Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Marie Digby - Philippines

Yesterday when I 'm surfing the net at, I was shock because when I look at my Contacts wasn't there. I thought multiply's server has a problem. I click the inbox and seiyah(the admin) message me that it was deleted by multiply. Gosh, I know she was sad that time. I ask her to join my website and she did.
We both manage the website.

Hi! i got some really really bad news today.. the account is not existing anymore. deleted it and i have no idea why! they didnt even sent me warnings im so freaking mad because its pretty obvious that i put a lot of time, hard work and effort on that site. So i will be joining JEFF's site and This is a little tribute to Marié Digby to let her know how much we appreciate her and her music. If you love/like/support Marié please invite us to be your contact! If not, ignore. We want this site to be exclusively for Marié Digby supporters only. Thank you :) Much love, Jeff and Hipseiyah

We have a lot to talk about in here.. First off, for all of those who still doesnt know.. Im HIPSEIYAH (the administrator of and i will be joining JEFF (the asministrator here in his site! you might noticed that my site is not existing anymore because deleted my account and i dont know why.. That's why im thankful to be a part of this site.. We will be uploading soon some of the updates from the other site and combined it in here. Hopefully we get your support like what you have given to

2nd, i have a blog entry in the previous site that suppose to be a gift for Marié but im afraid it will not be possible anymore.. But no worries! Me and Jeff have this awesome idea that we need your 100% support!
DO YOU WANT MARIE' DIGBY TO GO TO THE PHILIPPINES? WELL DEMAND IT! We have this crazy idea that make a short video of yourself with 'ONE SENTENCE STATEMENT WHY MARIE' SHOULD GO TO THE PHILIPPINES' then we will compile it all. What do you think? We will post it everywhere so that everyone will be able to watch it and hopefully to Marié and her label! We gotta show some love for Marié right?

for the video of DEMAND IT! you can send it to:




much love,
- Jeff and Hipseiyah - - we decided to upgrade in PREMIUM ACCOUNT

Thank you Seiyah!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I miss.. I miss.. I miss singing my compositions.. I miss playing my guitar.. Its been a long time since my last composition "running water". I have a new desktop pc core 2 duo, and that is the reason why I bought it, to record my songs and also learn to program. I'm thinking to record all my songs, arrange, collaborate to someone and submit it to Warner Music Philippines (beside our office). Hahaha. Why not? try lang naman eh.

I want to write a new song, but I don't know where to begin again.

Friday, October 17, 2008

ARMOUR BEARER - Kitchie Nadal

Another Kitchie Nadal Song - Armour Bearer

THE WORD: +2.25 points

1 Samuel 14:6~7: Jonathan said to his young armor-bearer, “Come, let’s go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised fellows. Perhaps the LORD will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few.” “”Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.”

1. ARMOUR BEARER – While it is very evident that the song was birthed out from the verse above, there’s something that points me during the time of Moses and Joshua battling the Amalekites (Exo.17:8~15). Moses stand along with Aaron and Hur on top of the hill where Joshua is fighting at Rephidim. Whenever Moses lowered his hands, the Israelites lose the fight, but if his hands were held high, the Israelite wins. Realizing this, Aaron and Hur held Moses’ hands up – one on the other so that his hands remained steady until sunset. Likewise, priests and frontrunners, like Moses and Joshua, need armour bearers by their side to battle the spiritual darkness which is “ready to kill, steal, and devour”. Those in the frontlines of conveying the Absolute Truth are very much prone to the attacks of satan and all of God’s generals had proved this (some even fell into satan’s trap). If not for those people working behind them – intercessors, lay workers, planners, advisers, volunteers, etc., that “priest” cannot stand the arrows of the enemy. These people working behind are SUPER SHIELDS by which the enemy can’t penetrate.

2. BEAUTY FROM THE ASHES – Oh, what an exquisite description for our intercessors! (Isaiah 61:3). It is also imperative to grasp this wonderful description (that looking on myself filled with filth), I was raised to beauty from the ashes!

3. BLOOD OF THE LAMB – Our testimony are being sealed by the blood of our Redeemer. Best weapons to defeat the “accuser” were highlighted: blood of the lamb and word of testimony (Rev.12:10~11). What can be more effective than that? It has been revealed! It was so perfect for the bridge!

Those 3 major phrases were weaved beautifully which formed a solid point. Each phrase supported each other and the message was conveyed. Great songwriting!

THE SOUND: +2.2 points

The intro is catchy, as other reviewers say it: “jungle-sound” or ethereal. I am not good in identifying those types of music but am sure that the music and arrangement is great. It is a good thing the chorus was played twice after every verse so that it will register to the listener. I just love it when the bridge came out – the backing vocals starting at 1:59 for the “accuser” then to “blood of the lamb” then to “testimony” is well timed and done beautifully. Using "darara...darara.." while fading graces the song's exit...

