Monday, June 28, 2010

Right Once

Right Once from Jeff Secondes on Vimeo.

Before I met you. I have been searching, trying to find the missing pieces to complete me, I always pray every single day knowing that there's someone who will love me as I am. No matter what our journey ends. My love begins when I closely close my eyes on you.

The very first day that I can't forget the way my heart melts when she smiled as she glance my way. It is the look that need no words at all.. I rushed to their place just to see her, that's all it takes to feel the magic.

Am I in love?. Yes it already happened..
I just can't get over with this feeling..
Every time passes by I'm badly missing you...
Will you accept my love right now?
I guess probably not, cause you're not ready yet..
You are a part of me now... I'm just here waiting...
Waiting for your love...



Monday, June 21, 2010


"Please bear in mind that my intention for you is sincere. this is not just a game for me because you're already a part of me now. and you are really precious to my life".

'Hndi naman kina minamadali, i just want to know the truth. u know u have my full respect. u can get watever u want, just please be honest'.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sasaluhin nya ba ako?

Magandang umaga mga readers, kay ate Giselle, kay Marvin, Mmmm.. Sino pa ba? wala na yata kasi silang dalawa lang ang alam kong masugid na taga subaybay ng aking blog.

Nakilala ko si JL when we went sa office nila to fixed something hangga't sa nagkuwentuhan at kinuha ko cell# niya. We had lunch together with the other employees, ayun kwentuhan then one of her officemates may dalang dslr camera and keep pointing and shoot.

From there hanggang sa makauwi ako ng bahay we keep texting, texting, to the point na we're talking na sa cellfone, I told her na I like her and she likes me too. To shorten the story, everyday single day that passes by na dedevelop ang feelings ko sa kanya and I think I'm fallin in love with her. Parang masyadong mabilis at ayaw kong madaliin ang lahat kung baga sa kanta 'let's take it slow'. I asked her once what if I fall for you will you catch me or let me fall in the ground and feel the pain? and she answered yes I'll catch you. Everything goes well with us kung baga mutual understanding.

I'm happy at this moment of my life. I'm hoping and praying that this time she's the woman na matagal ko ng hinihintay. Come what may, she don't have any idea how much I care for her, how much I'm missing her specially when she's not texting me. Kung nababasa man nya ito ngayon, mmm.. masaya ako dahil dumating ka sa buhay ko.. mwuah!.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Isang karanasan na ma interivew si "SAM PINTO"

Maybe some of you are asking kung bakit at papaano ko na interview si SAM PINTO?. It all begun being a SAMISTAS with Nhanhie Yu. Si Nhanhie ay isang digbyholics(Marie Digby's number 1 fans '') dun ko siya nakilala, our friendship started there.

On laging kong nakikita na ka tweet nya si SAM PINTO. I asked nhanhie kung may website na ung SAMISTAS, sabi nya wala pa. Kaya I bought the domain for the group without thinking twice. As days pass by sabi ko kay nhanhie na 'bakit hindi natin interviewhin si SAM?' pero nagbibiro lang talaga ako noon sabi nya ako daw mag iinterview, sabi ko naman sige. Tapos ayun seryosohan na! May 17, 2010 nangyari ang interview sa UCC MAKATI.
It was my first time to meet Sam that time and sa interview pa diba? kaya medyo kabado ako sa start ng interview ko with her.

Pero isa lang masasabi ko I had so much fun that night! sana maulit muli, gusto ko siya maka jam!.

Thank you SAM PINTO! Thank you samistas. Dami ko na mmeet na new friends kaya masaya ako sa ginagawa ko.