Monday, July 11, 2011


There has been rumblings that video game company Rovio had plans for a movie adaptation of their mobile phone hit Angry Birds since last summer. This week, Rovio got a bit closer to seeing that actually happen with the hiring of David Maisel, who was partly responsible for helping Marvel become its own movie studio. Rovio's plan for David Maisel is for him to oversee the formation of an entire entertainment franchise based on the Angry Birds concept, including toys, more games and a franchise of Angry Birds feature films. For those not familiar, the premise of Angry Birds is that some evil pigs have kidnapped the eggs of the birds, and so they are angry, and need to be slingshot at the pigs' structures, freeing the eggs and killing the pigs. So, basically, imagine that as a CGI animated movie, and that's what Rovio wants to bring to your local cineplex. Angry Birds is this week's Top Story basically because... there wasn't much else to choose from. People do seem to love Angry Birds, so there is that. The next step for Angry Birds is most likely finding a screenwriter and/or a director. Knowing how Hollywood works, it will probably be someone who isn't among those who contributed to the game's 250 million downloads.

source: Greg Dean Schmitz

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