OTHERS: +0.4 points

Lyrics mumbled at the start of the song “biting back my smile and tears” and the first part of the 2nd verse “are we walking along Abel’s street…. orphan widow and innocent blood” are also incomprehensible for an ordinary ear. Kitchie need to improve on this area. There are also other songs in this album which i personally struggled to understand the lyrics.

The genuine appreciation of Kitchie to those people behind her cannot be dubbed as a buzz. I felt the sincerity and I believe she did this song for them. I would particularly point this to her good friend Barbie and Ms. Roca, her manager.
I've heard Kitchie experienced burn-out at the peak of her first self-titled album's popularity. This situation is not healthy for the frontliners/levites/priests like Kitchie. Again, the enemy is always ready to devour, and armour bearers are much needed behind who will lift,strengthen, and protect those in the frontlines.
We may not be a personal friend of Kitchie but let's remember that her music was made to bless us. Likewise, we can also bless Kitchie by praying for her - its better to give than to receive after all. She might not recognize us for this feat, but G
od does...


Note: Copyright pictures by Mari ArQuiza used with permission.

Armour Bearer Lyrics
Kitchie Nadal
Album: Love Letter

biting back my smile and tears
waiting for the fireworks
counting backwards 6 5 4 3 2 1
darkness can't be as reassuring as this

by many or by few
do what you have in mind

i'm with you heart and soul

by many or by few
i'm your armour bearer
i'm with you heart and soul

are we walking along abels street
chasing each other's polarities
orphan widow and innocent blood
oh we were raised, we were raised, we were raised
beauty from the ashes

by many or by few
do what you have in mind
i'm with you heart and soul

by many or by few
i'm your armour bearer
i'm with you heart and soul

for the accuser
day and night has been hurled down
by the blood of the Lamb
and the word of our testimony
we did not love our life as to shrink from death

by many or by few
do what you have in mind
i'm with you heart and soul

by many or by few
i'm your armour bearer
i'm with you heart and soul

i'm with you heart and soul

Credit to ate Vilma the review

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Highway - Kitchie Nadal

I want to share this wonderful, inspiring and spiritual song of Kitchie Nadal. It makes me feel relax, peace and comfortable. Well, Almost of the tracks on her latest album are unique and simply the best. The way the lyrics knocking everyones body, soul and spirit to accept God in our life.

Below is the Highway Video: Please read the review and lyrics, and you will see what I mean!.


THE WORD: +2.25 points

The Bible’s truths and Kitchie’s poetry mixed, indeed, these two major ingredients assured healthy music that can be fed to every ear and soul!

1. THE TRUTH OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT (Verse 1) – Where there is darkness, light can be found. We are living in this world full of darkness, and unless we keep watch, pray, and earnestly seek the Light, we can be swayed easily into temptation. Everytime I play this song, I remember the verse Kitchie wrote in my Kitchie Nadal CD – Matthew 26:41. We can only battle the darkness by shedding light into the dark areas of our lives. As we keep watch and pray, satan’s schemes to kill, steal, and destroy will never overpower us…

2. THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH: JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY (Chorus) – No other way to heaven, but through ONE name ONLY – JESUS, our Savior. Quoting John 14:6 as the basis, salvation cannot be achieved through good works so that no one can boast about it (Eph.2:8~9). I most love the phrase “apart from you are roads downhill”… boy, how can you top that? Soooo rightfully true!

3. THE POETRY OF KITCHIE NADAL (Verse 2) – Kitchie amazes me with her excellent writing skills! She applies her poetic stance without compromise. This verse proclaims the greatness of God’s marvelous creation. The wide open space, planes, thunderstorms, the rain – notice how she described them! Speaking of a true artist – excellent!

4. THE TRUTH OF BEING SECURE (Bridge) - Psalms 91 is one of my favorite chapters and in fact I memorized it because it is rich with God’s promises of assurance, protection, and security. God cannot lie, He does what He promises. There is no safer place than in the presence of God – Kitchie had reiterated this statement in Walk On Water and its proven!

THE SOUND: +2.2 points

The musical arrangement is properly managed. The intro can easily catch an ear with the addition of unordinary sounds. Those unordinary sounds had not been heard from the previous album, proving Kitchie’s claim that she evolved as an artist. The progression went well from the short and catchy intro then Kitchie’s voice appearing at 0:16 was magnified as it took the lead all through out..

I have realized that Kitchie’s voice is very much unique and real good. For the past album, I must admit that her voice to me is average but yes, still unique. Good voice doesn’t have to be high-pitched and flowery, good voice rings in the ear of the beholder. And for this beholder, her voice is soothing my soul and got my ear’s nod.

OTHERS: +0.45 points

The song used just the right mix and not overly done. All through out, there is less distraction from the voice, almost no back-up vocals, and you can feel that the instruments were played minor to the singer – an advantage.

Mass appeal is there and the quality of the whole song is excellent lyrically and musically .


This is the album’s carrier single and was written basically for the Caltex ad. If I’m not mistaken, this was the last song written for this album and ironically, this is best done for me. I have seen the initial music video for Highway and I didn’t liked it – its low-budgeted aside from that it’s boring. The message is very much positive, there must be more life into the video so as to convey the message.Kitchie has to improve her “acting” skills also in doing music videos. Caltex need to release a good video for both parties’ gain.



