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Computers for photographers - recommended specifications

This is a guide with recommended computer specifications for photographers who are using certain types of cameras. It's in relation to another article about computers being "fast enough".

Grammer is probably horrible, spelling too. Just thought I'd post in case it was any use to anyone here.

Computers for photographers - recommended specifications

Most photographers today who shoot with entry level or midrange Digital SLRs will find that their home computers for the most part can handle editing their snaps fairly well, perhaps with some even being quite snappy. For semi-pro or pro level DSLR's or digital medium format backs with pixel counts in excess of 20MP up to as high as 70MP a home computer isn't going to make much of a dent; or a scratch. Apart from this, professionals often have shorter deadlines, and do more editing in terms of complexity and quantity. The two groups have completely different requirements for computing power.

The majority of photographers, professionals or not, may consider the computer they have as "fast enough" for what they do. If they had used a much faster computer to do their editing work on they would indeed find it hard to go backwards. Obivously dependant on your camera equipment and the editing you do, there will be a point where any faster a computer adds an unnoticeable or no benifit at all. Editing in programs like Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture, effects are applied in "real-time" meaning as you make changes these changes are applied. My own definition of "real-time" is that any changes are made instantly with miliseconds of lag between me making change and the change being applied. If you want this kind of responsiveness editing JPGs from a 4MP point and shoot, any modern computer can ablige. Step up to a 10MP DSLR and you're talking some mid-range hardware. 16-24MP your talking about some pretty high end hardware for good performance (not quite instant) and for Digtal Medium Format systems, well if you can afford one of those you'll probably be able to afford the extremely expensive computer hardware needed to punch through the insane file sizes.

For the normal consumer, buying a new computer can look like a minefield; it is! There are many different components you have to consider when buying a pc, and a couple more when building one yourself. If your less interested in the ins-and-outs and just want to know what to buy, you can skip this next section. A quick foreword here, I know most of Intel and Nvidia's lineup inside out, I am not as familiar with AMD/ATI's. Although there is a good reason for recommending Nvidias cards (Cuda, PhysX, etc.) and Intel's processors (they're high end is the fastest CPU you can get). If you wish to look at benchmarks I suggest you checkhttp://www.tomshardware.com/ and look at the CPU and GPU charts.

COMPLICATED: You might want to grab some caffinated drinks and snacks for this part! Lets do a run through of the different parts:

Processor: Idealy you want the fastest processor you can afford to get, simple right? Wrong. What exactly is it that defines how fast a processor is? Most people think of the GHz rating to decide how fast a processor is but this is not the only factor in how fast the processor will be at doing certain tasks. Clock Speed (GHz), L2/L3 Cache Size (MB) are the main numbers you should be looking for. A processor at 2.6GHz with 8MB of Cache will do most things faster than a 3.6Ghz processor with 1MB of Cache. Ideally you want both these numbers as high as possible. Good numbers are around 2.4Ghz 6MB for laptops and 2.4GHz/3GHz 6-8MB for desktops. That is the simple part, where it gets more complicated is when you compare the same specifications of processor but with different processor designs. Intel for instance had their Netburst design which allowed them to reach speeds of over 3.4GHz with 4MB of Cache with Dual Core processors. However a much slower clocked Core 2 Duo even with the same amount of cache will be able to do most tasks much faster. Why? The Core 2 Duo's design is more efficient and can do more per clock cycle than the Pentium D. This is where being a photographer who doesn't read up on computers can be a problem. Plenty Pentium Dual Core (not to be confused with Penium D's) processors are out there offering high clock speeds, but have less cache and are not as fast as their Core 2 Duo counterparts. Futhermore, even processors branded as Core 2 Duo are not all equal. every so often changes are made to the chips design although only slight compared to the major shifts. Sometimes this is a shrink of the processor dye, changes in the processor stepping etc. making them more efficient and lowering temperatures generally making the chips more stable and more overclockable. The same principle applies to AMD with their different brands and generations of the same brand.

