her identity and place in the world.
  • An act of heroism unveils an amazing secret about Niki Sanders, a Las Vegas single mother with astonishing strength — and an unknown, hidden family. In Japan, Yamagato Industries heir Hiro Nakamura continues to use his ability to pierce the space-time continuum and manipulate time to leap into wild, international adventures with his best friend, Ando.
  • Nathan Petrelli’s (Adrian Pasdar) attempted assassination leads several Heroes on a stunning spiritual quest to explain his power of flight. For his younger brother, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), the future and present collide as his many absorbed powers lead him to discover that the only way to end the catastrophic moment facing the world is to do the unimaginable. Meanwhile, their ruthless mother Angela (Cristine Rose) and her associates continue their ongoing, complex machinations to change the world from the shadows.
  • Matt Parkman is taught new ways to use his expanding ability to hear and manipulate other’s thoughts by an unlikely guide.
  • Mohinder Suresh, a genetics professor from India, takes a dangerous step into darkness as his research into those with extraordinary abilities living among us continues. Far from her Dominican Republic home, Maya Herrera , who causes death when filled with fear or anger, begs Suresh to cure her – only to watch helplessly as he embraces his darker side.

Heroes Season 3 Episode 2

A dozen Villains with unimaginable power are unleashed after the company is attacked - Sylar VS. Elle. Angela petrelli takes control and reveals a jaw-dropping secret.

  • Angela clashes with her much-changed son, Peter , over how best to avert a seemingly inevitable worldwide catastrophe.
  • Sylar declares war on the Company by attacking their main facility, and finds even more than he bargained for on Level 5. During a devastating battle with Elle, a dozen savage criminals — all with terrible abilities — escape.
  • Claire discovers something new and unexpected about her abilities.
  • Determined to reclaim his family’s terrible secret, Hiro and Ando track Daphne to Paris. After a fateful night, Suresh is thrilled to find his research, his life and his relationship with Maya evolving in leaps and bounds.
Stuck in unfamiliar territory, Matt finds a guide (guest star Ntare Mwine) to help him

Herosite has posted all the official titles for Heroes Season 3 episodes. U

Season 3 Episode 1: The Second Coming

Season 3 Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect

Season 3 Episode 3: One of Us, One of Them

Season 3 Episode 4: I Am Become Death

Season 3 Episode 5: Angels and Monsters

Season 3 Episode 6: Dying of the Light

Season 3 Episode 7: Eris Quod Sum

Season 3 Episode 8: Villains

Season 3 Episode 9: It’s Coming

Season 3 Episode 10: The Eclipse Part 1

Season 3 Episode 11: The Eclipse Part 2

Season 3 Episode 12: Our Father

Season 3 Episode 13: War

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kitchie Nadal at Atchie's El Pueblo

Kahapon umuulan ng malakas, nagdadalawang isip ako kung tutuloy ako para manood ng gig ni kitchie nadal. Pero bago ang lahat ay kailangan ko munang kitain si Ate Vilma sa SM Megamall.

Pagkalabas ko ng Building ay umuulan na.
Kasama ko ang aking mga officemate sila Cherrylou at Susan Valdez. Kumain muna kami sa St. Francis.

Pagpunta ko ng SM MEGAMALL naghihintay na sila Ate V. at Ian sa akin.
Pinakilala nya sa akin si Ian. Ayun! tapos may contribution pala kami ng 100 sa regalo. Hehe. Nagulat ako dun!, pero ayos lang. Si Ate Vilma ang pangalawang nagsulat sa parang kuwaderno na naisip ni Ian na regalo ng listers para kay Kitchie. Pangatlo akong nagsulat. Hindi ko expected na magsusulat kaya sa haba haba ng naisulat ko ay hindi ko pa rin naipahayag lahat ng gusto kong sabihin dahil kulang na sa oras.

Papunta na kami sa Atchie's at nagbayad ng 200 entrance may libre siyang beer, pero pwede naman na ung beer ay maging ice tea. Pagpasok namin sa loob ay wala pang tao.

Nag opening act muna ang ARKO band.

Kaunti lang ang mga listers na pumunta, kaya kaunti lang din ang mga nakasulat sa regalo namin.

11:00 p.m. na nag start ung Gig eh at natapos ng bandang 1:15 a.m..

