Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov. 15, Perfect day!

November 15: It was really a tiring day for me and I am happy because........

I wake up 9:00 a.m. and still I want to sleep, because the night before that day, we drink two bottles of beer and I think it's not enough. I still want another two bottles that night.

1:00 p.m.: I meet my friend at Gateway. We ate lunch and stroll around Araneta Center.
3:30p.m. I accompanied her going to bus terminal.

4:oo p.m.: This was the time I ride a bus going to SUCAT Paranaque to meet SEIYAH and SHIN. I arrived there at Mcdonald's 5:30 and I know I'm too early as usual. Seiyah arrived at 6.15pm and Shin 6:45 with her manager Kim. If you guys don't know, Seiyah is the one whose helping me with the site while Shin is the one who compose the song APPRECIATED dedicated to Marie Digby, and we recorded that song at SEIYAH'S house. The compose will be the background song of our surprise to Marie Digby. We finished around 10:00p.m. , Shin, Kim and me leave at 10:10 p.m., when we we're there at Lawton we separate ways. While I'm on the road Seiyah texted me that our banner is already in Marie Digby's website. Until I got home, I rush in my room to open may computer and see the website. OMG! It is really true. I think I'm only dreaming that time. Me and seiyah can't explain the way we feel. Only one thing we know, It was one of our happiest day being a MD fan.

I'm really overwhelmed the way Marie' Digby message me this :

"Jefford - it's all so beautiful. I am really moved by the site... thank you so much. You guys are the best and I am so lucky to have people that care so much about the music I create! I am making the most amazing next album... ( i hope that's not a bad thing to say ! lol) I just hope everyone really loves it. It's quite different but it's still me .. just different sounds.. Thank you again !"


hello there! yes you heard that right! this is the happiest day of ourlives! you gotta check out Marié Digby's myspace.. the banner of our Fan Site is under 'INFLUENCES'. You guys have no idea how much we put a lot of time and hard work here and it totally paid off and kept us to be more motivated in this site and dedicated to our inspiration Marié Digby.. Thank you to all for making this possible.. we cant reach this far without you, our fellow MD fans.. oh well, this is just the beginning right? lol and Thank You Marié for appreciating it all! We all love you here from your Multiply Fans! congratulations and cheers for all of us! much love, seiyah and jeff

Nov. 15 was really a perfect day because:

1.)Me, Seiyah and Shin finally meet to record the song.
2.)The banner has been posted in Marie Digby's website.
3.)Marie' posted a new video with her song STOP ME.

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