RAM: Random Access Memory does exactly what it says on the tin. It's storage that is randomly accessed, but the difference is it is accessed, VERY quickly, many many times faster than your hard disk drive, or solid state drive. This is where the programs that are running and the stuff your working on is stored for quick access, provided you have enough of it! Ram nowadays is mostly DDR2 or DDR3, although DDR2 is being phased out now with more and more motherboards supporting DDR3 only. With ram you need to look at its speed, in MHz and its latency, and obviously the type of DDR it is, 2 or 3. DDR2-800MHz CL6 / DDR3-1066Mhz is a fine speed/latency for most people but if you have the cash you could probably get DDR2-1066MHz CL6 / DDR3-1333MHz CL7. Most photoediting computers should get 4GB Ram, its a good number since its the max for 32bit OS's and you'll probably still have free ram slots left in a desktop to upgrade yourself in the future if you need to. When fitting your own ram, or given the choice, make sure it is running in Dual Channel mode if you are using two sticks of ram. This basically allows the ram to be accessed a little faster, ther performance gains arnt huge but it doesn't cost anything so why not! For Intel's Core i7 processor they have Tripple Channel where three sticks of memory are being used rather than two. This allows for an even high memory bandwidth and throughput, mainly because these processors can crunch the numbers faster and so need fed the data faster to keep going.

Graphics Card: Up until recently the graphics card was only used to accelerate 3D applications such as games, or rendering software and more recently to encode/decode video files. Adobe has versions of its Creative Suite that use the graphics cards power to help render images and improve performance in their applications. Checkwww.adobe.com for a list of compatable graphics cards since all cards will not be supported, although the majority of modern ones from NVIDIA and ATI will be supported. Most decent graphics cards range from £50 upwards with really good cards at the £130 mark (Nvidia GTX 260/275) that are very fast and are also great gaming cards. ATI's HD4XXX Series is also very good with cards such as the 4770. The amount of RAM on a graphics card isn't that important, the 1GB mark is about as much as you will need, any higher and the gains are almost 0. It is instead the memory bus you should look at, a 256bit or wider memory bus will allow more data to be pushed to the memory and taken out of it. My 2 year old 8800GTS has 640MB ram and a 320Bit memory bus and it still performs fine in most of todays games. How much help it is however in Adobe Products is unknown since I am unsure how much it helps with Lightroom 2.4 just now (if at all!) which is where the majority of my photo editing is done. Plus the fact my CPU is more than fast enough to carry the load of my photoshop work. The GT300 Chipset from Nvidia is due early 2010 along with ATI's new chips which are due to have Open GL 4 and DirectX 11 support, so if your planning an upgrade or a new computer and can hold off or at least hold off on the graphics card (using one you already have or a cheaper one for example) it would be wise to start in a new generation to get the most longevity.

Motherboard: This part is more for the DIY'ers out there. When you buy a pre-built computer you likely won't have a say in the motherboard. This means you'll have to hunt about or ask about the motherboards ports, and expansion slots, e.g. the number of USB/Firewire ports, ethernet, PCI, PCI-X, PCI-E (1,4,8 or 16x ports). You'll need to make sure you have enough if you plan on using certain RAID controller cards, wifi card, firewire cards, sound card or graphics cards. Although this will probably be fine its always a good idea to check. The other downside if you purchase a pre-build computer from brands like Dell, HP etc. most of the BIOS settings will be locked out, although this only matters if you plan on tinkering and overclocking to save a lot of money and get the same performance. This should be a valid option as overclocking now is extremely simple, change a couple of numbers and you are almost guarenteed to save yourself as much as £400-500 on a processor. My Core i7 for example went from 2.6GHz to 3.4Ghz with no problem at all and with a decent cooling solution (air) and a good motherboard You can make a £250 CPU with a £60 Cooler as fast as the £1000 CPU. Obviously not all processors are overclockable no matter how good your board is, so its a good idea to research this in-depth before buying. Decent motherboards are various prices depending on the CPU your using. Usually anything above the £100 mark should be great most of the time.