Nagpapasalamat ako sa regalo sa akin ni Ate Vilma. Thanks sa Bible ah!. Alam mo ba na matagal ko na gusto na may mag regalo sa akin ng Bible lalo na sa Birthday ko?. Wala lang.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

iPhone 3G

I went to Globe telecoms SM Fairview after the day iPhone3G was launch. I am expecting that the price is affordable for consumers but it is not. As far as I could remember, the price range of iPhone3G here in the Philippines is 37k-43k for Post paid, Pre paid plans, Cash basis and 0% installments are also available.

My friend Kamille Alberto bought a 16gb worth 43k cash last week Sept. 10. I ask her if the phone is worth to buy, but you know what she said? "I dont think its worth it, sayang lang.."

Product summary

The goodThe good: The Apple iPhone 3G offers critical new features including support for high-speed 3G networks, third-party applications, and expanded e-mail. Its call quality is improved and it continues to deliver an excellent music and video experience.

The badThe bad: The iPhone 3G continues to lack some basic features that are available on even the simplest cell phone. Battery life was uneven, and the 3G connection tended to be shaky. Also, the e-mail syncing is not without its faults.

The bottom lineThe bottom line: The iPhone 3G delivers on its promises by adding critical features and sharper call quality. The iTunes App Store is pretty amazing, and the 3G support is more than welcome. Critical features still are missing, and the battery depletes quickly under heavy use, but the iPhone 3G is a big improvement over the original model.

Specifications: OS provided: Apple MacOS X; Band / mode: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900; Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0;

We were hoping that the iPhone 3G would throw in an improved camera, but we got the same 2-megapixel shooter as in the original model, although with a slight improvement in the photo quality. Colors looked natural, there was little image noise, and interior shots had enough light. The camera's white balance can't handle bright sunlight, but that's not unusual for a camera phone. See our iPhone 3G camera slide show for a full gallery of shots. Camera features remain equally minimal, and the blatant lack of multimedia messaging and video recording continue to rub us the wrong way.

The iPhone 3G has improved photo quality .

Contacts search
A search bar now appears above your contacts list. Typing in any portion of the name will take you immediately to that person.

iWork documents and PowerPoint
We haven't tried iWork documents, but we were able to view PowerPoint e-mail attachments. The attachment was rather large (1.3MB), but it didn't take very long to download. Keep in mind that as with other Office documents, the iPhone does not allow you to edit attachments.

Bulk delete and move
This works in your e-mail boxes only. In your in-box you'll see a small "edit" button at the top right-hand corner. When you press the button, a small circle will appear next to each e-mail. Touch the circle to highlight as many messages as you like and then select the "delete" or "move" options.

Scientific calculator
As Steve Jobs said in his WWDC keynote, you'll now get a scientific calculator when you turn the phone on its side. You'll see a lot more buttons that will set a mathematician's heart aflutter.

Parental controls
You now will find a "Restrictions" selection under the General tab of the main Settings menu. There you can restrict access to the Safari browser, explicit songs, YouTube, and the iTunes and iTunes App Stores. You can select as many restrictions as you like.

Choose a language.

Language support
The iPhone 3G also brings language support and typing keyboards in French, Canadian French, U.K. English, German, Japanese (QWERTY and Kana), Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Polish. You can select as many languages you want by opening the "International" selection under the General tab of the main Settings menu. For Chinese, you choose from Pinyin or a graffiti-style application for writing characters. As you enter characters, suggestions will appear to the right. To change between menus, choose from the small globe icon next to the space bar.

What else is new?
The IPhone 3G offers a host of additional new features, from the noteworthy to the trivial. For the enterprise, there's remote wipe (to erase data in case of a stolen or lost phone) and integration with Cisco IPSec VPN for remote network access. You'll also find calendar colors and a new interface for entering passwords. (Now the screen temporarily displays the last character you entered so you can verify that you haven't mistyped.) We found the new ability to take screen captures (by holding the Home button and pressing the power/sleep key) especially useful. Screenshots end up in the camera's photo gallery.

What's missing?
We've mentioned already that Apple has stubbornly left out multimedia messaging, stereo Bluetooth, and video recording. But we also wish we'd gotten a landscape keyboard for messaging, cut and paste, voice dialing, Flash support for the Web browser, tactile feedback for the touch screen and a memory card (or at least a 32GB model). Hopefully, Apple will add these features in time. True, they might also come as third-party applications, but Apple should really be the source for them. We'd also like the capability to send calendar appointments to contacts and an easier way to transfer files to the iPhone. Because there's no way to transfer them via iTunes, you'll have to e-mail files to yourself to access them on the iPhone. And even then, there's no accessible mass file storage.

