Friday, August 28, 2009

great news....

I checked our digbyholics email, when someone sent us this message.

My name is Nalea J. Ko. I am a reporter with the Pacific Citizen newspaper, a national Asian American publication. I interviewed Marié Digby by phone last week for a feature article in our publication. I would very much like to include a quote from a Digbyholic. Are you available to speak with me this week? My deadline is Friday, Aug. 28. If it is more convenient, I can forward questions via e-mail. Please let me know.

As of now I'm still waiting for the questions to be answered by the admins of digbyholics. Wow! I can't believe this is happening. But I think it won't happen because of the deadline.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dreams beyond my limits

Hi Guys! I would like to announce my very first HIGH DEFINITION FILM!. Well, I only using CASIO 8.2 MEGAPIXEL Z80 DIGITAL CAMERA but I assure you its a good quality specially in video recording and now Its time to go out with my skin and planning to buy a new one this time a CANON BRAND! ZR900, TX10 or IXUS.. I want to learn more specially in FILM MAKING, VIDEO EDITING, SOUND and many more. This is what I love to do! I hope I can make my 2nd video blogging or documentary. I think my next project will be a MV again (ANTUKIN of Rico Blanco).

This is one of my few dreams:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marié Digby (Feel)

I sing this song when someone doesn't show time for me. As if I am not existing to this world. This song is full of emotions!..

Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls
Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before
Are your really there? Are you made of stone?
Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone

Are you alive, don't you feel, feel, feel?
Show me you're here, show me your tears
Don't you feel, feel, feel, feel?
Show me, hold me, speak up and tell me something
Change my mind before it's too late
Are you alive, show me you're human
Can't you feel, feel, feel, feel?

Seems like you're stuck in a daze, slipping away, away
I'm sick of trying to reach you, can't you say what's on your mind
Baby we're losing the race to far behind, behind
Tell me that I'm not the only one who can try, who can fight the wall

Are you alive, don't you feel, feel, feel?
Show me you're here, show me your tears
Don't you feel, feel, feel, feel?
Show me, hold me, speak up and tell me something
Change my mind before it's too late
Are you alive, show me you're human
Can't you feel, feel, feel, feel?

Sometimes the words they don't get through
What really speaks is what you do
Open up, let me inside, just wanna find you

Are you alive, are you, are you?
Show me you're here, show me your tears
Don't you feel, feel, feel, feel?
Show me, hold me, speak up and tell me something
Change my mind before it's too late
Are you alive, show me you're human
Can't you feel, feel, feel, feel?

Whoa, wake up, are you dead?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marié Digby (Digbyholics got talent episode 1)

Well, we are bored yesterday evening at Jaymie’s crib when something came out on my mind then shared it to them, Luckily they show willingness.

Doing some craziness of Say it Again. We hope you’ll like it.

Monday, August 03, 2009

A dream come true, meeting Marié Digby

A dream to reality
Summing up this one week experience was hard because every second was a memorable moment, every second counts, closing your eyes will missed a part of it. I can't cure this MDD as we called it a MARIé DIGBY DISORDER!. Well, I'm lucky to have it! so let's start my lunacy story.

I declared a digbyholic week last week here in PH, sorry guys that's my only power I can't declare a non-working holiday..LOL.
First stopped of Marié Digby the PODIUM here in ORTIGAS, early morning I can't control my excitement because this is the day that I've been waiting for. Before going to the PODIUM, I make things ready for 1 hour! Prepare the gifts for her. Print the MD ARMY PIC., buy Photo Frame, the Digbyholics shirt, paper bag and exclusive Digbyholics DVD.
When I'm already there with Ayes, I texted all the digybholics who leave their number on email, I met a lot of them Jay, JJOE, TERE, NHANIE, MITCHY, JP MANAHAN, JOWN, CARLO, JUDE , jown and jackie. Sorry, for those I forgot to mention. The show started at 5pm and when the emcee's announced her name my hand was shaking and stunned by her beauty! OH MAN!. I had a meet and greet session with her. Please watch the video below.

Before the show, awful experience happened to us because I forgot to separate Ayes 3 CD 's from the Paper bag we gave to marié. haha!. But I think it is meant to be! Right Ayes?. lol.

Day two before the concert, AYES TEXTED me this great news! from CHOY of MCA UNIVERSAL.
hi ayes! this is Choy from MCA music.. lunch with Marié on Sunday 1pm at EDSA Shangrila Hotel. You and Jeff can bring one person each :) see you there!