Hard Drive: Although I use this term to describe the storage solutions, this can be either Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive. Although for the most part people especially in photography who require a fair amount of storage will continue to use HDD's until the SSD's are more competitively priced at higher storage sizes (256GB+). Depending on your camera and how much shooting you do will depend on how big a hard drive you need, and indeed if you need more. Bigger the file sizes, more space you'll take up per photo, depending on whether you shoot in RAW, JPG or both will effect it massively and finally the amount you shoot. Number of edits, exports etc can also effect the amount of storage space you use, altough not as much as the other two. Hard Drive performance comes from its ability to read/write parts of the drive quickly and transfer that data to the RAM. The spin speed of the drive, measured in RPM effects this hugely. 5,400RPM in the standard for laptops, 7,200RPM for desktops, although I would recommend getting a 7,200RPM drive for a laptop as a build to order option, or fitting yourself as it improve the speed of everything, boot times, load times etc. For desktop drives 7,200 is as fast as you get without spending silly amounts of money, 10,000RPM Western Digital Raptor hard drives at 300GB or so cost a pretty penny and can't really be justified for most people. A step up again is the higher end Solid State Drives which are dropping in price every month and increasing the GB per £/$ ratio too! Although not economical just now keep an eye out for them in the next year or two. For SSDs the transfer rates are given since there is no spin speed. Anything over 100MB/s read and write is good, getting to 200MB/s is where they get very expensive but also almost instantaniously fast. The other, although stranger option is SAS, Serial Attached SCSI. Back in the day SCSI was the defacto standard for high speed hard disk storage and is still used in servers and high end workstations the world over and is a tried and tested format. Drives are normally around 15,000RPM but range from 10,000RPM to over 17,000RPM. These drives usually require special controller cards (PCI-E) to be used since the port isn't on 99.9% of consumer motherboards (go figure, its a server/high end workstation peice of equipment) but they are very fast. I personally have 4 SAS Hard Drives, and two of my 74GBs in a Raid 0 (stripe) array gets over 240MB/s read speads, faster than some of the fastest SATA SSDs! Hard drives in large sizes is not a problem these days since they are really cheap. You can get a 1TB (1000GB) hard drive with a standard 7,200RPM spin speed and a large 32MB Cache for around £60 these days from almost any of the big names. The 1.5 and 2TB drives are avaliable now but their performance might be slightly lower, significantly lower if they have a lower spin speed such as 5,400RPM, or in some cases as low as 4,200RPM! There is also RAID, A Redundent Array of Independent Disks, which basically allows multiple drives to work together, either to increase performance, reliability or both. Raid 0 (stripe) is where two drives act as one, so two 500GB drives would be a 1000GB drive but since the read/write is spread across both they can both access data at the same time. This doesn't quite equal double performance but it is certainly noticeable. Raid 1 (mirror) is where you have two drives, one is an exact copy of the other. This is great as it means your data is always backed up and if a drive goes down, simply swap it out with another and it'll rebuild. Best of all you don't need to swap another drive in to continue working, so if ordering a drive takes a while or you just don't have the funds you can continue to function (albeit it at more risk) as normal. There are other types of RAID but you can look them up on wikipedia, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID for more information on them. There are many possible setups for ideal performance and safety incase of drive failure, but a super simple way to do it is have a fast OS drive, fast scratch disk/pagefile/cache drive and two high capacity storage drive; one with your data, one as an identical backup. All of these should be at least 7,200RPM, with faster OS/Scratch disk drives where possible.

Power Supply:
Again this one only applies if your building your own computer or requesting one be custom built (Although the people building it should be to know what you need) Most of the time a good 700W Power supply will do even with a fairly beefy graphics card. 800W should enough for any single graphics card system. If its too cheap to be true, it's probably to cheap to trust powering your computer. A Good 800W PSU will run you around £65.

Simple Stuff: If you skipped most of that last part, I don't blame you. It's a lot to understand and it won't happen in a day. It is good to be educated on the subject, you'll need to be at least somewhat! Onwards to the stuff most of you will be looking for, what you should get!

Mid Range Computer: Any DSLR under 10MP

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8300 2.83GHz, 6MB Cache, 45nm
RAM: 2x2GB DDR2-800MHz / 2x2GB DD3-1066Mhz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB/9800GT 512MB
PSU: 650-700W
HDD: OS Drive, Larger Data Drives. (2 data drives, one main, one backup)

A Fast Computer: Any DSLR Under 20MP

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.6GHz, 12MB Cache, 45nm
RAM: 4x2GB DDR2-800MHz / 4x2GB DD3-1066Mhz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTS250/GTX260 (1GB)
PSU: 700W-800W
HDD: OS Drive, One Scratch Disk Drive, Larger Data Drives. (2 data drives, one main, one backup)


CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.6GHz Hyperthreaded (8 Threads) 8MB Cachce 45nm [overclock to 3.2GHz]
RAM: 3x2GB DD3-1333Mhz/3x4GB DDR3-1066Mhz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX260/280 (1GB)
PSU: 800W-900W
HDD: FAST OS Drive, FAST Scratch Disk Drive, Larger Data Drives. (2 data drives, one main, one backup)

Silly: You work with 30MP+ Medium Format Systems

CPU: Dual CPU - Intel Xeon W5580 3.2GHz Hyperthreaded (2 CPUs, 8 Cores, 16 Threads)
RAM: 4 or 6 x 4GB DDR3-1066MHz FB-DIMM
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 285/295 or a Good Nvidia Quadro/ ATI FireGL (workstation cards)
PSU: 1200W+
HDD: 2xSSD OS Drive Raid 0, 2xSSDs in Raid 0 Scratch Disk, Larger Data Drives in RAID 5 with external backup.

