Started out as a photo hobbyist he find his passion from travelling to photography and videography. He wants to capture every moment of his travel. "I started shooting when we went to Puerto Galera way back 2007, I borrowed a digital camera from a friend then I realized that this is my passion . From photography I found my other passion and this is videography." Jeff, said.

Since friends and family constantly encourage him to be enterprising on this craft, he decided to make his hobby into a sideline and hopefully a business venture in the future. He had no basic school training in such institutions. But his experience will guarantee you that his passion from what he loves to do will let you stun. It is his dedication for creating remarkable photographs for each and every occasion that he continues to impart his talent through his work.

I shoot. I blog. I play and that's me http://coldsouljeff.com

Jeff's passion for music carries over into his enthusiasm for the Digyholics. In the past, he has performed several covers with other fans on Marié Digby covers. If there's a Digby-related event in the Philippines, you can bet Jeff will be in attendance.
Since the Multiply days [mariedigbyfan.multiply.com], Jeff has continued to work on the content-side of operations. You'll find him answering e-mails, rendering videos, and organizing meet-ups. He has also been the project leader on many collaborative video projects like Digbyholics Flipside.

I’m not good enough expressing my thoughts in writing. But all of a sudden I don’t know what has gotten in me why I’m doing this?. Maybe because of too much MDD’ness , my passion of being a digbyholic, shooting videos where I go and interview people, that’s why I came up with this Idea. The ‘Digbyholics Flipside’.
Digybholics Flipside [FiLIPino side] aims to know more about dh’s in the Philippines, their hang outs with  a little touch of Marié's experiences here in the Philippines.

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