Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Capones Island revisited

The trials you will face going to the Lighthouse

Travelling in different places is what I love to do. It connects me to the positive world when I feel lost, upset and other negative aspects that messing up my mind. Among the places that I had been, Capones Island is one of the places I've visited more than once. I don't know what's the reason why I keep coming back on this island. Maybe because I found inner peace on this place, plus the fact that I'm surrounded with great friends.

Every time I went here, I experience different memories from the other. Because this time it rained, the waves was strong, as we trekked going to the white beach it was more challenging than before and we also explore seventy percent of its surroundings.

My friends
Capones Island was remarkably known by its Lighthouse. The island does not contain any shops, resorts, acommodations, its just you and the island. It is suited for the people who loves adventures and camping. I hope it will stay this way and hope they don't put any establishments here so the island will remain its natural beauty.

The Island is located in the Province of Zambales and 4 kilometers from the seaside of Pundaquit. In Pundaquit you can negotiate with a boatman to take you out to Anawangin, Capones Island and Camera Island. It depends on your negotiating skills so you could get a cheap fare. For us, we had our suki boatman, we paid him two thousand (8persons) back and fourth.

The Boat trip to the islands would takes about thirty minutes going to Capones, Camera Island and one hour going to Anawangin. Brace yourself for wild and wet adventure!.

Staying overnight on Capones Island, you'll be needing to take your things with you like food, tents, water and other basic needs.

The Lighthouse

From our campsite, in order to reach the Lighthouse you should pass the Four Levels of trials before reaching to the top!. I suggest you wake up early cause in this time the tide is very low. For us we manage to wake up early and leave the lighthouse soon so we can avoid the high tide and the too much heat by the Sun. I know it is a bit of a hike from the beach, but man it is totally worth it.. Bring plenty of water!

Going to San Antonio
If you are heading from Manila you travel north to Olongapo City, make sure you bypass Olongapo and go through the Subic Bay Freeport which is part of the

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SMBA).

You will skirt the inside of Subic Bay passing through the towns of Barrio Barretto and Subic and continue until you reach San Antonio. San Antonio is roughly an hour out of Subic Bay.

From San Antonio you will need to get to the coastal village of Pundaquit, which in direction is south west of San Antonio and a bit under 5km. 

If you are catching a bus from Manila, you catch the one that goes to Iba in Zambales, just make sure you get off at San Antonio. From San Antonio you can get either a jeepney or a trike, which are plentiful to take you to Pundaquit.

There is accommodation at Pundaquit, which is the closest to Capones Island and Camera Island.

EXPENSES: Two days and One night
BUS Fare: Caloocan to San Antonio - 361
Tricycle fare: from San Antonio to Pundakit Shore - 30/person
BOAT Fare - 2,000 php devided by number of participants group of 8 or less for us 250/person.
ROOM: Tent
FOOD : 400 php/each ( uling, water, food)
Tricycle fare: from Pundakit Shore to San Antonio - 30/person
BUS: Fare back to Manila : 361
Total Expenses: 1,182 PESOS

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