Monday, September 08, 2008

My Sister's 10th Birthday

Yesterday, September 7, 2008 Sunday was a special day for my sister because it was her 10th Birthday. Oh gosh! it means that I'm going to add another year to my age. If you know guys, I will turn 25 this coming September 11, Haha! and I can't imagine that I'm turning 25 though I'm not look old.

Early in the morning we went to St. Peter Church at Commonwealth Ave. After that, we went to Ever Commonwealth to have our Lunch at Max's Restaurant. It will be the second time that I will treat my Family, and Its really a good feeling. When we were there, we wait to be seated first.

The manager give the menu to my Mom and when his going to give the other menu to my Dad, I get it from him. Haha! and the manager smile, maybe he knew that I'm the one whose going to pay the bill. We order one whole Chicken, Fish Fillet, Pancit Canton, Seven Rice, and four Ice tea.

My sister is very happy when she's eating. Hayz.. I love my Sister so much! even though she's stubborn sometimes however, she's brilliant like me!. Haha!. After eating, we ask Cathy (the waitress) for the bill. Aham! Aham!. Here we go. The total cost of the food we ate was P1,183.00- and I used my credit card for paying. My Mom told me that she's going to share 500.oo- haha! But I will not going to accept it!.;).

Yesterday was a gladly day, not only for me but for us.
I thank God for the Grace and Blessings he shower us everyday.
I thank him for having a family were I am now.

I am really lucky because I was born in this world eating three times a day, finished my studies, having a job, having a complete family (we're not a broken family), having our owned small house, and having a HAPPY FAMILY.


  1. Happy Birthday to your sis!

    Advance Happy Birthday Jefford!

    God Bless you! =)