Most of you will do fine with the Mid Range Computer. It'll probably do things like the D300 and 50D fine but with large image libraries and RAW workflows it may slow down a little on the midrange and for future proofing its better to go with the "Fast Computer" since the full potential isn't being unlocked yet, so with improvements to the applications using more multi threading and graphics cards power you'll see improvements without any hardware upgrades! The people who shoot the 20-30MP DSLR's are probably using much lesser systems than they should. For a fast and efficient workflow, that kind of hardware is really needed. People who shoot the Medium Format backs probably pay someone to know what kind of computer they need, so its not much good to us, needless to say it would eat my 5DMkII for breakfast!

I hope that wasn't too much for you to digest, I know its a lot of numbers and specifications being thrown about but thats what computers are! There is much more detail that could have been gone into believe it or not but I feel that should be enough for most people. If you are struggling to understand, post in the comments or look at sites such as www.tomshardware.com, www.bitech.com, www.hardocp.com and so on who do great reviews of computers, pre built and equipment. Also I know I havn't spoken about laptops much in this, mainly because I feel strongly that unless it is totally needed, a laptop should never be the primary workstation. High end laptops cost a lot of money £2000+ and the battery life is generally very poor. Plus we are in the middle of a transition with laptops with the graphics, and processors about to change dramatically to new designs making them much more power efficient and faster than the current generations.

source: cameralabs.com

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Video Ga-ga

Coffee, Tea...Or Gaga? Flight Attendants Safety-Dance To Pop Hits

Airlines are slashing amenities left and right these days--legroom, blankets, check-on baggage allotments, peanuts, and free meals are now pretty hard to come by in the not-so-friendly skies--but luckily the Philippines' Cebu Pacific Airlines hasn't cut back on its in-flight entertainment, judging by a new viral video currently flying around the Interweb faster than a Concord.

In the cute and funny clip, Cebu flight attendants choreograph what would otherwise be a dull safety demonstration to pop hits by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. The smiling stewardesses demonstrate proper seatbelt-fastening techniques and life-vest deployment to Gaga's "Just Dance," then show off their coordinated oxygen-mask-fastening skills and point out the nearest exits while shimmying in their retro-mod orange uniforms to "California Gurls."

Yes, apparently electronic devices are still forbidden on flights, but electronic music is perfectly fine. In fact, with the monotonic, Max Headroom-esque voice reciting Cebu's safety instructions on top of the Lady and Katy songs, the effect is like one cool techno mashup. We wouldn't be surprised if clever DJs start spinning the "Cebu Megamix" in Philippines airport lounges pretty soon.

Obviously this clip makes for a better Cebu advertisement than any legitimate big-budget commercial could ever provide. Which begs the question: Was this video planted online by Cebu? Quite possibly.

Case in point: The amused passenger who uploaded this onto YouTube, "wingco1129," only joined YouTube yesterday (the day this clip was apparently shot), and has no other videos on his/her YouTube channel. Additionally, winco1129's description accompanying the video says [sic], "something interesting happened on my Cebu pacific flight this afternoon. the FAs suddenly burst into a dance!!! that was soooo cooool!!!" But if wingco was really so surprised (assuming he/she is not a frequent Cebu flier)...then how did he/she know to have the camera at the ready and to hit recordright when the first notes of "Just Dance" were played? Huh?

So yes, this was probably staged. But if so...who cares? Clearly the marketing execs over at Cebu are geniuses. And beside, these attendants are actually getting passengers to pay attention to safety demonstrations for once, and they're making the skies just a little friendlier (and funkier). So everyone wins.

Courtesy of: Posted Fri Oct 1, 2010 11:19am PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Video Ga Ga Yahoo.com

Movie treat from Tim Yap

September 30, 2010 - My friend Ayes invited us on this event at NEW PORT CINEMA -RESORT WORLD MANILA..

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Marié Digby at Kollaboration

video credit: ALBERT

Marié Digby performing at Kollaboration in California!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


From: MarieDigby | June 30, 2010 | 302 views
Here's a preview of 'Breathing Underwater' the movie which is coming out in episodes on ...
The episodes will begin airing on Thursday, July 1st !!

This movie is loosely based on what I went through during the making of my album and why I was inspired to write the songs which are on Breathing Underwater. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek ;)

Source: www.youtube.com/mariedigby

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Right Once

Right Once from Jeff Secondes on Vimeo.

Before I met you. I have been searching, trying to find the missing pieces to complete me, I always pray every single day knowing that there's someone who will love me as I am. No matter what our journey ends. My love begins when I closely close my eyes on you.