Call quality
When we reviewed the original iPhone, we withheld our Editors' Choice Award largely over middling call quality because of low volume and a slight background hum. The iPhone 3G corrects most of these problems--our tests revealed louder volume and clearer audio. We also noticed that we could hear better at a variety of angles, whereas the first iPhone had a sensitive sweet spot. Also, while it was difficult to hear the original iPhone in noisy environments, we had better luck with this model. Reception didn't vary between GSM and HSDPA calls. We've heard a lot of reports that iPhone 3G users are experiencing a lot of dropped calls. Though we haven't experienced any issues on our review phone thus far, we have been on the receiving end of dropped calls while talking on a landline to an iPhone 3G owner.

We also tested the phone in a rural part of Sonoma County, California. Not surprisingly, our 3G connection was nonexistent, but we managed to keep a basic EDGE connection most of the time. We found that by turning off the 3G feature the phone stopped trying to find a high-speed connection, which resulted in a more reliable signal.

iPhone 3G also improves speakerphone calls. The phone's external speaker creates louder output, and callers said they can hear us better. Voices don't sound quite as natural, but that's typical on a speakerphone. Automated calling systems could understand us via regular or speakerphone calls. We also tested the iPhone 3G with the Aliph Jawbone 2 and enjoyed good audio quality. What's more, the handset autopairs with the Jawbone 2 so you don't need a passcode. As previously mentioned, iPhone 3G's lack of a stereo Bluetooth profile is disappointing.

The AT&T signal remained strong during much of our testing, though the 3G connection wavered in buildings. We have heard of some users complaining of poor 3G reception, even in urban areas. We noticed a few problems during our testing, specifically with the iPhone 3G's ability to switch back and forth between 3G and EDGE. The hand-off was sloppy at times, as the iPhone 3G continued trying to connect to the 3G network even when the signal was too low. But on the flip side, it was quicker about jumping back onto 3G when that network became available. According to FCC radiation tests, the iPhone 3G's highest digital SAR is 1.38 watts per kilogram.

Battery life
Apple rates the iPhone 3G's battery at 5 hours of talk time over 3G and 10 hours over AT&T's standard cellular network; 6 hours of Internet time on Wi-Fi, or 5 hours over 3G; 7 hours of video playback; 24 hours of music playback; and a standby time of 12.5 days. In our first round of testing we were able to squeeze 4.95 hours of 3G talk time and 8.75 hours talk time over EDGE. We'll continue to run further tests over the next few days.

For music and video playback, our CNET Labs testing found the iPhone 3G's battery capable of 25.5 hours of audio playback and 2.7 hours of video playback, with 3G set to active. By comparison, the first-generation iPhone achieved 31.4 hours of music playback and 6 hours of video, although it didn't have the strain of 3G to contend with. A comparable 3G multimedia phone, like the Samsung Instinct, scored only 18 hours of audio playback, but eked out an impressive 4.3 hours of video playback. We suspect further testing will show that the iPhone 3G is capable of longer video playback when its 3G connection is switched off.

Lab tests have also revealed improvements to the iPhone's file transfer speed. A single 500MB file that once took the iPhone 1.6 minutes to transfer now takes the iPhone 3G just 1.4 minutes. The same test run on the Samsung Instinct took 4.28 minutes.

Though our official lab tests aren't bad so far, real-world use will be a better judge of the iPhone 3G's endurance. And on that front, we've noticed that the iPhone 3G's battery life does seem to drop faster than on the original model, particularly while using the 3G network or GPS. That's to be expected, but we noticed that after a couple hours of use, the battery life dropped by about 30 percent. Large color displays like the iPhone's tend to be battery drainers as well, so you should expect to use more juice when you're constantly switching between applications.

Unlike the original iPhone, you cannot activate the iPhone 3G via iTunes. Instead, you will have to activate the phone and sign your new contract in either an AT&T store or an Apple store. Though we understand the motivation behind this move--AT&T is trying to ensure every iPhone sold is activated on its own network--the experience isn't as nice as sitting in the comfort of your home. Once you have your phone out of the store, you will need to sync it with your iTunes account after first downloading the latest iTunes 7.7 update (download for Windows or Mac) first. That took us a long time on the iPhone 3G's first day on sale but hopefully those glitches will subside over the next few days. If you're replacing an original iPhone, make sure you back up your data from the old iPhone first; you'll then be able to transfer it to your new handset. As before, you can sync multiple iPhones to a single iTunes account.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A birthday gift

Last week was my Birthday and I feel sad because I remember during my childhood to college years it is usual for me that someone will give me a present. Yah, I miss those years. I celebrated my birthday working at field and after that I went home early to have dinner with my family. When I got home I was surprise that my Mom prepared dinner for us! yeah! and suddenly I begun to feel happiness. Oh yeah!. My wish on my birthday? secret....

