Sunday, June 12, 2011

Expecting the Unexpected [06.10.11]

Last week, me and Vianca planned to have a happy lemon visit, Wednesday didn't work out and thursday because of the bad weather, so we decided to move it on friday.Thursday evening on Facebook, Ayes said that she was invited by the producer, to come on the CHIKKA EVENT. She then told us that if we have something for Marié and something to be signed, She's willing to meet us on Happy Lemon at friday in the afternoon. Friday comes and the weather was still not that good, Ayes texted me if I'm free to come on Happy Lemon But I'm still undecided that time, it rained on Paranaque where Ayes lives and she's not feeling well too. That time I texted Vianca if She's gonna come or not, she replied "It depends if you guys will come". She told me also that she didn't join her friends to watch movie because of us, and that urge me to come!. ;).

I was the one who get first and when Vianca show up, I made a joke that Marié already went here and we had a picture of course she didn't believe. Haha. I askedVianca "What if we saw Marié here?", "What if Ayes just want to surprise us and she kn
ew that Marié's going here?", Its impossible Vianca replied. After a while I slowly turned my head to the right.........I saw Marié, my initial reaction was "HEY!"then she was suprised also "Oh jeff". When she headed towards us [there's a song playing in my mind "Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?"]. After that we hugged and I think I introduce Vianca to MD, the funny thing was this "is she your girlfriend?". Me and Vianca look to each other and to Marie saying "NO" We are here waiting for AYES.

Marie: "Maybe I interrupt you guys?"


Marié saw the gift of JEAN CEDO and ask is that for me?. I said YES..

Marie: "I am just going to buy guys I'll be back"

I texted Ayes! that Marié is here..

Vianx: Jeff! I'm Nervous.

When Marié came back we talked and talked, Vianca was not saying anything except for the autograph!. waahhh.

I think I handled my english!.
Then Ayes and Mikha arrived!. I was glad they made it on time.

Marie: I'm just going to take my order.
Marie leave her cellphone and wallet on the table. "That's trust!"

When Marié came back again.. Whew! Ayes take charge on our conversation. lol!;)We talked about the songs, the concert, the chikka event and many more.
Luckily I brought my digicam.. so picture picture!.
unfortunately Marié need to leave right away for the recording ofher new song.

Nhanhie and Tere wastn't make it on time, but we still stayed on Happy Lemon and ate our dinner in YELLOW CAB.

I can't forget the moment of surprise that Marié did to us, the mere fact that we almost didn't make it to HAPPY LEMON because of the unpredictable weather!. Thank you God for that moment.;) Thank you Tere, Ayes, Vianca and Nhanhie for the wonderful night. ;)

Me and Marié
Vianca and Marié

Ayes and Marié

Mikha and Marié

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