The very first day that I can't forget the way my heart melts when she smiled as she glance my way. It is the look that need no words at all.. I rushed to their place just to see her, that's all it takes to feel the magic.

Am I in love?. Yes it already happened..
I just can't get over with this feeling..
Every time passes by I'm badly missing you...
Will you accept my love right now?
I guess probably not, cause you're not ready yet..
You are a part of me now... I'm just here waiting...
Waiting for your love...



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"Please bear in mind that my intention for you is sincere. this is not just a game for me because you're already a part of me now. and you are really precious to my life".

'Hndi naman kina minamadali, i just want to know the truth. u know u have my full respect. u can get watever u want, just please be honest'.

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Sasaluhin nya ba ako?

Magandang umaga mga readers, kay ate Giselle, kay Marvin, Mmmm.. Sino pa ba? wala na yata kasi silang dalawa lang ang alam kong masugid na taga subaybay ng aking blog.

Nakilala ko si JL when we went sa office nila to fixed something hangga't sa nagkuwentuhan at kinuha ko cell# niya. We had lunch together with the other employees, ayun kwentuhan then one of her officemates may dalang dslr camera and keep pointing and shoot.

From there hanggang sa makauwi ako ng bahay we keep texting, texting, to the point na we're talking na sa cellfone, I told her na I like her and she likes me too. To shorten the story, everyday single day that passes by na dedevelop ang feelings ko sa kanya and I think I'm fallin in love with her. Parang masyadong mabilis at ayaw kong madaliin ang lahat kung baga sa kanta 'let's take it slow'. I asked her once what if I fall for you will you catch me or let me fall in the ground and feel the pain? and she answered yes I'll catch you. Everything goes well with us kung baga mutual understanding.

I'm happy at this moment of my life. I'm hoping and praying that this time she's the woman na matagal ko ng hinihintay. Come what may, she don't have any idea how much I care for her, how much I'm missing her specially when she's not texting me. Kung nababasa man nya ito ngayon, mmm.. masaya ako dahil dumating ka sa buhay ko.. mwuah!.

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Isang karanasan na ma interivew si "SAM PINTO"

Maybe some of you are asking kung bakit at papaano ko na interview si SAM PINTO?. It all begun being a SAMISTAS with Nhanhie Yu. Si Nhanhie ay isang digbyholics(Marie Digby's number 1 fans 'www.digbyholics.com') dun ko siya nakilala, our friendship started there.

On twitter.com laging kong nakikita na ka tweet nya si SAM PINTO. I asked nhanhie kung may website na ung SAMISTAS, sabi nya wala pa. Kaya I bought the domain samistas.com for the group without thinking twice. As days pass by sabi ko kay nhanhie na 'bakit hindi natin interviewhin si SAM?' pero nagbibiro lang talaga ako noon sabi nya ako daw mag iinterview, sabi ko naman sige. Tapos ayun seryosohan na! May 17, 2010 nangyari ang interview sa UCC MAKATI.
It was my first time to meet Sam that time and sa interview pa diba? kaya medyo kabado ako sa start ng interview ko with her.

Pero isa lang masasabi ko I had so much fun that night! sana maulit muli, gusto ko siya maka jam!.

Thank you SAM PINTO! Thank you samistas. Dami ko na mmeet na new friends kaya masaya ako sa ginagawa ko.

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Ask me anything http://formspring.me/coldsouljeff

CAPONES ISLAND ikalawang yugto

Capones Island, ang ganda ng islang ito ay malalaman mo kung mag sstay ka dito ng isang araw na para bagang ma aadapt mo ang buhay ng islang ito. Ito ang islang tumatak sa akin, masasabi kong bahagi na rin ito ng aking buhay. Hindi ko lubos maisip kung anong meron sa islang ito at kung bakit lagi kong gustong tingnan ang litrato. Kung pwede nga lang buwan buwan ay nandito ako, ay gagawin ko.

Sa lugar na ito, dito ko naramdaman ang kapayapaan sa puso ko, kapayapaan para sa sugatang puso na naghihilom pa lamang, kapayapaan para sa pag-iisip para hindi ka mabaliw sa kahit anong problema. Malayo sa problema sa ka Maynilaan, malayong malayo sa pighati ng puso ko na malimit kong nararamdaman tuwing nasa Maynila ako.

Dapat talaga sa Potipot kami pupunta kaso dahil sa kumento ng iba na hindi na tahimik doon ay nag decide nalang kami na mag Capones ulit at hindi ko iyon pinagsisisihan. Madami akong na realize dito, dito ko lahat ibinuhos ng kalungkutan at kasiyahan ko na parang wala nang bukas. Salamat sa mga kaibigan ko dahil nandyan kayo.. hehe..

