Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Marie Digby's thought about Music Piracy

Another work.....

Hey folks, so Marie had her first webcast last Sept. 7 on Facebook and as we all know Marie as a super nice and fun woman, unexpectedly got too emotional when she talks about putting so much heart and love to her new album Breathing Underwater.

We had this little interview when we met Marie Digby.. This is a video not just to support Marie Digby by buying the album but a message for all of the people to realize how much love and soul a musician they put in every song that they write and perform.

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for more information about Marie Digby visit our fansite,

Breathing Underwater available now in MP3s for only $2.99 and available anywhere on Sept. 15! GO AND BUY IT. SHOW SOME LOVE!

Credits for video editing: Jude & Jeff Description by: Ayes

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