Sunday, June 05, 2011

Digital Photographer Philippines, 5th Anniversary

Yesterday, Digital Photographer Phillipines held their 5th year anniversay in Serendra Bonifacio High Street where you can attend seminars for free with the countries famous photographers like Jo Avila, Per-Andre Hoffmann, Pilar Tuason, Xander Angeles, Raymund Isaac, Jason Magbanua (videographer) and many more. For a magazine worth 295php its really worth it, Oopps I forget to mention that you have to buy the magazine first. ;).

Well, I learned a lot specially from DSLR FILM MAKING by Jason Magbanua!. Deconstruct 2.0 of Xander Angeles, they taught us tips of proper lighting, shutter speed, focal length and they even show us the layers on their editing. When travel meets fashion by Manny Librodo their I learned about the use of natural light, post processing and I got a chance to meet his model Karu. Landscape photography of Edwin Martinez taught us the use of ND filters, Polarizing FIlters and techniques before going to a landscape shoot.

At the end of the day I realized that I still have a lot of things to learn. I wanna be what they are now having fun, passion on what they do and sharing talents they have.
Free model to shoot.

Manny Librodo, my friend Randy and Karu the model of Mr. Manny.

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