Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May 31 - Tanauan Batangas

May 31 was the last day of Flores De Mayo here in the Philippines which is also a feast celebration in Tanauan City, Batangas. Three weeks before the feast, Ayes invited us (digbyholics) to come, and yesterday VIANCA, KARA, CHELLY, JOWN and I went to Ayes crib. It was my 1st time going to a place and celebrate fiesta. Also my 1st time meeting the new member of the digybholics family Vianca Cruz or simply @vianx. I was surprised by Vianca because she's game all the way especially when I point her the cam press the record button for another segment of Digbyholics Flipside. On the spot I told her what to do without saying 'NO'. See!?.

Drink, Eat, Bingo, Dance Central, Truth and Truth, Videoke and photo shoot are the things that we did yesterday. I had so much fun spending time with these guys! my vacation leave is truly worth it!. Next time again!. Thank you Ayes for inviting and welcoming us.

At Café Boheme!... Bad service...

Digyholics Family!

Kara dancing! go go Kara!.

The spirit of liquor was gone, when we played Dance Central.

Our jumpshot! Take 10.

Bingo card. CHELLY, KARA and JOWN won!

Vianca hosting Digbyholics flipside. The crib.

Credits Ayes for the pics!

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