Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A birthday gift

Last week was my Birthday and I feel sad because I remember during my childhood to college years it is usual for me that someone will give me a present. Yah, I miss those years. I celebrated my birthday working at field and after that I went home early to have dinner with my family. When I got home I was surprise that my Mom prepared dinner for us! yeah! and suddenly I begun to feel happiness. Oh yeah!. My wish on my birthday? secret....

September 12 This is the day that I've been waiting for, even though I'm scared, excited and nervous to know the result of my IELTS exam held August 30, 2008 at EDSA SHANGRILA HOTEL.

A shivering morning when I woke up. I'm worried of what will be my score, but I keep on thinking in a positive way that I will pass. Before going to work a weird thing happened to me, when I am walking I feel that something is pulling my feet headed to Edsa Shrine's way to pray there solemnly. I prayed for ten minutes. When I'm at the office I quickly surf www.britishcouncil.org.ph to see the result of my exam, I put in necessay information like candidate number, passport number, birthdate and date of examination. I click the search button but there's no ouput of the result.

Three hours gone by and I click again the search button!, this time! I saw my score and my face frown. I know, I didn't pass the exam. I texted my score to my father that I didn't make it, also to Miss Frances. Hayz... I am very dissapointed!. Suddenly, Miss Frances Congratulates me! haha! so I was shock! and ask her if I need to take again
the exam, She said no! and my band score 6.0 meets the qualification of my application. Yeah! I made it!. I called my father to clarify things and he was proud of me!.

When I heared the good news. I pray and thank God for giving me this wonderful gift on my birthday. I also texted my friends, family and relatives to say thank you. They are the one who prayed for me during my interview and examination day.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to this people:

Ate Vilma, Ms. Roca, Sharymar, Best Cathy Yap, Sir Jonathan (hehe kasi siya yung pumapasok tuwing sabado para mag overtime, para makapag review ako) Ms. Mylen, Sir Jun, Rhea, Jill, Lola, Uncle Sel, Parents ko, Tita ko, relatives ko at sa lahat lahat. Sana you won't stop praying for me. Nasa 20% palang ako eh. I promise I won't forget you all!

I now realize that no one can beat the gift of GOD.

He surprise me with this gift.

Three more to go and more steps to proceed.

I hope that my mission and plans will come true with the guidance of GOD.

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