Saturday, October 02, 2010

Video Ga-ga

Coffee, Tea...Or Gaga? Flight Attendants Safety-Dance To Pop Hits

Airlines are slashing amenities left and right these days--legroom, blankets, check-on baggage allotments, peanuts, and free meals are now pretty hard to come by in the not-so-friendly skies--but luckily the Philippines' Cebu Pacific Airlines hasn't cut back on its in-flight entertainment, judging by a new viral video currently flying around the Interweb faster than a Concord.

In the cute and funny clip, Cebu flight attendants choreograph what would otherwise be a dull safety demonstration to pop hits by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. The smiling stewardesses demonstrate proper seatbelt-fastening techniques and life-vest deployment to Gaga's "Just Dance," then show off their coordinated oxygen-mask-fastening skills and point out the nearest exits while shimmying in their retro-mod orange uniforms to "California Gurls."

Yes, apparently electronic devices are still forbidden on flights, but electronic music is perfectly fine. In fact, with the monotonic, Max Headroom-esque voice reciting Cebu's safety instructions on top of the Lady and Katy songs, the effect is like one cool techno mashup. We wouldn't be surprised if clever DJs start spinning the "Cebu Megamix" in Philippines airport lounges pretty soon.

Obviously this clip makes for a better Cebu advertisement than any legitimate big-budget commercial could ever provide. Which begs the question: Was this video planted online by Cebu? Quite possibly.

Case in point: The amused passenger who uploaded this onto YouTube, "wingco1129," only joined YouTube yesterday (the day this clip was apparently shot), and has no other videos on his/her YouTube channel. Additionally, winco1129's description accompanying the video says [sic], "something interesting happened on my Cebu pacific flight this afternoon. the FAs suddenly burst into a dance!!! that was soooo cooool!!!" But if wingco was really so surprised (assuming he/she is not a frequent Cebu flier)...then how did he/she know to have the camera at the ready and to hit recordright when the first notes of "Just Dance" were played? Huh?

So yes, this was probably staged. But if so...who cares? Clearly the marketing execs over at Cebu are geniuses. And beside, these attendants are actually getting passengers to pay attention to safety demonstrations for once, and they're making the skies just a little friendlier (and funkier). So everyone wins.

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