Thursday, July 07, 2011

vagina-tightening machine

Belo wants name for it!

Offers P5K for best name

MANILA, Philippines - Like-A-Virgin? V-Tite? Petite Pepay Producer? or how about Vagnet?
Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Vicky Belo set Twitter on fire Wednesday after she asked for people's advice on naming a new machine bought by the Belo Group.
The device allegedly tightens a woman's vagina.
"Just got a new machine at belo medical group. It tightens Vajayjay and prevents trickling. It uses only magnets . Need a name for it help!" Belo said.
Suggestions started coming in moments after Belo's tweet.
"CoochTite," said @ricotheque.
"How about VATIGHTNA?" celebrity reporter @ogiediaz said.
"How about vagitite?" asked @dancayaba.
"Dear ma'am @vicki_belo: How does Happy Hymen sound? Wholesome siya. Parang Happy Lemon lang," said @diskodiablo.
"Kegel Keps!" suggested @mrsunlawyer

Stakes were raised after Belo announced that she will give P5,000 worth of gift checks to the top 3 best name suggestions.
"Ang sarap to read all your suggestions . I havent laughed this much in a long time. Keep tweeting. Winners announced Tom at 8pm," she added.
"Tweet away!" she said. "You should also be a follower of @belobeauty and like our Facebook page to win ok?"
Vatightna? Tight-minator? Revirginator? Femme Fatite? O-vagi? Vulvaseal? TightenKho?
"How about Vagina Halili?" @kikoypalaboy suggested.


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