Sana ang islang ito ay wag patayuan ng mga buildings, sana ma maintain ang ganda nito para maraming makinabang sa mga hinaharap pa.

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Beautiful Thursday @ Mstudio

Feb. 25 8pm EST
Feb. 26 9am Philippines

Beautiful Thursday Feb. 25 7pm No Cover

About the Director of Beautiful Jesus
Janice Y. Perez holds a Bachelors degree in Accountancy from University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines. She has worked in Accounting in the private and non-profit sectors for the last seven years in New York. In 2006, she bought a consumer-ready DV camera and shot a short documentary in Cebu without any prior knowhow of filmmaking. Later that year, she completed a 16mm Filmmaking course at the New York Film Academy. She has worked with the Tribeca Int’l Film Festival, the NY Latino Film Festival, the South Bronx Film Festival, and many others, and at the IFP Film Week Programs from 2006-2009. Along with 3 good friends, she founded the IndioBravo Film Foundation, the pioneering Filipino film festival in New York.

In November 2008, she completed shooting a short film project she co-wrote with her partner in New York, and in February of 2009, she shot in Cebu her first directorial short film project, “Sabongero (Cockfighter),” which became an official entry to the Short Film Corner of the Festival de Cannes 2009. In December 2009, she directed her first official music video, “With Whom,” Kitchie Nadal’s soulful, unreleased track. It was their first time to collaborate.

Janice’s most compelling vision is to create a feature-length narrative based on the conquest of Ferdinand Magellan in the Philippines in 1521, her screenplay of which was a finalist in the Independent Feature Project’s Emerging Narrative program for 2008.

Janice and Kitchie

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way back into love

LOVE o PAGMAMAHAL - ang lawak ng kahulugan nito ay iba-iba sa mga tao. Pagmamahal sa kamag-anak, kapatid, magulang, kaibigan, estranghero, asawa, kasintahan at sa Diyos.

Sa buhay siguro ang masasabi kong napa kumplikado o ginagawa nating kumplikado ay ang pagmamahal sa asawa at sa kasintahan. Hindi ko pa nararanasan ang may asawa kasi ni kasintahan nga wala ako ngayon, haha!. Pero kung uusisain mo dalawa lang naman ang kalalagayan mo eh, a sad ending and happy ending. Tanong ko sayo, nasaang estado ka ngayon ng PAG-IBIG nyo sa isa't-isa? masaya ka ba?, kung oo marahil nasa umpisa pa lang kayo ng pagmamahalan nyo sa relasyon nyo kung baga sa umpisa lang daw masaya. Pero kung matagal na kayo at masaya ka pa din, binabati kita kapatid dahil true love nga siguro yan.

Balikan natin ang nakaraan, umibig ako sa maling oras at pagkakataon. Isipin nyo na ung pinaka kumplikado, ano naisip nyo na ba?. Kung ano man ang nasa isip nyo ay yun na un. That time ang alam ko mahal namin ang isa't-isa, masaya kami kung magkasama. Basta ang mahalaga lang sa akin nun ay ang kaligayahan ko at sa kanya. Nandyan ung bumubuo kayo ng plano para sa future nyo at sa present. Lagi ko siyang na mmiss, naiisip, lagi siya nalang , at dumating sa point na sa kanya na umiikot ang mundo ko. Nalulungkot ako kung hindi ko siya ka text, kausap at kasama.

Pagkalipas ng ilang buwan ay napapansin ko na parang nag-iiba siya, lahat ng dating nakagawian ay unti unting nawawala na, at dahil mahal ko siya, nauunawaan ko ang mga rason nya kung bakit ganun. Para akong kandilang nauupos nun, dahil nasasaktan ako sa mga nagaganap sa aming relasyon. Pero dahil ako ay naniniwala at may tiwala sa pag-ibig naming dalawa ay umasa ako na magiging maayos din ang lahat. Subalit habang tumatagal ay lalo lang nagiging kumplikado ang sitwasyon, ilang buwan din un na wala ako lagi sa sarili, iiyak sa isang tabi. Dahil sa pag-ibig nagawa kong saktan ang sarili ko at gawin ang mga bagay na katangahan, pinost ko pa sa blog ko ung pag iyak iyak ko! haha, nakakatawang isipin na nagawa ko un.

Dumating ang time na we decided na maging friends nalang kami bandang 2009 december last year. Wala akong pinagsisisihan na minahal ko siya, dahil kahit papano ay pinunan nya ako para maging kumpleto, naging masaya naman ako kahit pa sabihin natin na mas marami akong ginawa sa relasyon namin like efforts, sacrifices,. hehe.. . Hindi ako nagsisisi dahil desisyon ko yun.

