Monday, April 04, 2011

JAM FOR JAPAN [30 bands 1night 1cause]

April 1, 2011 - April fools day right?. But it was a night with FULL of love and joy. Me and my fellow digbyholics meet at Ayala Museum to watch JAM FOR JAPAN - a concert to benefit victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that hit the Tohoku region, featured performances by 30 local and international acts who played mainstream and alternative m
usic. Of course were there to support the event and Marié Digby. All of the artists played two songs each [The Company, Top Suzara, Dulce, Fuseboxx, Absolute Zero, Marié Digby and many more....]. The cost of ticket was 500.00 pesos and com
es with a recyclable heart shape key chain! I thought the keychain's shape was letter L, well L is for Love so it connects . ;).

When Marié Digby performs, all people's eye was on to her. DSLR, VIDEO CAMS, DIGICAMS are on! some people seated on the floor to get enough view of Marie's performance including me. She played Say it again and before she sing the last song eventually Marié Digby cried her heart out because of her experienced when the 8.9 ma
gnitude earthquake hits her country. I was touched by her story specially when she cried it really shows the she loves her fellowmen.

After her performance, we waited for Marié to get out of the back stage. And the rest was a memorable history.........

—I am proud to say that I had been part of this event because a tota
l of P17.5 million was raised can you imagine that?!. Haha. My 500.00 pesos benefits a lot [watching the artist performance, helping Japan, bonding time with digbyholics, making new friends, supporting Marié Digby, and taking photos with her!.

That night was so perfect! everything goes well..... I consider this one of my most memorable night.
Thank you Ayes, Tere, April, Kristine, Nhanhie, Rox, Mikhaela, Jacky, Chelly, Emer, Mathew, Kuya jude, kevin, RJ and michael yap for sharing your time!. Until next get together!

This picture was taken by kuya JUDE NG.. I feel so loved by Marié's hugged!.

Marié Digby - is such a truly amazing person/artist. Pretty, talented, down to earth, humble and sweet. I love her so much!. No matter what i takes, she will remain forever in my heart!.

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