BTW! on The Podium event Miss Choy got AYES number and we never expected she's really serious about it of texting.

10am I went to SM to picked up the money sent by my Co Admin Vince via WESTERN UNION take note it will be my first time using this kind of service. If you don't know guys, he sent money for me to buy a ticket for ROX's. Some guys chip in (uly, ken, jaymie and me). A day before the concert I talked to Roxy's Mom to allow her to watched the concert and I succeed!. That's what you call the MD FAMILY as Marié said.

8pm concert venue: it was raining tough though the rain can't stop us from coming there! as we experienced traffic down the metro, loud music were playing inside JJoe's car actually we took video of it "AVALANCHE" and "CRAZIER THINGS". When we're already at the venue, we waited for ROXY and to our special balikbayan guest (co-admin) Jaymie! she flew here just to watch Marie Digby's concert.. We cover the arrival of Jaymie on the concert venue. LOL!

When I was inside the venue It feels like I'm totally dreaming. This is it, I've been dreaming to see her performs live!. As Ayes said: "There were exclusive VIP tables in front which celebrities and high profile people are seated who's just there to get drunk. No wonder why Marié went off the stage and joins the crowd and held so many hands!" which is really true!. We seated center left row E1,E2 and E5, Jaymie is right beside me. While she was singing "I was thinking that this girl is really amazing singing her heart infront of us specially the UNFOLD songs which is my second Favorite" I have goosebumps every song she sing. After the concert, its the MEET and AUTOGRAPH SIGNING SESSION where I had to thank my fellow DIGBYHOLICS TERE, NHANIE, CARLO and MICHAEL YAP. They told us that we have to buy the album to get a special meet and greet after the show!. Actually there were 12 wrist bands left! and lucky we are able to have some. While we're on the long line! I gave ayes the DIGBYHOLICS shirt!. YO! we are the admin of DIGBYHOLICS! proud proud. It was an awesome experience because we meet a lot of new people that loves MARIE DIGBY!, You'll be surprise cause someone you don't know will let introduce their self to you. Like this one "Are you Jeff? the moderator of Digbyholics? Yes I am, I'm with Ayes my co-admin. Then the conversation starts" same question ask "How do this group formed?". HAha.. After The signing we had a late dinner? or should I call it early breakfast?. LOL!.

Day 3: 1pm lunch but it was moved to 2pm because marié has to attend the SOP show. We where there early at quarter to two! and Ms. Choy approached us. When Marié Digby arrives, She seated beside AYES, Marie was infront of me. So, I wasn't able to talked that much!.. We talked about a lot, and I'm not gonna tell them all! specially the classified part. HAHA! right Jaymie?.

CONVERSATIONS that I won't forget (not detailed)..

Marie asked everyone, what is your favorite song on the album:
Jeff: AVALANCHE and CRAZIER things... I knew Marié didn't heard when I said crazier things.
Marie: What was that again?

So what I did was! I sung some lines of the song! right in front of her!. Then She brought out her camera making a joke that she will record it and going to post it on YOUTUBE! OMG!.

Marié asked everyone's age:
Jeff: Do you know how old I am?
Marié: Mmmm... 19?
Jeff: It was very flattering..... then I told her that we have the same age..

Marié ask everyone's birthday:
Jeff: September 11, 1983
Marié: oh my God I won't forget your birthday.

Marie was surprise to see my PINK DIGICAM...

By the way we have the same brand of Digital Camera "CASIO".

I have so much to say! I Can't express all the feelings that I'd experience!. After the LUNCH thing, I was on the bus and reminiscing all the MD experience and slowly tear fells down. So many emotions! Happy Because it was a dream come true, all hard works paid off and I am not regreting of anything, I'm not gonna stop supporting Marié till I get old I'll never get tired!. I'm sad because I'm going to miss her, We're gonna miss her all..

She's an inspiration to me who turns me in a positive way of thinking... Her songs will always reminds me that once in my life, a named MARIé DIGBY made a part of my life.

WE LOVE YOU ALL MARIé DIGBY!. Hope to see you soon again...

Ayes and I, didn't expect that we made up this far.... DREAM CAME TRUE!

Thanks Miss. Choy and Roland of MCA UNIVERSAL and the guy from hollywood records.