Saturday, July 30, 2011

Install Old Facebook Chat Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Finally after a long research, I found a solution on the net that will get rid of the new FB chatbox. But, you better decide first before returning the old chat box because the skype feature will not be visible anymore.

In Google Chrome, its really easy task to install the script to enable the Old facebook chat. Just Click the Following link to install Script.

1.) Download the script here

2.) On the upper right corner of the site you'll see this. 

3.) Now the Install Popup will appear, in that box CLICK ‘INSTALL’ and now the Script is Installed. 

4.) Now the Script is Installed. Now Close the Existing Facebook page and Open the Facebook again. You can See your Old Favorite Chat is available. If you cant see the old  facebook chat, Clear the cache and open the facebook. Anytime you can remove this script from extension menu of the Google chrome to get the New sidebar chat box. 

How to Install Old Facebook Chat  Script in Mozilla Fire Fox 

In Mozilla Firefox, First we need to install Grease Monkey Add-on before installing the Old Facebook Script. So Open the Firefox and go to Download page of the Grease Monkey Add-on from the following link. 

1.) Grease monkey download

2.) After clicking ADD TO FIREFOX button, the popup will ask about installation. Click INSTALL and Its done. 

3.)  Gease Monkey Add-on is Installed. Now  to go to Script Page in the Script Page click Install button which is in the Right top, same as we did above for How to get Old Facebook chat for Google Chrome.  

4.) After installing Close the Facebook and Open it again to see the Old Facebook chat is available. if you can’t find, Clear the cache files and try again. Anytime you can remove this script from Gease Monkey add-on to get the New sidebar chat box. 

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  1. Great boss! its working 100%. Thanx a lot for this post!!