Sunday, January 04, 2009

First time

Yesterday was a cold beautiful morning, The sun's up while I pick myself up preparing. I decide not to take tricycle to save fare, so I walk as I usually do. While I'm walking, I suddenly imagined what is going to happen to me this year. I'm worried because of this global crisis happening, it affects my application overseas, I hope this year the financial crisis will gone.

Where are we?, I'm going to meet my friends at Mcdonalds commonwealth. I know I will be late, but I am surprise when there was
a car headed towards me and it stopped. oh! it's my neighbor, then they ask me to hitch in then they drop me off to commonwealth avenue. YES! I did save fare for free.

I know I am late, but it always happen that I'm the one who arrived first. I've waited for 30 minutes and one by one they came, Prince and Rommel. We had our breakfast then we went to SM MALL OF ASIA. Take note, Rommel will experience his first time in SM MOA (lol). We take pictures, stroll, eat, watch the ice kates and this is also my first time to be in the bay eating with my friends while watching the sun. Hayz.. It is really a stress relieving.. Unfortunately we didn't see the sunset because it was cloudy, better luck next time.

We leave around 5:45pm and we decide to attend mass at Baclaran Church! take note! it was my first time to attend a full mass there!. After that, we stroll to look for DVD and Jacket.

Prince first time experience also happened yesterday to taste the food in LYDIA's Lechon restaurant (my first time also).

Our first time happened yesterday! and We have so much fun! it was a blessed day.

I hope it will not be the first and the last.

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