September 12 This is the day that I've been waiting for, even though I'm scared, excited and nervous to know the result of my IELTS exam held August 30, 2008 at EDSA SHANGRILA HOTEL.

A shivering morning when I woke up. I'm worried of what will be my score, but I keep on thinking in a positive way that I will pass. Before going to work a weird thing happened to me, when I am walking I feel that something is pulling my feet headed to Edsa Shrine's way to pray there solemnly. I prayed for ten minutes. When I'm at the office I quickly surf to see the result of my exam, I put in necessay information like candidate number, passport number, birthdate and date of examination. I click the search button but there's no ouput of the result.

Three hours gone by and I click again the search button!, this time! I saw my score and my face frown. I know, I didn't pass the exam. I texted my score to my father that I didn't make it, also to Miss Frances. Hayz... I am very dissapointed!. Suddenly, Miss Frances Congratulates me! haha! so I was shock! and ask her if I need to take again
the exam, She said no! and my band score 6.0 meets the qualification of my application. Yeah! I made it!. I called my father to clarify things and he was proud of me!.

When I heared the good news. I pray and thank God for giving me this wonderful gift on my birthday. I also texted my friends, family and relatives to say thank you. They are the one who prayed for me during my interview and examination day.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to this people:

Ate Vilma, Ms. Roca, Sharymar, Best Cathy Yap, Sir Jonathan (hehe kasi siya yung pumapasok tuwing sabado para mag overtime, para makapag review ako) Ms. Mylen, Sir Jun, Rhea, Jill, Lola, Uncle Sel, Parents ko, Tita ko, relatives ko at sa lahat lahat. Sana you won't stop praying for me. Nasa 20% palang ako eh. I promise I won't forget you all!

I now realize that no one can beat the gift of GOD.

He surprise me with this gift.

Three more to go and more steps to proceed.

I hope that my mission and plans will come true with the guidance of GOD.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Its my day!

September 11 pala ngayon at isa ito sa mahalagang petsa sa pagkatao ko ito rin ang petsa kung saan nangyari ang pag atake ng terorista sa WORLD TRADE CENTER 9/11, Septyembre 11 dahil sa petsang ito ako pinanganak. Happy Birthday to me!. Ang tanda ko na 25 years old na ako at wala paring naiipon para sa kinabukasan ko. Buti nalang hindi pako nakakapag-asawa at salamat dun!. Ano kaya magiging buhay ko? kung nag asawa ako ng maaga ng wala sa plano?. Marahil aasa ako sa magulang ko? Haha! yan ang nangyayari sa karamihan, tulad nalang ng kapitbahay namin asa nalang sa magulang. Sorry ah!

Kanina nagising ako ng ala una ng madaling araw, Nagdasal muna ako ng taimtim para magpasalamat sa poong may kapal sa pinagkaloob nyang buhay sa akin. Salamat pala sa mga bumati na sa akin sa mama ko, sa friends ko sila Nova, Luz, Sharymar, Mafy, Prince, Best Cathy Yap and especially to someone. Haha!. Ayun pagkatapos nun natulog uli ako at nagising para pumasok. Same routine pa rin ako, naglakad pero this time di ako kagad nakasakay ng bus kaya ang sinakyan ko ay jeep muna bago ako nag bus. Pagkasakay ko ng bus ay tumawag ang isang friend ko, she greeted me.

Pagkababa ko ng bus ay dumaan muna ako sa EDSA SHRINE para magdasal. Pagkatapos nun ay dumiretso na ako sa office at nag withdraw nang pera na nagkakahalaga ng 200 pesos, yun nalang ang natitira sa ATM ko eh!. Naalala ko tuloy nung bata pa ako, kapag birthday ko maraming nagbibigay ng regalo sa akin pero ngaun wala na.