Tanggap ko na magkaibigan kami at mas makakabuti iyon.

Sabi nila kapag nagmahal ka raw eh dapat magtira ka sa sarili mo at hindi sobra sobra.. Pero ganun kasi ako magmahal eh! as in TODO na iTo!. parang wala ng bukas.. hehe, kung masaktan eh di masaktan! ganun lang iyon. Pagkabagsak mo eh dapat matuto kang bumangon.

Sa ngayon after all what she did to me, sa mga pain na naransan ko. THANK YOU!.. I already forgive her, pinaubaya ko na kay God ang lahat! hehe.. ;). I'm happy right now being single, LIFE GOES ON! hindi hihinto ang pag-ikot ng mundo just for me. Kung may dumating man, ay handa akong magmahal muli!.

All I wanna to is find a WAY BACK INTO LOVE, but not to rush things.


Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday, February 01, 2010


Sa wakas ay nangyari na rin ang reunion na maraming nagsasabi ay baka drawing lang. Salamat sa nag post ng class picture at maraming nag comment, kundi dahil sa mga nag comment ay hindi ako maglalakas loob na organize ang event na ito..

Kami ang HS Batch 2000 graduates ng NCBA FAIRVIEW, sa pagkaka alala ko ay lima o anim kaming section noon.

Inorganize ko ito dahil matagal na din kami hindi nagkikita kita, halos naman sa amin lahat magkakakilala noon kaya ginawa ko na open for all basta BATCH 2000 graduates ng NCBA Fairview ang kelangan pumunta.

January 30, 2010, ang call time ay 6PM. Umalis ako ng bahay bandang 5:45pm para kitain ang dati kong classmate na si Joanna Sayson sa SM Fairview. Ang usapan ay 6pm kami magkikita ngunit 6:50 siya nag out sa office nya sa SM. Dahil kami ay late na kaya nag desisyon kaming mag cab nalang. Pag dating namin sa Cubao Expo, Genra Bar ay wala pa palang kahit isang anino ng classmate namin ang naroon kaya naghintay pa kami.

Tinawagan ko si Sharina Digandang pero nasa bahay pa daw siya!.. haha. . Ang iba ay papunta pa lang. Sumunod na dumating ay sina Sally Dayag at Ruth Cabacaba, dahil na rin sa kahihintay ay nagutom na kami at nagpasya na kaming kumain na. Habang kami ay kumakain ay dumating si Rommel Fermo, Frederick Catamora, Joy Rolad Calulo at Davin Nadal. Hayz.. at least nabawasan ang pangamba namin sa ambagan. Tinawagan ko ulit si Sharina para mag confirm kung pupunta ba sila talaga, at nasa Quezon Ave. na daw siya at kasama nya na din si Sesnet.

Nang mag 11pm na ay tsaka nagdatingan ang iba pa, Sila Brin, Jessie, Prince, Ryan at Jenner.
Sumunod na din na nagdatingan sila Sharina at Sesnet. Over all ay nasa 15 na kami nun! meron na ring nag uwian ng maaga gaya nila Joy at Rosalia. Pagkahatid namin kay Rosalia ay nakita naman namin si Shayne Custodio na inihatid nang kanyang kaibigan?.. lol!..

Habang nagkakasiyahan kami ay may tumawag kay sharina, Si Gladys pala un. Papunta na rin pala si Gladys at naliligaw siya, kaya binigay skin ni sharina ung fone para kausapin siya at sinundo nalang namin siya ni Frederick sa KFC.

Picture taking, kulitan, kantahan, inuman, kainan ng pulutan, at walang sawang kwentuhan.
Hindi namin namamalayan ang oras na mag aalas dos na pala ng madaling araw!. Alas dos kasi ang cutoff time ng bar. Pero pinagbigyan pa kami mga 30minutes ni Ms Charise.

Pagkatapos namin ay dumiretso pa kami sa Gerardo bar para ipagpatuloy ang kasiyahan!! haha..

Promise ang saya! pakiramdam ko tuloy nung gabi na yon ay HIGH SCHOOL ulit ako. haha!. Ung mga dating hindi ko nakakausap ay nakausap ko na, ung mga dating hindi ko ka close ay parang close na kami.. hehe.. Astig no?.

