Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When is enough?

There are such choices that whatever you chose, you'll fall on the same fuckin situation...
this is not another heart breaking outlets but another erupting emotion that gave me a life time lesson...
God gave us circumstances because He know that we could pass through it and that we're strong enough to face it.
There are people who doesn't believe in me. It's their attitude towards me that made them despise me but maybe, "IDC (i don't care)".
My decisions are based on my belief. I weigh things up before deciding but why did I come to a point that choices are neither easy to be chosen?
Well, lets say that I chose one. I thought of the worse circumstances that could possibly happen. Then I prepare myself for the judgment day.
I learned that doing your best is not enough.
If it's not your time(the right time), I'm very sorry but I'm assuring you that you'll fail. I'm not discouraging you but what I'm trying to say is that, don't ever expect if you don't wanna be disappointed.
There are peoples who will bring you down but be strong. They are cowards that strike you on the back. You shouldn't fear them but believe that God let them hurt you so you'll be a better person.
You may not win now.
Just wait for your turn to shine and
you'll shine above the stars..


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