Pagpasok ko sa office nag testing muna ako ng server namin, at isang malas na pangyayari. Down ang server at hindi makapasok ang mga client namin sa program. Hayz.... Sana maging okay na.
Ngaun okay na as of 7:57 haha. At papunta na kami ng Binangonan.

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Sister's 10th Birthday

Yesterday, September 7, 2008 Sunday was a special day for my sister because it was her 10th Birthday. Oh gosh! it means that I'm going to add another year to my age. If you know guys, I will turn 25 this coming September 11, Haha! and I can't imagine that I'm turning 25 though I'm not look old.

Early in the morning we went to St. Peter Church at Commonwealth Ave. After that, we went to Ever Commonwealth to have our Lunch at Max's Restaurant. It will be the second time that I will treat my Family, and Its really a good feeling. When we were there, we wait to be seated first.

The manager give the menu to my Mom and when his going to give the other menu to my Dad, I get it from him. Haha! and the manager smile, maybe he knew that I'm the one whose going to pay the bill. We order one whole Chicken, Fish Fillet, Pancit Canton, Seven Rice, and four Ice tea.

My sister is very happy when she's eating. Hayz.. I love my Sister so much! even though she's stubborn sometimes however, she's brilliant like me!. Haha!. After eating, we ask Cathy (the waitress) for the bill. Aham! Aham!. Here we go. The total cost of the food we ate was P1,183.00- and I used my credit card for paying. My Mom told me that she's going to share 500.oo- haha! But I will not going to accept it!.;).

Yesterday was a gladly day, not only for me but for us.
I thank God for the Grace and Blessings he shower us everyday.
I thank him for having a family were I am now.

I am really lucky because I was born in this world eating three times a day, finished my studies, having a job, having a complete family (we're not a broken family), having our owned small house, and having a HAPPY FAMILY.

Friday, September 05, 2008

OkToBeRFeSt Na!

How to get tickets for Third Eye Blind in Manila, and how long their set is going to be. Details are at the end of the post.

Yup, you read that right, San Miguel Pale Pilsen is bringing Third Eye Blind to Manila for the grand opening of this year’s Oktoberfest. On September 5, this world renowned rock band, along with Philippine’s top bands will be gracing one of the four stages along San Miguel Avenue. San Miguel is aiming to break two Guiness records with this year’s grand Oktoberfest: the most number of people toasting, and the longest bar. Apart from the copious amounts of beer, participants can also interact with SMB’s personalities, like Efren Bata Reyes and PBA players.

hrough the years, San Miguel Oktoberfest has been enjoying strong support from the Filipinos, that the Department of Tourism now recognizes the event as a local Fiesta. Aside from the grand kick off party at the Ortigas Center, there will also simultaneous parties all over the Philippines: in Olongapo, Sta. Rosa, Lapu-lapu (Cebu) and Davao. San Miguel Oktoberfest 120 (siento bente) will span for 120 days, starting September 5, until December 2008. The kickoff party is open to the public. For only Php120, you can watch Third Eye Blind, Rivermaya, The Dawn, After Image, Rico Blanco, Pinikpikan and 35 other Pinoy bands.

San Miguel Beer is also premiering its limited edition beer, the San Miguel Oktoberfest beer. This beer is 100% malt, meaning it’s full flavored, light bodies, sweet to the taste and promises a smooth finish.

So… where will you be on September 5?

To buy tickets for Third Eye Blind and Oktoberfest 120, call 632-2226 and look for Jel. Amanda called the number and shares this info:

Apparently the General Admission ticket (P120) only gives you access to the longest bar and when I asked the employee from San Mig if you can see Third Eye Blind from there she said that it’s very far from the area. Ugh. So, if you want a really good spot you have to buy the “Gold Ticket” (or whatever it’s called) which costs P1500. Gives you access to all the areas and also a front view of 3EB playing. Purchase of tickets is in the San Miguel building itself.

Tickets can also be bought at the gates during the event proper, but I’m not sure if they would also be selling the Gold Tickets then.

Juned further explains the Gold Ticket for 3EB access:

Ticket Type: Gold Ticket
Special Viewing Section: Php 1,500.00 per head inclusive of 2 San Miguel Pale Pilsens at General Admission Section and 3 San Miguel Oktoberfest Beers & food at the Special Oktoberfest Marquee Section

Source: Dilis Media

Reader Jel shares that the Third Eye Blind will perform for at least one and a half hours, playing around 15 songs. Cameras are allowed inside, so better have those batteries charged!

