Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Year 2008 Overview

The focus for Virgo, this year, is on developing creative endeavors to better serve mankind as a whole. Your socially independent nature will attract wonderful new people into your life and you will gain more chances to expand your circle of friends. Your self-discipline will help you accomplish great things in your life.

As you passionately create, and brilliantly express, the earthy practical ideas that are abundantly flowing through you, your focus shifts to communicating your talents more publicly. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you. You enjoy organizing and monitoring fund raising events that promote fresh ideas. Changes in your personal identity will prompt you to be more engaged in self-development and participate in new physical activities.

Your home environment will be influenced by all the changes you are experiencing, and reflect the happiness you flourish with beauty and creativity. The new you may be attracting an intimate relationship that provides the nourishment you need to keep your balance in the face of change. By the end of the year, you may feel more interested in settling down and enjoying luxury and comfort it's the perfect time for passionate weekend getaways.


Of all the people I've known, this is the month that has many birthday celebrants including me.
Also when we heard September they called this BER months and this is the month were Christmas spirit begins and Beer months of October Fest will start today.

September Celebrants:

1- Ate Aida Anunciado 5- Charmee and Kristhia Satorio 6- Iza of Standard Chartered 7- Revie Marie Secondes 8- Julius Anunciado, Venz Apaap, Virgin Mary, 9- Christina and Maida Oliva 10- Kathleen Mariano, Ronald Ocenar, Marjorie De Vera 11-World trade Center, Jefford Secondes, Ferdinand Marcos 12- Richardson Lucena 16- Anna Katrina Nadal 17- Eloisa Roldan 18-Zenia Cariso 19- Avril Lavigne 22- Angie Garcia

I think I will not celebrate my birthday! Sorry guys!. I'm turning 25 this month.

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