Friday, March 20, 2009

Second Home - Marié Digby

Second Home - Marié Digby (Out Now)

From her 1st revival of "KOREWA" and now this 12 tracks from her second home album, Definitely Marié Digby captured all the songs right! performed (live) right! using vocal processor and revived it amazingly! although I can't understand all it say. The songs are truly good because she added some spice and different genre without changing the whole song. This shows that Marie Digby is really a gifted and talented Musician with a humble heart.

One of my favorite track is "Cherry - Spitz" .. I like the introduction of the song and the melow beat that reminds me of "THINGS I'LL NEVER SAY" by Avril Lavigne. Everytime I hear the song it made me feel relax and comfortable. Aishiteru....... blah blah...

Mabuhay Marié!. I have a vision that "Breathing underwater", the bubbles might come up and pop!.

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