Traffic rerouting will start on Thursday. The stretch of San Miguel Ave. from J. Vargas Ave. to Lourdes Drive will be closed to traffic from Sept. 3 to Sept 6, 2008. Motorists are advised to take the following routes:

Turn right at Bank Drive --- Left at SM Service road --- take north bound EDSA --- U-turn under fly-over

Go straight along J. Vargas --- turn right at north bound EDSA

Turn left at St. Francis St. --- turn right at Shaw Boulevard

Take Escriva Drive --- turn right at Exchange Road --- turn left to Jade Drive --- turn right as San Miguel Ave.

Turn left at St. Francis St. --- left at Lourdes Drive --- right at San Miguel Ave.

UPDATE (as of September 3, 2008): Here's the official release about the Oktoberfest Grand Opening tickets.

Ticket Type: General Admission (Longest Bar) Ticket
Longest Bar Venue: Php 120.00 per head inclusive of 2 San Miguel Pale Pilsens
Note! A General Admission Ticket gains entrance to the longest beer bar section along San Miguel and Julio Vargas avenues ONLY to be able to watch the events happening in any of the four (4) stages and take part in the numerous booths, games & activities in the main area. Entrances are at the intersection of Julio Vargas Avenue & St. Francis Road and intersection of San Miguel Avenue & Lourdes Drive. Tickets to enter the Special Viewing Section for the ThirdEyeBlind concert and Special Oktoberfest Marquee sections are sold separately.

Ticket Type: Special Oktoberfest Marquee Ticket
Oktoberfest Beer Marquee: Php 300.00 per head inclusive of 3 San Miguel Oktoberfest Beers & food
Note!: A Special Oktoberfest Marquee Ticket gains entrance to the air-conditioned tent and longest beer bar section along San Miguel and Julio Vargas avenues. The Special Oktoberfest Marquee Section is located at the Open Space Parking Area along San Miguel Avenue beside Metrobank & in front of the main gate of San Miguel Corporation Head Office Complex. Tickets to enter the Special Viewing Section for the ThirdEyeBlind concert are sold separately.

Ticket Type: Gold Ticket
Special Viewing Section: Php 1,500.00 per head inclusive of 2 San Miguel Pale Pilsens at General Admission Section and 3 San Miguel Oktoberfest Beers & food at the Special Oktoberfest Marquee Section
Note!: A Gold Ticket gives access to the privilege few to a Special Viewing Section to be the closest to watch ThirdEyeBlind perform live. In addition, the Gold Ticket gives access to all other sections specifically the Special Oktoberfest Marquee with three (3) San Miguel Oktoberfest Beers plus food and the General Admission (Longest Bar) Area with two (2) San Miguel Pale Pilsens.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Year 2008 Overview

The focus for Virgo, this year, is on developing creative endeavors to better serve mankind as a whole. Your socially independent nature will attract wonderful new people into your life and you will gain more chances to expand your circle of friends. Your self-discipline will help you accomplish great things in your life.

As you passionately create, and brilliantly express, the earthy practical ideas that are abundantly flowing through you, your focus shifts to communicating your talents more publicly. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you. You enjoy organizing and monitoring fund raising events that promote fresh ideas. Changes in your personal identity will prompt you to be more engaged in self-development and participate in new physical activities.

Your home environment will be influenced by all the changes you are experiencing, and reflect the happiness you flourish with beauty and creativity. The new you may be attracting an intimate relationship that provides the nourishment you need to keep your balance in the face of change. By the end of the year, you may feel more interested in settling down and enjoying luxury and comfort it's the perfect time for passionate weekend getaways.


Of all the people I've known, this is the month that has many birthday celebrants including me.
Also when we heard September they called this BER months and this is the month were Christmas spirit begins and Beer months of October Fest will start today.

September Celebrants:

1- Ate Aida Anunciado 5- Charmee and Kristhia Satorio 6- Iza of Standard Chartered 7- Revie Marie Secondes 8- Julius Anunciado, Venz Apaap, Virgin Mary, 9- Christina and Maida Oliva 10- Kathleen Mariano, Ronald Ocenar, Marjorie De Vera 11-World trade Center, Jefford Secondes, Ferdinand Marcos 12- Richardson Lucena 16- Anna Katrina Nadal 17- Eloisa Roldan 18-Zenia Cariso 19- Avril Lavigne 22- Angie Garcia

I think I will not celebrate my birthday! Sorry guys!. I'm turning 25 this month.