Kitchie Nadal
m: Love Letter

Do you know where the light comes from?
And the darkness live?
So you can take me by the hand and lead me home when I am lost

You are the highway
Apart from you are roads downhill
You are the highest way the truth and the life
There is no other road for me

Speeding through wide open space
City cousins and the rolling planes
Chart the routes of the thunderstorms
Carve the canyons for the downpours of the rain

You are the highway
Apart from you are roads downhill
You are the highest way the truth and the life
There is no other road for me

Thousands may fall on my sides but I will drive as I read the signs
Keeping my eyes on the morning star
Turning right, I keep turning right

You are the highway
Apart from you are roads downhill
You are the highest way the truth and the life
There is no other road for me

To be safe, to be safe, to be safe
Cause I am safer here

Credit to ate Vilma the review:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sa wakas nanlibre din

Isang Biyernes ng umaga nito lamang Oktubre 10, 2008 ay nasa field work ako.
Maulan na umaga ng gumising sa akin, tinanghali ako ng gising dahil sa lamig ay masarap matulog.

Pagdating sa express way tila bagang hindi na umaandar ang sinasakyan kong bus sa loob ng bente minutos. Hayz.. at last umandar din siya.

Pagdating ko sa aming cliente ay inayos ko kagad ang problema, subalit datapwa't ay medyo nahirapan ako dahil ang mga kompyuter nila ay mga luma na at medyo hindi na maaasahan. Sa tulong nang aking kakayahan at pananalig sa itaas ay na solusyunan ko.

Nang ako ay papauwi na, umuulan pa rin. Sumakay ako ng Jayross bus sa Coastal Road. Aba, kaunti lang ang pasahero ang lulan nito. Umupo ako sa harap at nagbayad ng pamasahe ko na nagkakahalaga ng anim na put anim.

Nasa bandang makati na ako ng biglang mag text ang aking kaibigang si Prince, Tinatanong nya kung nasaan ako dahil nasa Megamall daw siya. Sabi ko sa kanya ay nasa field ako pauwi na. Tinext ko kagad si Rommel kung may lakad ba, dahil nag text sa akin si Prince. Sabi ni Rommel mag kita daw kami at manlilibre siya dahil kaarawan nya sa darating na Oktubre 15.
Nagplano na magkikita sa SM Megamall.
Pero may isang problema, ako ay nakapagbayad na ng pamasahe.

Tinawag ko ang konduktor ng maayos at kinausap na sa Megamall nalang ako bababa. Pumayag naman ito kahit may alinlangan, dahil malayo na ang serial number ng ticket ko sa ticket nya. Kaya ang ginawa nya ay pinagpalit nya ang ticket ko sa ticket ng iba, Para lumapit ang serial number.
Salamat sa konduktor.

Pagdating ko ng SM Megamall ay nagkita kami ni prince sa CYBERZONE at dumiretso sa ST.Francis para kumain muna ng pika pika. Nag tokneneng kami sa itaas at doon ay may tumutugtog ng piano isang babaeng intsik at sumunod ay si lolo.

Ang galing nila at ako'y namangha sa kanilang performance. Frustrated pianist kasi ako, Alam ko kumapa nga piyesa sa pamamagitan lamang nag pakikinig. May alam naman ako kahit papano, Ung CANOND D sa my Sassy girl subalit ngayon ay limot kona. Alam ko rin mga chords sa piano, pero ngaun limot ko na din.

Pagkatapos namin kumain ay bumili muna kami ng CD at saka naman dumating si ROMMEL. BUmalik uli kami ng SM MEGAMALL para makapag isip kung saan kami kakain, ang una naming pinuntahan ay sa food court Lydias Lechon, sumunod ay TOKYO TOKYO, at sa CHEF DONATELLO na naisipan naming kumain dahil inaya kami ni Leah sa promo nilang 444.00 busog ka na.

Umorder na kami ng pagkain, at biniro namin si ROMMEL na sa wakas after TWO YEARS nanlibre ka na!. Hehe, Wag ka magagalit mhel, heheh. Habang hinihintay namin ang order ay nagkuwentuhan muna kami.

Kami ay busog na busog dahil masarap ang pagkain lalo na ang baby back ribs.
Ang problema lang na napansin ko ay mabagal ang kanilang service, pero approachable naman lahat ng crew members.

Nang ilalapag na ang Black forest cake, ay biniro ko ang manager nila na kung pwede makihingi ng candle. Si rommel ay sinampal ako, hahha! kasi nahihiya siya, Pero alam ko biro lang ung sampal nya. HIndi kagad kami tumayo sa kinauupuan namin dahil sa sobrang busog nga. Nang paalis na kami ay tinawag ko si Leah at nakiusap kung pwede kami kunan ng litrato as remembrance. Hihi..

Happy 25th Birthday Rommel Fermo!. Kampay!