Basta ang galing nang gabing iyon. Salamat sa mga nagpunta! hanggang sa muling pagkikita.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

NANG MATAPOS (jingle song for mcdo)

Ganito ang kwento, meron ako isang kantang matagal ng nakatambak . Nagawa ko ito noong 2007 dahil na challenge ako sa sinabi ni Laureen (isang kaibigan na ngayon ay may pamilya na) sabi nya kasi sa akin bakit hindi daw ako gumawa ng song jingle ng kahit anong food chain?. Then sabi ko sige susubukan ko, Kaya habang naglalaba ako ay nakaisip ako ng melody at lagi ko na siyang kinakanta, pagkatapos maglaba ay kumuha kagad ako ng papel para isulat ang lyrics na mga nasa isip ko. Ni record namin ito ni Laureen at tinugtog sa isang party, kala ko iyon na ang simula ng lahat pero na disband ang banda. Kaya para akong napang hinaan ng loob na wag nalang ituloy at iparinig sa iba ang jingle.

Naghanap hanap ako ng may mga contact sa MCDO o kung saan ba pwede ipasa ang compose ko na jingle. Pero parang wala akong oras na puntahan ito.

2009, Shin (Rovina Ferrer)- isang kaibigan na nakilala ko sa Digbyholics. Magaling siya kumanta at talagang may talento. Nag propose ako sa kanya kung pwede ba na siya ang kumanta ng compose ko, ayun! in one day na pinarinig ko sa kanya ang tono ng kanta ay nakuha nya kagad ito!..

Below is ung Draft ng SONG...

The song is copyrighted and owned by Jefford Secondes..

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Top 10 Social Networking sites

Why Social Networking?

Through social networking, people can use networks of online friends and group memberships to keep in touch with current friends, reconnect with old friends or create real–life friendships through similar interests or groups. Besides establishing important social relationships, social networking members can share their interests with other like–minded members by joining groups and forums. Some networking can also help members find a job or establish business contacts.

Most social networking websites also offer additional features. In addition to blogs and forums, members can express themselves by designing their profile page to reflect their personality. The most popular extra features include music and video sections. Members can read bios of their favorite music artists from the artist's profile page as well as listen to their favorite songs and watch music videos. The video section can include everything from member–generated videos from hundreds of subjects to TV clips and movie trailers.

What to Look For in Social Networking

The phenomenon of online social networking—made extremely popular by MySpace.com , has evolved to include more than the teenage stereotype looking to expand his/her network of online friends. People of all ages and backgrounds have discovered that they can enrich their lives through the contacts they make on a social networking website.Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate Social Networking websites.

The heart and soul of social networking sites are user’s personal profiles. It’s like their own Internet sanctuary, a place where they can express their thoughts and feelings, post photographs and show off their network of friends. The most popular social network websites put a strong emphasis on the user’s profile, making it easy to use yet still reflective of the user’s personality.

The Internet can be a dangerous place to post personal information. All social networks should provide the ability to set profiles to private in some way or another. Additionally they should have the ability to report and block users.

Networking Features
A good social network goes above and beyond just allowing users to post profiles and update pictures. Additional features should include music sections, video uploads, groups and more.

The object of a social network is to find friends and expand relationships. Top social networking websites allows members to search for other members in a safe and easy to use environment. Common search functions include search by name, city, school and email address.

Most social network sites are self-explanatory. However, in the off-chance a user needs help there needs to be some way to contact the webmaster or answers in an FAQs section.

Legitimate Friend Focus
The growing trend for social networks is to communicate and keep in touch with people you already know. No one wants to be inundated with unsolicited spam friend requests. The best social network sites keep profiles and search options private enough that the only people that can find you are the ones actually looking for users in their own school or neighborhood networks. Even with a completely public profile, users shouldn’t be bothered with more than a couple of unsolicited comments or messages.

Main source: (http://social-networking-websites-review.toptenreviews.com)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Goodbye 2009!It has been a wonderful year for me last 2009 because of my fellow digbyholics family!, and to summarize the things what happened last year. I asked Jaymie Peralta to do a voice over about the year end video, I give her the key points and she did what I told her. It really amazed me when Jaymie finished the voice over and I made the video in one day!. So, all in all three days of preparation.

You can watch the Year Ender Special video below: or visit our website at
digbyholics.com and http://youtube.com/user/digbyholics

But wait!. Marie also commented on the video (youtube), favorite it and leave a message on our shout box!(digbyholics.com).. ;). I'm very happy because she likes the video even though that it was a rushed one. Looking forward to meet new friends at digbyholics! and also to see marie digby once again! ;).


Hello 2010! I hope this year would be a blast for us digbyholics!. Haha.. I am hoping also that this year is my lucky break! in full filling my dreams..